Chiropractor needs a prffesional looking funktional webpage.

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I have paid for a webpage, but the design doesn't look good at all. They are still working on it, so if there is anything usable from there you can use that. but the pages content is how i imagined (there is going to be more text, and pictures thogh). The butons was suposed to look something like this To start with it was suposed to be grey/black but im not sure if that makes it look less proffesional? examples: I have bought several icons from (some of them are now or soon will be on the webpage the ther guys have created), and a webbokking program for Denmark. here are three webpages that i like; font that i like "good colours": blue and green colors (but open to suggestions) OTHER IDEAS ARE MORE THAN WELCOME!

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  • Thanks for the feedback! I've worked on the design a bit more, including rounded edges like you said, I've changed the colours to your suggested ones which I think work much better. I've added in a box to make an appointment. Also note at the top I'm showing the hover effect with a cursor. Thanks, Hamish
  • About #4 Thanks for feedback! What do you mean by Kironord text: the logo or the text "Velkomen.."?
  • The Kironord text, i dont like, but the rest i like, more prominent bokses
  • so i dont like the icons that the old homepage had especially the house, the spine thogh iam happy you incorporated. im thinking about how it can be altered, i will leave coments if i get ideas
  • to many components, the boxes are nice thogh, and i like the shadow/mirror of text good colours.
  • The kironord sign different. i like the boxes can they be a bit more prominent?
  • #4 Hi, Sara I made simple, minimalistic design with only couple changes in structure. In the beginning I highlighted contacts - I put them straight after beginning text. In three boxes I would put a bit more text to stand out more - it would be more clear what user will find inside. That's my suggestions :)
  • #3 Hello, im not sure about the design... I like the zise ogf picture area, but with rounded edges, in general. Maby try one of these colour codes 187F95, 1F8191,5BA6BA. Behind the picture i like it to be brighter here nr 2 is the best one so far. The coloured area on the bottom like nr 1 i think gives a good frame. The patients will be able to book apointments online so it has to be "easy" to see, and im not sure if "appointmet" is noticable. Venlig Hilsen Sara
  • Hi there, I really like your brief and would love to make a great website for you. I've submitted a minimal style design with the colours you mentioned to see what you think of this style. Also I'm planning to work on the logo, and might put a very light, subtle pattern on the background of the website. I look forward to hearing back, Thanks Hamish
  • CH I've made colors brightier, and the buttons more like the shutterstock style, by adding shadows and reflection. I didn't use the darker style, because thats not look good on a white background. But using white, grey, and some colors, make it looks professional, and simple. Hope you like it more.
  • Hello, Well its better than the one i have! The colours are to "sharp" i probably like the green colours brigther, and the blu, more towards turcois, and pecoc colours. If there is going to be buttons on the design as i firt thaugt, then the one to the right is a calendar, the midddle one is the spine and the left one was suposed to look like a simplified version of the building that i work in. but the colours are more like in this picture I do like the spine and finger foot prints that are on the "old" page both the one in the background and on the button. I still think on this version the buttons are boring compared to yhte ones i imagined (like the shutterstock examples).
  • Hello KiroNord. Thanks for your feedback, I tried to make the changes which you asked for. I skipped the round shapes totally and made a simple slider down in the left corner. Feel free to comment on more changes :)
  • Hi kironord Blur color as you wish hope you like it , if you need any change let me know Thanks Alex
  • Hi CH, Thanks for your kind reply.I revised the design as per your valuable comment. Please feel free to let me know what other changes you want me to do on this less is more type design.Thanks again. Regards/WebStar
  • Hello again! Thanks for the feedback, I'm really hoping to make a design that you will be happy with and that will attract the most business for you. I've developed and changed my design quite a bit this time to hopefully meet your expectations. There is a lot I've changed, First I've replaced the large colour box with a changing slideshow of images and information. Also the services and booking are grouped together and will be some of the first things a visitor will see before they scroll. When they scroll down they will see further information and recommendations from happy clients. Looking forward to hearing what you think of this design, Thanks, Hamish
  • #10 i did give you a rating of 40 i must have pressed a wrong button.
  • this one is close to nr 4 wich i do like, I dont think you can get ahead of nr 4.
  • contains right elements but again white gives a cleaner look. Thak you
  • Kironord looks good. like the colours, its quite good. but I think im going for the safer choice more white...
  • im not sure wich of the to is better...