Cloud hosting company needs a modern clean great-looking website that has the wow factor....

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Winning design #10 by xclusive, Website Design for Cloud hosting company needs a modern clean great-looking website that has the wow factor.... Contest
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Project description

We need a clean, modern, exciting, easy to use website. We need the design of index and one inner page including coding in verifiable valid xhtml. Some other websites that we like and that specialize in selling similar services: I don't know exactly what it should look like but when I see a design that I like I know that immediately. I will try to help you guys as much as I can with feedback so keep the designs coming. As for colors I mostly like bright designs, but I also like dark designs if they are done well. I like blue, orange, gray, but you should not focus too much on the colors, sometimes I like other colors as well. It really depends how well the design is done and how well the colors go with each other. I want the site centered and the main area about 980 px wide. I also like to have a drop down horizontal menu on the top. I also like slider images with our messages below the header and the menu.

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  • Different cloud plan options, such as Cloud VPS, Private Cloud, Reselling of private clouds. There should be separate blocks for news, testimonials, the different cloud option plans, the guarantees 100% uptime, money-back, etc... Blue is fine, maybe darken the site a little bit, not a lot, this is too bright.
  • mr.netrose about what you have just said "the sliding bar to show the different cloud plans" did you mean you want the slider to show diferint planes !? "news, the main cloud hosting options, etc." could you tell me what other blocks you want to add to keep place an special desige for each of them !? about the bright colors do you prefer a dark color or just a different ones !? like : blue , dark blue . . . . thanks
  • @ldm, yes the contest is active for another 5 days I think. We might even extend it if we don't get enough different designs.
  • The slider is way too tall, I am not too happy with the orange color. The whole thing is too bright. There should be more space to put texts, the sliding bar to show the different cloud plans, news, the main cloud hosting options, etc.
  • some sugestions #1 #2 .... if there is any contents you want me ta add or any changes in positions and colors please tell me
  • about design #3 !? about the extend cloud NO problem I have that in mind the cluds photo is 1200 width (work great on laptop screen) and the rest will be fade for full HD screens about the size of design its 1000px width :) what is your sugestion !? or the main problems in the design !?
  • I would also like for the clouds to extend left and right from the main page to the edges of the available screen area. I think the width is too small. Is this design 980 px wide?
  • Also, you need to incorporate clouds in the background somehow. I would also like for the clouds to extend left and right from the main page to the edges of the available screen area.
  • The height of the slider should be smaller. The four main options should be "Cloud VPS", "Pay-As-You-Go VPS", "Private Cloud" and "Cloud Reselling", each with it's own appropriate icon and contents below. Also, do you have an idea what the other slider images are going to look like? The menu should be more visible somehow, not sure how exactly.
  • white space below and above the five plan blocks is too large. Still not wowed by it.
  • too dark, fonts too large, not enough space (blocks) for text, this looks like a template that was quickly adapted to serve for our request.
  • mr.netrose the new design #3 first under the main slider there is some blocks you can move across them by the arrows each block when you click on it the main slider changes to give you more details about that mini block (its like navigation for the main blocks) second you can see the blocks you ask for ( plans , news , testimonials , guarantees ) please till me - about the blocks and the content and the way I designed it or show the information in it is it ok !? tell me if there is any problems - the design in general is the colors and style OK ?! thanks
  • I have submitted one more variation #12 I hope you like it. Thanks.
  • If I have any feedback I will certainly let you all know. #10 is definitely getting better.
  • I am asking for the feedback for #10 to make it more perfect for you and make you happy :) Thanks.
  • Little better than the previous one.
  • About #11 Also I had redesigned the whole slider panel to give it a customized look for the website. The source file will have all the layers that can be altered according to requirement.
  • Hi, Any feedback for #10. Thanks.
  • I had improved my design and introduced the news section and the meter. Along with that I had given a clean space for top features of the service that would catch the attention of the customer. I had kept the whole theme of cloud and thus given the shape of footer like that.
  • new design I have add the feuther that you can see when you click on each service it show infor aobut it under it please see the design in full size