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Great work, some difficulties in communication, some additional graphics needed to be bought from shutterstock.

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Winning design #11 by WOW_Design, Website Design for Cun*** - Webportal Contest
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designed by WOW_Design

Project description


we - experienced website operators - founded a company in order to start a new paid4-community. We will need a good unique design.

The basic ideas of the website include:
  • paid home page
  • prizes / raffles
  • Community / Activity
  • Connection of external sites for casino-like games

We will need correct color schemes and we do not have any restrictions on colors.

Technically, the website is based on the bootstrap4 framework which does not impose any restrictions to the designer. The layout can be chosen freely.

Together with our programmer, the HTML-version can be created.

The header should include the following:
Own internet currency (Cunxxxx, x will be replaced by correct letters later)
no animals

All designs will be discussed and agreed up within the company. If no design matches our ideas, we might not buy the design.

We are happy to see your suggestions!

Hallo zusammen.

Wir sind ein Konsortium aus 6 erfolgreichen Website-Betreibern und suchen für eine neue Paid4-Communtiy ein Design.

Die Idee der Website umfasst:
  • Bezahlte Startseite
  • Verlosungen
  • Community-Aktivität
  • Anbindung externer Seiten für Casino-ähnliche Spiele
Gewünscht wird ein farblich ansprechendes Design sowie passende Farbkombinationen. Es gibt keine Präferenzen der Farbwahl.

Die Website selbst nutzt das Framework Bootstrap4, soll hier aber keine Einschränkung des Designers bedeuten. Das Layout kann beliebig gewählt werden.

Die Umsetzung in HTML kann dann gemeinsam mit uns erfolgen.

Der Header sollte folgendes beinhalten:
  • Paid 4
  • eigene Währung namens Cunxxxx ( Die X werden später mit den richtigen Buchstaben ersetzt)
  • keine Tiere enthalten

Die Vorschläge werden innerhalb des Konsortiums diskutiert und darüber abgestimmt.

Wir behalten uns vor, wenn kein Vorschlag den Wünschen entspricht, den Auftrag nicht zu vergeben.

Wir freuen uns auf Vorschläge.


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  • Über das Design #11, @WOW_Design
    We would like to choose your design, but have some questions: you showed us earlier a design with a really fancy 3d landing page banner. is this still available?
    We would need a color set to incorporate in our coreui implementation (we will provide the items, you just need to supply rgb codes)
    The original big image - we'd like to use as landing page. i hope it is still available. if so we will chose you as the winner of the contest.
    • @bastian_luettig Yes home page design is available.but you have to buy license of the stock image to use, i will give you source link to buy. about banner image "Logo will not be in the cage". about coreui implementation: yes you can give me items to give you details.

  • Hi, how would that scale on 1920px width? and on 4k displays?
    Still the partners feel this design is too much "small company presenting itself" and too few "community" #17
  • Hi, the top picture is too generic. we do not understand the overall design structure. #18
  • Home page #16
  • Working on your feedback and design, could you make contest blind?
    • @WOW_Design i opened it again, so that everybody can see the respective comments. so far, no design could convince all partners.

  • Über das Design #14, @crabios thank you for the design. in our opinion this is quite too generic and does not meet the need for a user interface where the user has access to the important metrics
  • About #6, @mcroteau

    What changes would help me in the design process?
    • @mcroteau #6, sorry - in our opinion this design is too simple for a frontend. can be ideal for an administrative view - but not for the user.

  • Let me know your feedback #9
    • @WOW_Design thank you. maybe we could make it visually more independent from the content? like it is aligned fully to the right border and is its own visual element? how would the top menu look like? should it be a drop-down menu? can you show a mock-up? would it be good to have boxes around the content details? (border or no border, maybe only visually separated by background)

  • Latest forum article full read page can be, I have not created forum page where all topic can be place based on category, but this is like full of content pages can be. let me know your feedback...

    About banner ads you can add after every section on design it's up-to you. design layout is very nice to use ads in every section. #8
    • @WOW_Design #8, I was thinking more about having (maybe) a sidebar where - independently of the current page the user is on - the latest forum articles can be displayed. Can you add a sidebar?

  • could you please elaborate more on some points in the brife.
    - what do you mean by paid home page ?
    - the part that it says " The header should include the following:" does it mean you just want paid4 and Own internet currency and no animals written in the header or something else?

    if it was possible to make the contest visible to other designers or uploading samples of the website you're looking for it will help much more to get more entries for your contest.
    Im really interested in working on your contest but i have to be sure about what you're looking for first.

    Thanks a lot
    • @UmutAta Hi, paid4 means, that a user is given bonus points for using our website that can be traded or set in a raffle to win prizes. header: there shall be no animals used. it should include the website name and make references to said paid4 / community topic visibility: that was done by an admin here - i do not know where to disable it.

  • About #5, @WOW_Design additionally, I do not see (yet) where to put information like "latest forum posts" or "latest messages" - that we'll need in a community. any ideas?
  • Hello, I took some time to make changes to the layout. Here are the changes.

    1. Added color to make the design stand out a little more
    2. Updated the menu
    3. Relocated menu options within layout
    4. Added dividers for the content on page
    5. Added a advertisement section

    Would it be possible to tell me more about your project? The more information you can give, the better I can design the layout. I can take the information you want to display on each link and create a more streamlined UI. This is what I enjoy doing, Information Architecture, Dashboard design, layout design.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

    Mike #6
  • Sample of inner page "About Us Page", I will give you multiple option on "Top Menu" & on other feedback.

    It is great if you can work on Html by your own, if you need it i cab give that too.

    About inner pages and other design i can help you now and future also.

    Let me know your updates if you need any changes you can let me know. #5
    • @WOW_Design #5 there is in our opinion too few space for content and too much space is used up for pure graphical elements. the banner on the bottom is nice. but there should be more prominent advertisement spaces (that you see at first glance, not just on the bottom of the page) the jumbotron elements are great. maybe we can get these a little (much?) smaller for sub pages? like on landing page -> big image in full detail sub pages (i.e., about us -> smaller (half or third of the original height) What do you think?

  • Hope you like my design.

    it would be great if i got your feedback which really help me to work more on design,

    Do you also looking for "Website development" in WordPress? i can give you full development and make your website live in your server into One-on-One, Let me know...

    Cheer, #3
  • About #3, @WOW_Design Hi, I like the jumbotron a lot.
    Can you give an example on how a content page would look like?
    Can you give example places where to put advertisement? (468x60 banners, text links, ...)

    Can you remove the casino reference?

    Can you give an example for the top menu?
    • @bastian_luettig thank you for your valuable feedback on my design, i would love to work on your feedback and upload you updated design soon.

  • About #2, @WOW_Design
    Can you give an example on how a content page would look like?
    Can you give example places where to put advertisement? (468x60 banners, text links, ...)

    Can you remove the casino reference?

    Can you give an example for the top menu?

    what would the color scheme be?
  • hi contest holder, you need the design or the html? Frankly what I can do is designing not coding the html to create an operational website...
    • @ahmadshaleh hi, as stated we will only need the design. HTML will be created by us.

  • About #1, @mcroteau

    Do you have content? Is the CoreUI example what your UI looks like?
    • @mcroteau there is an image in the brief, i think (at least i uploaded it)

  • Über das Design #1, @mcroteau
    I would kinda like to have boxes around content spaces so that i can distinguish the different content spaces within one page

    nice draft!

    I would like spaces for advertisement (header / footer / sidebar)
  • Über das Design #1, @mcroteau
    Generally this looks more like an overview page for an e commerce platform, am i right?