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Winning design #40 by eximius123, Website Design for Daily Deals/Check for Service 4-Page Website Design for TV & Internet Space Contest
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designed by eximius123

Project description

This project will entail 4-pages: Homepage - Promoting Check for Deals/Service in Your Area Daily Deal Page - Promoting the Daily Deal in the Selected Area (See Mockup) Content Layout Page w/ "Providers in Your Area Grid" Compare Providers Grid Page - A List of Providers with a "Featured Provider" at the top of the list (think top 10 type list) For providers/comparison grid, you can use DIRECTV, Dish Network, Comcast, and Verizon FiOS for the mockup. We want the site to look very modern and clean, with good use of typography. An example of a site design and philosophy we like is http://sevenly.org/ For creative direction for DIRECTV Deal of the Day see: http://www.directstartv.com/?lp=1613 Requirements for this project include: 4-Page Full PSD Design layered for easy coding A Widget design for use on "Content Pages" that promotes "Check for Deals in Your Area" A Widget design for use on "Content Pages" that display a Top 3 version of the "Compare providers" grid. Winner will be determined based on completeness and creativeness of design.

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  • Greeting randomwalk, Can you kindly Attach the Sample Mockup you have made on here so it can be much readable appreciate it.
  • OVERALL DESIGN GUIDANCE: I like the idea of a large floating image behind our elements (similar to sevenly.org). We would dynamic change that image to a skyline of the detected city. If you want to design a "reflexive" design, than great. Otherwise it should be a full width design so it works well on Tablets & Desktops. A Mobile Design or Mobile friendly (smartphone friendly) design is a nice add-on.
  • INTERIOR CONTENT PAGES: Should have an 70/30 column structure. Should contain a "Mini Deal of the Day" Hero Should include H1, H2, & H3 styles Should include Bulleted List Styling Should include a "divider" separator design element
  • DEAL OF THE DAY PAGE: See attached example mock-up sketch (sorry, I'm not an artist!)
  • HOMEPAGE DESIGN: The homepage should feature the "Mini" Daily Deals Section and Urgency Banner, but the primary call to action/Hero for the Homepage should be "Check for Service Providers in Your Area" with a "Your Location" dropdown box pre-populated with a City name. The Homepage Design can contain elements similar to the uploaded example mock-up of the "Deal of the Day" page.
  • LOGO DESIGN: We do not currently have a logo for Cable.TV. If you'd like to include one in the design, great, if not text of Cable.tv like Sevenly.org's logo is fine.
  • WIDGETS DESIGNED: The widgets that need to be designed are elements that can be included in the content pages to drive further interaction. The 2 widgets are small. 1: Today's Featured Deal A widget that promotes the daily deal in a more compact form than the full page, with a link to "Buy Now" 2: Compare Providers Mini-Grid A smaller version of the "Compare Providers" grid with 1 "Featured Provider" to whom you'll draw more attention, and 2 other providers below. The compare providers grid should include: Providers Logo (DIRECTV, Comcast, etc.) Providers Name Provider Features Provider Cost Order Now Button
  • Dear CH, Would you like to see the designs with fixed-width layout (if so, specify the width you need) or you want to see a full screen float layout? (think about Amazon or Ebay). Also, please specify how many columns will be on inner (content) pages. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, Please include the example files and file with your logo into the Brief. Also please elaborate the information about widgets you want us to design. Thank you.
  • Randomwalk, It's nice meeting you. Thank you for this opportunity. We present you our professional suggestion which was based on your own art. By the way, thank you very much for posting an example. It really gave us an insight on what to do and how we could improve it. We would love to be part of your growth. Let us grow together. Thanks in advance,
  • Hello randomwalk i see you example and i come up whit this if you need some change just let me know ,i made design what is easy to code. Hope you like it
  • EXAMPLE FILE: Since the uploaded version of the file can't be seen easily, please see the attached PDF... http://thesearchteam.com/images/CableTVExample.pdf
  • Dear CH, Maybe my internet show. it is hard to upload or read your example. Please include the example files. thanks.
  • Hello randomwalk, I will sumbit my design tonight.....
  • Randomwalk, This is the last submission we're able to make. We have made major improvements with this post. Gladly, we were able to keep all the information you need in a more harmonious ambiance while virtually guiding your audience from the top to the bottom of the entire homepage. Awesome! Thank you! Best regard,
  • Randomwalk, We have made a little improvement since #11. Hope you like it better! On hold,
  • Randomwalk, It's a pleasure to write you back. We have considered all of your feedbacks and updated our design so we could meet your specifications. Thank you very much for that. We've just finished and would like to present it to you. Best regards,
  • dear ch, updated version of #9, i will come back soon with other new layout thanks,
  • Feedback provided on other designs applies to yours as well. More layers and integration between layers. Use color to draw attention. Add depth to buttons, etc.
  • First, next time could you upload a larger image? I'm having a hard time seeing this clearly. I do like the integration of the City's Basketball team...very creative thinking of how to relate to the consumer in that geo. I would like to see a little more integration between sections or cleaner transitions via overlaps, etc. including the boxes below the hero being not as gimmicky as a TV, but also bring them slightly over the bottom of the hero to draw attention, or add a horizontal Urgency Banner at the bottom of the hero that cuts into the sub-hero section to bring those two areas together.