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Winning design #66 by 9to5designers, Website Design for CadaTV Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 9to5designers

Project description

CadaTV broadcasts Spanish language TV shows, movies, and live events over the Internet.  We seek your talent to completely re-design our Website.  

Our product, CadaTV box connects to televisions by standard HDMI or AV cables and streams the Spanish language contents including live TV and video-on-demand over the Internet.  Customers of CadaTV can also watch the shows on Android devices free of charge with a CadaTV account.  Watching TV with the CadaTV box is the most important feature; watching on the Android devices is an additional benefit.  The word “cada” means each and every.

Please goto for additional details about our product and services.  We hope to feature your design as our new home page.

We seek a clean, modern design that showcases our advanced technology and exceptional value.  It should be user-friendly and easy for the user to make a purchase.  If you use stock photos, please either have the required licenses or let us know how and where to get them. The header and footer of the home page should serve as a master template for other pages.  Please also include all non-standard font files and list of fonts used in design.

We would like to emphasize that CadaTV provides both live TV and video-on-demand organized in 5 categories: soap operas, movies, kid programming, entertainment shows, and soccer.  Out of those, soap operas is the most important.

We would also like to show our special promotional package on the Home page.  

The special package consists of:

1) 1/2 price on the CataTV box, regular $139.99, special $69.99 plus free shipping.

2) 1/2 price on the monthly service, regular 19.99, special $9.99 per month.

3) Plus pay for 12 months service and get 6 months free.

So the total package price is $189.87 ($69.99+$9.99x12) and the customer receives the CadaTV box and 18 month service.  This package is the only product we sell.  There is no option.  

There was a suggestion to make the contest private, we gave it careful consideration and decided that the comments we provide to one design can be helpful to other designers.  We realize the importance of innovation and in an effort to protect creativity, if we feel one design is an copy of another, we will give preference to the original designer during our evaluation process.

We thank you for your time and effort!

The images of our product and our logo (winner of a previous contest) are attached.

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  • Thanks to everyone who have submitted an entry, we will conclude the evaluation process and select the winner tomorrow.
    • @hhall Thank you for the great contest. It's been a pleasure working for you.

  • Hi! this is what I propose for your website design. It is modern and sleek and the navigation is very easy. Kindly let me know what do you think about it.
    • Currently the bg image quality is not good as it is stock, Ill buy it and add your place your device with the tv and change the display of the tv shown right now.

  • Sorry for re uploading, it was an error.
    I didnt get enough time to refine the design, if you choose me I will provide unlimited revisions until you are 100% happy, as well as instant communication and first class customer service.
    Anything is changeble.
    Have a great day!
  • Hey, I didnt get enough time to refine the design, if you choose me I will provide unlimited revisions until you are 100% happy, as well as instant communication and first class customer service.
    Anything is changeble.
    Have a great day!
  • This is how my design looks like when someone browses from PC or Laptop. #73
  • Hi CH,
    Color scheme revised.


    Regards/WebStar #72
  • Hi CH,
    My minimalist approach.


    Regards/WebStar #71
  • About #69, I have changed some layout on the hero area and change in some color schemes.
    Do let me know if you like it and If you like my design I will be happy to assist you even after the contest ends.
  • Hi, my name is Vitaly .I've been a web designer for about 2 yesr now and this what I suggest for your website.

    It's modern,professional and clean.
    Let me know what you think.

    Vitaly. #63
  • Hi, Changed the color scheme of pricing plan here.
    Give it a look.
    Thank You #62
  • Hi, I missed two buttons in the EASE OF ACCESS area. I just fixed and and this is the fixed version.
    Thank You. #61
  • Hi, My name is Ali and this is my Design.
    I used google fonts in this design crawl able by search engines and can be coded fast.
    Clean, simple and professional design that can be highly customized(From the layout to the color scheme and pictures too)
    It is based on 960 Grid system, it will look good on both big and small displays.
    I will provide my full support my design is the one you choose even after the contest is completed if required.
    Let me know what you think about my design and where do I stand in your contest.
  • About #59, @iNoesis
    Dear CH,
    Here is my latest updated design. in this design I have updated the advantages little more,
    In the third tab, Left side have list of items and right side we will show the jquery slider to show different images according to left side options.

    Please look at the design and give me your feedback.

    Kind Regards,
  • Hi CH,
    Color scheme revised.


    Regards/WebStar #56
  • Hi CH,
    Color scheme revised in this design.


    Regards/WebStar #55
  • Hi designers,

    As the contest is drawing to a close, our team has started the evaluation process. We are very excited about the entries and want to thanks each and every one of you who have taken the time to develop and submit your design.

    In the interest of protecting creativity, we will not rate the entries until the contest is closed; we will also refrain from posting additional feedback publicly. Instead, we will communicate with the designers on an one-on-one basis.

    Thanks again for your time, we truly appreciate it!
  • Detailed view REF #47 #48 #49 and #50

    Here is my version for your contest a complete different clean and modern design different from all other traditional designs.
    As you know that long scrolling pages are outdated now a days. User don't want to bother himself by scrolling down and down.
    its a design which convey just in single view.
    this is a Long detailed version just for your understanding that design will go like this effects can be changed user don't have to scroll just to click on desired content and it will open in this way with different image for each section and it will open with all required details.
    In this design you don't have to worry about other pages as this design cover all pages in this aspect.
    Which is an incentive for you as it will reduce your cast.
    Waiting for your feedback,

    feel free to ask if you need any changes and consider it done.

    Best Regards. #51
  • REF#47 #48 #49
    This is 4th content.
    your website will look like this no scrolling only a detailed page. #50
  • REF#47 #48
    this is 3rd content for your design
    Page 3 (Buy Now) #49
  • REF#47
    this is the 2nd content for your design.
    Page 2 AboutUS #48