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Attention all designcontest website designers. This is way for you to upload your designs from the old designcontest site. We would like to start a portfolio of website design entries.

THIS IS NOT A CONTEST but a call for existing website designs that were on the old design contest site. So if you would please upload your website designs it would be greatly appreciated benefiting us and show casing you at the same time

If you have more than 7 designs to upload, please let us know, we will increase your quote for this contest

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  • Any website design entry you think worth sharing ;)
  • Do they have to be winning entries? Or can they be any entry?
  • GoldenZ, the illustration work will go in a separate contest. Thank You!
  • I have illustration work used on "Industrial Detergent Manufacturer" a preview contest, actually its labels for CANS, can i Still upload it here? or you may want to create another section for it?
  • GoldenZ, done. you can how upload more
  • I have more to upload, can you give me more submit trials so i can upload? :) Thanks,
  • Can I upload more than a version made in a specific Contest? Like i did made 3 different concepts in one Contest, that will show the variant of layouts and colors.
  • Can i Upload Concepts i did Out of DC! and it didn't sold to any customer? like no one has the copyright of the concept except me? I think this isn't a problem, since its my own copyright and it didn't sold to any person.