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We are looking for a template for a webpage that has a home page along with 6 other sections. We have not finalized all of the content yet but we have come up with an overall outline and some details to include. We know that we want the option to include video on every page as we expect to be heavy on video in the future. We are open to dialogue about the webpage and our needs so please get involved. We want our toll-free phone number and our group email address to appear at the top of each page. Here is an outline of what we have so far. 5 – The Energy Advisory and Brokerage Firm SECTION 1 – HOME [Home] 5 is a unique energy advisory and brokerage firm created by senior executives from the deregulated energy sector. We are committed to helping businesses and homeowners better manage costs. With deep insider knowledge spanning every aspect of the industry and a passion for helping people, 5’s goal is to challenge conventional norms and redefine what’s possible. Our proprietary approach to purchasing energy and managing energy risk set us apart. Our people and our culture will change the way you think about the energy business. We are here to serve you, the customer, and we look forward to earning your trust as we navigate the world of deregulated energy as your partner. “Business success is simply a symptom of making people’s lives better. We started 5 because it’s simply the best platform from which to help people.” – Brian Hayduk SECTION 2 – FOUNDERS [Leadership] – Each bio will have a small picture Brian Hayduk Brian has been in the deregulated electricity market since it began in the late 1990s. His most recent role was as President of First Choice Power (FCP) where he had responsibility for all company operations and led the business to record growth and profit. His background includes corporate strategy, business development and marketing, M&A, portfolio management and development of retail business units in deregulated electricity markets throughout North America. Prior to FCP, he served as co-founder and President of Juice Energy, Inc., a retail electric provider in three states, including Texas. He previously served as a Senior Vice President at Constellation NewEnergy where his responsibilities encompassed half of the company revenue (approx. $2B) and he helped profitably grow its retail businesses throughout North America from 4,000 to 16,000 megawatts. Brian’s on the board of Keep Lewisville Beautiful and encourages 5 to engage in sustainable practices. He’s the only 5 partner who can claim pizza making and fishing boat mate on his resume. M.S. Environmental Science, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry; B.A. Economics, Lehigh University Jon Moore Jonathan Moore has served as Executive Vice President at Beowulf Energy LLC since 2008. Beowulf Energy is a private power and infrastructure company with expertise in the development, acquisition and long-term operation of power generation and infrastructure projects. Jon also recently served as a director of MX Holdings. In 2006, Jon co-founded Juice Energy, Inc., a green-focused energy retailer, where he served as CEO from 2006 until 2008. From 2002 until 2006, he was COO of Constellation NewEnergy (“NewEnergy”). Under Jon’s leadership, NewEnergy grew into the nation’s largest competitive supplier of electricity with over 16,000MW. From 1994 until 2002, Jon worked for The AES Corporation (“AES”), where he was part of the senior management team that led AES’s acquisition of NewEnergy Ventures, which was one of the first companies to offer electricity to commercial and industrial customers in deregulated markets. In 2002, Jon was part of the team that negotiated the sale of AES’s retail electricity business to Constellation Energy Group. Mr. Moore worked as a transactional attorney with O’Melveny & Myers in Washington, D.C. from 1988 to 1994. Jon’s also the only partner in 5 with two national championship rings. JD from Yale Law School; Magna Cum Laude from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School Eric Plateis Eric has 30 years of experience in commodity trading and risk management. Eric’s most recent experience was as Vice President of Portfolio Risk Management at First Choice Power, where he was responsible for all of the supply and risk management activities as well as retail pricing and load forecasting activities. Eric’s previous roles include Senior Supply Officer for Juice Energy, Vice President of fixed price Natural Gas Trading at Bank of Montreal and Vice President of Trading at Constellation where Eric was responsible for the West and ERCOT region structured portfolios. Eric has been interviewed on McNeil Lehrer Hour and presented to the Argentine Consulate on hedging and risk management. He’s also held Board seats at the Commodity Exchange, Inc., NYMEX and was Vice Chair of the COMEX Governors Committee. Eric started his career in the “Pits” on the floor of the New York commodities exchanges where he traded for his own personal account; an experience that may have taken years off his life, but pays dividends for our customers every day. B.A. Accounting, Boston University Jeff Schiefelbein Jeff Schiefelbein has worked in the deregulated energy business for the past 8 years and most recently served as the Vice President of Sales at First Choice Power. Jeff has a proven track record of leadership