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Winning design #44 by ClassicArtist, Website Design for Contemporary yet elderly-friendly web-site Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ClassicArtist

Project description

We are a union of churches (called "Pastoral Raum") which is sharing a web-site together. There is a shared homepage which lists all the churches and offers general information about the site. Each church has then an own page which contains information just about the particular church. There is some sort of back link from the church page to the homepage. The demographic of users is widely spread but elderly people will make up for a large part. The main goal of the website is to inform users and to be a point of contact.

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  • Good Evening, Would it be possible to upload the jps/png file of the images that you'd like to see on the site. As well as the information you'd like to see. Or did you want just a mockup of the site using Lorem?
    • Hello there. Please use placeholder images and text. They will be replaced once the site is coded. Thank you!

  • Hello there, I would like to participate in your contest, but my idea involves having images of the 5 church. Because i feel that people will recognize their church faster after an image then text. Could you please let me know the names of the 5 church? maybe im lucky and can find some good quality images of them. Thank you, Vlad
    • Hofstetten-Flüh Witterswil-Bättwil Rodersdorf Metzerlen Mariastein Burg im Leimental Please use image placeholders - they will be replaced.

  • Good day, Please wait for my submition :) Regards Vilma
  • Thank you for this second draft. The circle graphic got a bit better, but still it looks too playful and icons like the paper plane and the google maps are irritating. The colors are too aggressive. We prefer the softer colors in the first draft. The content area and navigation still lacks structure.
  • Thank you for your proposal. It matches our description and we like the the colors. Room for improvement we see here: - Circle graphic: the paper planes, clouds and other forms seem a bit random. It would be nice if the forms would be related to christianity, church or religion. - The navigation and the content area on this page is a bit boring and lacks structure. Perhaps working with colors is a good idea to jazz things up.
    • ok. Thanks a lot. Will get it modified and post it at the earliest. Regards.

  • Hello, Thanks for the points. Do let me know if you need any modifications, would love to get it done for you. Regards, Hims, ESolz.
  • Thank you for your submission. We like the colors. The circle looks minimalist but yet not boring. Perhaps the title could be a bit more subtle (perhaps not bold). We would be interested how you would design lower page of the homepage.
    • Thank you for your feedback. I am working on the bottom part of the homepage and I will submit it within today or tomorrow. Let me know what I can do to make the top part more exciting. Thank you for your time.

    • Ok - looking forward to that. Here my suggestions: - Title more subtle: not just uppercase and not bold. - Perhaps add lines from the church to the Pastoral Raum Button in the middle - if it looks okay. (this would make sense, as the Pastoral Raum connects them all)

    • Hi, Thanks for the tips. Can you please make this contest blind? People are stealing my concept. I spend hours finding a good solution and they just copy it. I have completed the bottom part but I'm afraid if I submit it now then they will start copying that too. Thank you.

    • Hello. I deliberately left it open so that other designers can look at the comments to get a feeling for what we are looking for. I didn't think on behalf of the designers though. For future projects I will consider having a closed contest. But I'm keeping track of who came up with which ideas. Thanks for letting me know!

  • ohi
    About #10 #11 hello, I hope that my design you like. colors identify each of the churches. if you want to add something or change something, please write. regards, ohi
  • We like the idea!
  • Thank you for your design. But this is not what we are looking for, it is not minimalist and not professional enough. Thank you anyway.
  • Hi CH, I have submitted my 1st design in your contest. Please rate my entry #6 & #7 also feel free to let me know the required changes you want in these design. So that your expectation can be met. Awaiting for your kind comments. Thanks. Best Regards/ WebStar
  • Dear CH, If you like the idea then I will work on it.
  • Thank you. We like the pastel colors, and the subtle circle graphic. Please submit the whole homepage including the "bottom" page. I like the circle graphic, although the title and description are a bit too boring. Could be a little bit more exciting... also, how do you scroll down to the bottom page?
  • Please make this a blind contest! Best Regards, Prajith
  • Good day CH, here is my home page design version #4. I made it clean, bright and minimal with pastel colors. When you hover over on bubble church, it colorise with color and shows the links. The church image must be replaced with real photo. If you need any changes, do not hesitate to write. Regards, Vilma
  • Hi CH, Design coming soon. Please wait for my submission. Best Regards/ WebStar
  • I have posted my draft of the first page. Let me know your feedback. Thank You.
  • One more thing: could you try to add the church names to the circles somehow?
    • Yes, I'll do that. I'll post my next revision within 6 hours. Thanks

    • I've posted the revised version with single colored lines. I also designed 2 different ways of showing the church name. One uses a small strip outside the circle and the other one just shows the name within the circle itself. Let me know which option you like the best and let me know if you want something else changed/added in here. Would you like me to start designing the third page now? I can submit it by tomorrow. Thanks

    • Yes, that would be perfect. We would like to see how you tackle the church page. Thanks.

    • I'm working on it. I'll upload it within 8 hours. Thanks

  • Does not align with our navigational style described in our description. But we like the half circle idea. We don't need a search box on the homepage. Font-size of bottom page is a bit small for elderly.
  • Does not align with our description regarding the navigation of the bottom page on the homepage. Also, the brown color is a bit dominating and the church images are transparent. Thanks anyway.