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Project description

This contest is for a website homepage design. It is NOT for logo design.

Note that "Bestepup" is a proper name, it is not "Be Step Up." You can use the acronym BDC in your designs if you want.

We are a startup company which hosts competitions for sports-dance teams. Our business has essentially two elements to it: pageantry and artistry. Our competitors, many of whom are more general "talent" companies, tend to strongly focus on the pageantry element. This causes their websites to be fun, but very loud, a bit cluttered, and possibly a tad tacky. We want to deliberately have a bit of contrast by branding ourselves as fundamentally playful and fun, but more professional and orderly. In short, lean slightly more toward the artistry side of things, as we are exclusively a sports-dance company, not a general pageant/talent company.

Most of the dancers we need to appeal to are females ages 6-17. A photo of our logo is uploaded for reference. It is playful, but clean, modern, and personable. The logo should be a prominent feature.

Links to a few of our competitors websites below:

Our website needs similar functionality. None of those sites are "bad" by any means, we would just like ours to look a bit classier and more sophisticated so that our branding stands out when seen with all of theirs. A consultant told us that we have to "convince clients that our vanilla ice cream is better than everyone else's vanilla ice cream." We would rather just sell chocolate.

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