and innovation through his extensive experience in sales, company start-up, technology development, personal coaching, and strategic management. He has also been recognized nationally for the creation and implementation of two highly successful nonprofit corporations. While at First Choice Power, Jeff developed a unique multi-team approach to sales that led to 6 straight quarters of double-digit growth. Jeff also launched an industry-leading online pricing portal that increased scale while reducing overhead. He continues to impact thousands each year through his motivational speaking and guest lecturing activities. Jeff is the recipient of the national Daily Points of Light Award, the Texas Governor’s Volunteer Service Award and has been featured on ABC’s “Volunteers Across America”. Also, ask him about his run on Broadway sometime. B.B.A. Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Texas A&M University Josh Coleman Josh has worked in the energy business for his entire 27-year career as both a commercial/industrial energy manager, as well as in various operations leadership roles with retail electric providers. Most recently, Josh served as First Choice Power’s Vice President of Operations during a period of unprecedented profitability and growth that was coupled with record levels of customer satisfaction. While at First Choice Power and TXU, Josh refined his expertise in all aspects of operations, customer care, billing, credit/collections and contracting in the deregulated energy market. Prior to entering the retail electric business, Josh worked in a variety of energy management and facilities leadership roles at Invensys, Teccor Electronics and Texas Instruments. Josh is the Board Chair for Camp Summit, an organization that promotes personal growth and independence through outdoor experiences for people with disabilities. Josh also enjoys his status as the only member of the 5 leadership team that has been paid to swim with a pig. B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University; Professional Engineer, State of Texas (inactive) SECTION 3 – WHO WE ARE “Why the name 5?” We get this question a lot and we love it. The name 5 comes from our vision to deliver level 5 culture, period. That sounds great but what exactly is level 5 culture? If you ever read books like Good to Great or Tribal Leadership you will see entire chapters dedicated to this concept. At 5 we like to infuse our own thoughts and experiences when defining level 5 culture. Level 5 culture • Strict adherence to the core values of the organization regardless of consequences • Stoic resolve to deliver on our mission with humility and fearless ambition • To be of service to others without expectation of a return • To not be concerned with the competition, focus instead on “what’s possible” • Question everything and dare to be different [Vision] Deliver Level 5 Culture, Period. (5 words, pretty cool, huh?) [Suggested Reading] Our team dedicates time each week to in-depth book discussions and debates. Below are a few of our favorite books, as well as our current read. We’re always looking for new books and articles to drive debate and challenge business norms so please feel free to send us your suggestions as well. Good to Great Tribal Leadership Delivering Happiness It’s Your Ship The Four Agreements What Would Google Do Outliers Cowboy Ethics Small Giants (currently reading) We would love to hear what books inspire you - Send us your suggestions SECTION 4 – WHAT WE DO [What Makes Us Different] “Like any complex service business, the difference is the quality of the advice and the people delivering it.” - With unmatched industry experience and a commitment to helping others as our primary goal, 5 is a truly unique energy advisory and brokerage firm. Some of our key differentiators include the following: • Experience that covers the entire spectrum of responsibilities at successful energy companies, including risk management, operations, pricing, billing, sales, load-forecasting, wholesale trading, corporate strategy, revenue management and even a few posts at President/CEO as well • Access to market leading information that we utilize to educate customers and create strategy roadmaps • Proprietary models - market trending and timing • The founding partners are 100% dedicated to supporting our customers and Energy Advisors rather than focusing on sales. • A team-based approach to serving customers allowing us to combine the strengths of our entire workforce for your benefit We encourage you to read further to hear what our customers, employees and partners are saying about 5 or contact us for references. [Customer Testimonials] [Employee Testimonials] [Benefits of Working with 5] Benefits of Working with 5 • Bill reviews • Market updates • Webinars • Tools and resources to assist with budgeting future energy costs • Dedicated Energy Advisor • Help is available anytime you need it, call toll-free at 855-ASK-FIVE [OUR SERVICES] [Energy Procurement] The unmatched experience of our founders and energy advisors allows us to bring insider knowledge and access to our customers. Energy procurement is much more than just selecting a provider. We work to first understand your needs and then partner with you to determine market timing, product choice, risk tolerance, supplier strengths, contract language, on-going opportunities, forecasted budgets, and more. With energy costs typically playing a large role in bottom-line expenses it is important to make strategic decisions with the help of a trusted source. The team at 5 utilizes our supplier backgrounds to partner with you in creating this strategy acting as an outsourced energy management department. Once you meet our team you will see why 5 is not your typical energy advisory and brokerage firm. [Risk Management] Companies and homeowners realize that they are exposed to increasingly volatile energy prices. There is a need to manage this exposure in the same way that you manage other market based financial exposures. 