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Project description

We have created a full-functioning website for our bottle-service reservation business. However, we are in need of an awesome background image/design. At the moment, we purchased a high-resolution JPEG stock photo for our background image but it does not look as good as we would like it, thus we are reaching out to you guys to design a custom made background image/design. To be specific, we have our layout already established, we need an awesome background image/design that we can put our layout on top of. The background image/design should follow a bottle service theme, whether it be a party theme, a group of people in a lounge drinking, or whatever other ideas/designs you can come up with. The end result is that the design should reflect the theme of our website/business which is an online website where people go to purchase or reserve bottle service at night clubs.

To further be more specific and clear, we are simply looking for an awesome background image/design that takes into account the attached logo and the theme of what our website is about (a bottle service reservation website). That said,we have uploaded our current background image with our “layout” on top of the background with our log on it so you can see first hand what we have and why we are reaching out to you designers. We beleive you designers can create a custom made background image/design that is much better than what we currently have. What we are asking of you the designers is to come up with a much better looking background image/design that better incorporates our website theme (a bottle service reservation website) and takes into account our logo.

Please feel free to asks us questions if you are not clear of what we are asking for-thanks

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