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Winning design #9 by eximius123, Website Design for Content Management Software Company Needs Clean, Professional Website Design for Demo Site Contest
Gold Medal

designed by eximius123

Project description

Ingeniux needs a design for a demo website that will showcase our content management capabilities to the association market. The site will be based on a fictional association called the International Mobile Device Association (IMDA). The following sites are an example of designs we like:,, Also, attached is a wireframe of the homepage that we developed as a conceptual piece for the site. It can be used as a starting point, but is not necessarily how the homepage has to look.

It is important that the site demonstrate our social content management capabilities as well. Managing membership, community, workspaces, and forums is an important function of the site.

Contest entrants are asked to submit a home page design for judging, but the winning designer will be responsible for completing the additional pages. Following is a list of the page designs we need. The pages can be created with placeholder text.

1. Home page
2. Newsroom page
a. Newsfeeds
b. Press release archive
c. Document archive
d. Resources
3. Events page
a. Event calendar
4. Membership page
a. Membership types
b. Benefits of membership
c. Member directory
d. Links to chapter sites
e. Link to join IMDA
5. Community page
a. Blog posts
b. Forums
c. Groups
d. Links to social media sites
6. My IMDA page with links to login to My Groups, My Account, My Profile
a. Login links to “My Groups,” “My Account,” “My Profile”
7. About IMDA page
a. Mission statement
b. History
c. Office locations
d. Employment opportunities

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  • This is definitely moving in the right direction. I like the colors and the "featured items" presentation at the top. It looks very modern. One suggestion would be to work with the middle section of the page. The header and footer stretch across the page, making the mid section look a bit like a column with wasted space on the sides. Can you rearrange the information here to make better use of the space?
  • My main concern with this design is the fonts and the colors. The layout is fine, but these elements make it look a bit dated. Also, remember you're designing for the association, International Mobile Devise Association, not for Ingeniux. Change headings, etc. to reflect that.
  • I'm in!
  • Very well, I will post a concept in a few min :) Thanks for your quick reply! Regards, -Amr
  • I spoke with our development team regarding CMS access, and it really isn't necessary in order to do this design. Take a look at the sample association sites that I posted in the brief. This gives an idea of what associations are doing, and what we might like to be able to show in a demo. For example, the "People and Communities" page on is a good example of what we would like to include on a communities page for this demo. Another good example is While not an association, they have a nice blog and community login page. It's also a nice, clean look. Essentially, look at this contest as you would if you were designing a site for an association; don't worry so much that it's fictional and will be used for a software demo. You have complete control over the content / design here.
  • The purpose of this demo site will be to demonstrate our CMS software and Cartella software capabilities to potential association customers. The Cartella software manages community pages (such as forums, user profiles, shared documents, event calendars, etc). In order to do this, we are asking for a design of a fictional association site which we will then do the HTML cut-up for in-house and build out in our CMS / Cartella platform. Basically, we need a clean design populated with place-holder text with the pages I mentioned in the brief. I think your right that a look into our CMS would be helpful. Let me look into that a bit more and I'll post again. I hope this answers some of your questions, though. Let me know if you have more... Thanks!
  • Greeting jpederson, So Basically, You already own a website, and you only wanted a demo site to feature your Software capabilities am I right? I surfed into your website ingeniux especially on the CMS7 page and found that you already demonstrate the features of your CMS Software, Do you want to represent these features in a separate website design is that the purpose of this website you requested here? Or you wanted to show a demo of what your CMS Software can do (The concept design that you requested on this contest) Also would you provide a live demo access to your CMS for designers in here? Probably we can find a good use for it. Thanks in advance, -Amr
  • That's right, only PSD files.
  • Dear CH, I assume you need only PSD files, right? No XHTML/CSS slicing job? Am I right? Please confirm. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, I added some extra details in my design - engraved effects, hover/active item icon for the slider, different menu pad color with more visible edges, boxes for the center elements, some extra icons and shadows added. I also lighted up the mesh pad a bit as you requested. This is the maximum I can do with a mesh. Otherwise, I need to redesign the entire concept (my starting point was a mesh pad :)), including the color scheme. Please, let me know what you thing about it. Thank you P.S. By the way, I submitted the wrong file (need some sleep :)). This file still has some minor graphic errors which I have already corrected, but I don't think they are important at this point.
  • Dear CH, The idea with a mesh grid which is widely used in the telecommunication industry in the center fits the design and matches the logo I created for this website. The color scheme is a little bit light, that is why the contrast is a necessary thing. I suggest to leave the mesh pad as is (BTW, it is a seamless pattern I created specifically for this project). Anyway, I'll try to lighten it up, we'll see how it goes. Thank you for the feedback!
  • I really like this design. It incorporates all of the elements I want on the home page, and it is clean and easy to read. A couple of suggestions: The black background for the value propositions is a little too much of a contrast for me. Can you lighten it up? Also, the elements in the middle of the page could use a little more contrast so they are differentiated from each other. Maybe box them off a bit more? I am going to share this design with some other people and get back to you with more input. Thanks!
  • I really like how you have incorporated my feedback and added community features to the home page. However, I like how elements were "boxed off" in previous designs--it looked really clean adn professional and the elements seem to be floating around on the page now. I still really like the concept. I am going to ask for feedback from some other people and get back to you soon with their input. Thanks!
  • Thanks! I am liking this concept quite a bit. I am going to share your design with some other people and get their feedback. Could take a couple of days, so sit tight. Thanks!
  • Greeting jpederson, Thanks for your feedback, I have made your request based on what i imagined from your request, Blog integration module to show the recent posts, also i have integrate the the tweet and Facebook like addon * the ability to print the article, also the counter of replies and views as well, on the right side bar there is a quick recent posts block to show top 6 recent added posts, And there is other tab to view all the posts, which redirect you to the community page which hold the full posts. let me know your thoughts on this one :) -Amr
  • This seems to be exactaly the same as the previous design. I see a couple of subtle changes, but I was really hoping to see more revisions in the middle section. I just think the lay out is a little akward with the wide header and footer and narrow middle. But I really like the overall concept, so I'd like to see a revision. Also, as I mentioned to the other designer, if there is a way to incorporate community elements in the home page, that would be excellent.
  • This is getting much better. I like the simplicity of this design. Very clean, nice white space. I know I didn't ask for this initially, but I wonder if there is a way to incorporate community elements on the home page. Maybe, instead of having the section beneath the header presentation be entirely articles, we could break it up and include a community activity page, blog links...something to draw the visitor to the community page.
  • Dear CH, How do you like this one? Thank you.
  • Yes, this is excellent. Thank you!
  • And this one with no news module on the right sidebar, multi column articles and can be expanded.