5 has built a set of proprietary tools and processes for analyzing and managing a customer’s needs. 5 is able to assist customers in selecting the best product, supplier, contract terms and market timing and then continue to provide on-going advice and oversight. Founding partner, Eric Plateis, leads our risk management efforts. Eric has over 30 years of commodity trading and risk management experience. He also held Board seats at the Commodity Exchange, Inc., NYMEX and was Vice Chair of the COMEX Governors Committee. Eric is recognized throughout the deregulated industry sector as an expert and as an educator to many. [Predominant Use Studies] Many companies throughout deregulated energy areas do not realize that they qualify for tax refunds based on their predominant use including homeowners associations, manufacturers, car dealerships, metal fabrications, oil and gas operations, and others. Through our experienced staff and wide network of Certified Professional Engineers we are able to assist customers in conducting a thorough predominant use study. [On-Going Customer Service and Bill Reviews] 5 provides a dedicated Energy Advisor to your account along with a robust back-office so you can have peace of mind knowing that we are your one-stop for on-going support and questions. Our team will interface with suppliers and utility companies to ensure that your needs are met and that your information is accurate. We can easily spot common billing errors and potential tax exemption issues as we monitor your billing. We also take a deep-dive look into each supplier’s internal processes and billing to pre-screen each provider. Who we can help and where: Electricity • Texas - ERCOT all territories o Large Commercial and Industrial o Government and School Districts o Small and Medium Commercial o Multi-dwelling, Continuous Service Agreements o Nonprofits o Critical Care, Hospitals and Nursing Homes o Residential • New York – All utilities o Same as above but not yet serving residential customers in NY Natural Gas • Texas – Describe the criteria for being eligible SECTION 5 – CONTACT US We’d love to hear from you Call 855-ASK-FIVE (275-3483) Fax 855-FAX-FIVE (329-3483) Email5@5-five.com [Help with my COMMERCIAL or INDUSTRIAL property] In order to receive a custom price quote from the many providers that work with 5 we will first need to pull your historical usage from your utility. The process is easy. Simply complete the attached letter of authorization, sign and return it to 5 and we will assign a dedicated Energy Advisor to guide you through the rest of the process. {Insert link to blank LOA} [Help choosing a RESIDENTIAL provider] We take a different approach to helping you with your home. Displaying a list of dozens of suppliers and their products and prices doesn’t help anyone. Having to dig through multiple companies’ websites, their contracts and looking for hidden fees is no fun and far too complicated. We wouldn’t send our friends and family to those sites so why should we send you. Answer a few (5 actually) questions and we will simply recommend the 1 or 2 suppliers that fits you best. Have a link to the following questions that can that be automatically e-mailed to email5. 1. Zip code? 2. Do you live in an apartment or house? 3. How long do you plan on staying in your current residence? 4. Would you like green power even though it will cost a little more? 5. With your personal finances are you aggressive, moderate or conservative? SECTION 6 – JOIN US [needs to be prominent on the home page] There are several ways that you can become part of the team here at 5. Please contact us for more details on either of the opportunities listed below. Energy Advisors As an Energy Advisor you are tasked with representing the needs of your customers as we develop customized procurement strategies and maintain on-going account services. Advisors receive training and development from the team at 5 including the founding partners and the highly tenured Advisor staff. Thoughts/concepts we want to convey • We’re a little picky • Cultural fit is key • We provide training • We do all the work for you • Deliver world class risk management to any size customer • Have an impact • We’re growing fast • Make a living by helping people Some quotes from our advisors…… Agents This is a unique opportunity to connect the experts at 5 with people and companies in your network that could use our assistance. As an agent you will be given the support and tools necessary to help us help others. The great thing about the 5 Agent program is that you get to choose your participation level and your return is usually proportional to your involvement. Contact us today to see if you or your company qualifies for the Agent opportunity.

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