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Winning design #59 by jjyepez, Website Design for Design to Match Provided Mockup Contest
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designed by jjyepez

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Full mockup and images already provided. All we need is for you to take our mockup and add some polish. Easy!

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  • Hello syber I change all that you say syber ,changed the icon live support added International Travel Insurance Quote , change the flags , video is aligned whit image and the compare plan eror changes Thanks alex
  • @aayz - The navigation menu is in the lower portion of the mock up, on the left hand side. It contains the American flag. This will be a text menu and not the same as the buttons in the header.
  • The header color does not match the mockup. The live support icon is to large and we would prefer a button similar to the one on the mockup. The quote form does not contain the header line from the mockup: International Travel Insurance Quote The flag strip is not the one provided in the site files. The video is to far to the left and should be aligned left aligned with the image below it. The spelling in the Compare Plan section has several errors. The drop shadows look great.
  • Hello syber i see you mockup and i come up whit this , i use the font you wanted and all , Hope you like it Thanks alex
  • Respected CH. As I've seen your uploaded files. Where you said in your note file : ""1. The buttons in the header menu need a roll-over effect 2. The menu on the left-hand side is a text link menu"" There is not navigation on the left side.. Do you want same header buttons navigation on the left side or it will be different text ? Thanks. Best Regards, Aayz.
  • #8 & #9 have been emmended according to your last feedback. #8 has "Compare Plans" button in Blue over white. Regards, -- jjy
  • Concerning the suitcase and travel words box: 1) Remove the pink border around the word Travel and the hand. 3) The border on the outside around the Travel Words box, should change to pink. Also: 1) Remove the drop shadow from the URL and email address in the header. It's causing it to look blurry. 2) Remove the drop shadow from the text in the quote box: International Travel Insurance Quote Overall it's very close. The client did specifically ask for blue text in a white background on the Compare Plans button. However, they may be happy with this.
  • #5 and #6 have some minor errors. #7 Regards, -- jjy
  • You have used part of entry number 3 design
  • Dear CH, Thanks for the complete feedback, This is a revision on #3 as per your request. Hope you like it. Regards, -- jjy
  • Just to be clear. I worked with the client for a long time getting them to approve the colors and layout on the mockup. This is what they want. Try to get as close to the mockup as you can. Adding some gradients and drop shadows is nice, but don't stray to far.
  • Not bad! 1. Customer Services should be Customer Service (singular not plural) 2. In the middle Compare Plans section. I like the alignment. The color needs to match closer to that of the mockup. The light blue background and the dark blue for the Compare Plan buttons. 3. The suitcase and travel words box image needs to have a black line border around the suitcase and pink link border around the travel words box. This looks like it was a copy and paste from the mockup. The original image files are included in the attachment. 4. Nice job on the left menu. 5. Some of the text appears blurry. Also, the top of the E in the Espanol button doesn't appear connected. 6. Group Plans - Employees, ect.. I'd like to see this text darker.
  • It's still to different from the mockup provided. The client has specifically picked all colors and layout for the site. The menu section in the middle is still full of misspellings. The left hand menu and the travel suitcase / travel words images look like they were copy/pasted from the mockup. They need to be reworked.
  • Dear CH, I have kept the mockup concept and essence yet improving it for a more professional and modern look and feel. Hope you like it. Best regards, -- jjy
  • Hello Sybernetik, I have submitted layout #14, let me know if you want to make any changes Regards, delpher
  • Hi CH, Sorry for delay sending my design.Please rate my design # 13 & feel free to let me know the required changes you want in this design. so that your expectation are met.awaiting for your kind feedback. thanks. Best Regards/WebStar
  • I am in. Please wait for my submission.thanks. Regards/WebStar
  • Ammended version of #(9) .. according to your recent feedback. Hope you like it. Regards, -- jjy
  • Dear Sir, I have submitted fresh, colourful & clean design according to your requirement. I hope you like it. Thanks. Immortal
  • This is very close. Just a couple of more things I'd like to see changed. 1) In the middle Compare Plans boxes. Move the drop shadow up 1 or 2px under the words: Medical / Health Insurance and U.S. Citizens & Legal Residents 2) In the lower left hand link menu. Move the drop shadow up 1 or 2px under the text: Insurance Plans 3) In the lower left hand link menu. Add the drop shadow to the text: US Citizens or Resident Health Insurance Options 4) In the INSURE YOUR TRIP box. The gradient around the inside of the border is too thick. Especially on top. Please make it thinner. Thanks!