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Winning design #14 by vasili, Website Design for Dvd Store Contest
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designed by vasili

Project description

I am opening up a local delivery dvd movie store, I would like a unique design that has a wowish look and sets me apart of the competition, it should include 2 languages with flags, kuwait flag and american which symbolize (arabic , english) and one curreny(kuwaiti dinar), the main site should feature the latest movies added by us (30 movies in the front end), and there will be 17 to 18 categories in the front page separated by 2 titles which are English Section and Arabic Section the catagories for example are (action/comedy) a space to show delivery times and minimum order for delivery a space to show the top 10 most purchased movies, and ofcourse the other pages will include a special offer sheet example( buy 10 movies get 1 free . Buy 15 get 2 free) thats not accurate just an example, other sections for delivery policies and how to use the site to order, a Faq section too and a return policy section. One more thing the front page should have some movies at the top displaying some knockout blockbusters we add they should be large size. Competitoters have poorly designed sites here you go: www.i2dvd.com , www.alq8dvd.com , www.911dvd.net , www.dvdache.com , www.dvds777.net , www.dvdyatii.com For reference look at www.q8dvd.com it has the 2 titles needed with some catagory examples ofcourse i will add the catagories myself just add the same as them to show the look and feel and add top 10 most purchased box on the right side, A small box showing the minimum order for delivery which should say "Minimum order for delivery is: 10 KD" make it look nice. This template should work on Tomato Cart or Oscommerce, tomato cart preferably, the winner will take on the job of doing the other pages on a one-on-one project, he should have some Tomato cart or Oscommerce knowledge to take on this job ofcourse. Colors: Green / Whitesh / something limey Logo: Next project we'll make one just enter the company name right now which is CinemaQ8 .

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  • #11 , I made all the changes i match the menu on the left side whit the color of the bottom bar so its fitt together nicely.
  • Would love to have a small box displaying "Minimum order : 10 kd" without spoiling the design
  • The green is used in the wrong areas, very nice footer though, you can fix it up by checking my feedback to #6 #3 , also add more rhan 10 movies in the front end and name it featured.
  • 1. User sign up replace with register and put a forget password 2. Feed rs replace with newsletter field. 3. Make the menu on the left side nicer. 4. I dont want a bottom scroll to appear
  • #9 its like my design
  • I make all the changes and reduse the banner on the first and added second design whit new banner better one
  • Okay i will do that
  • great, read the other feedback. thanks
  • It have search space its in the top right corner of design
  • need a search space too
  • entry #4 look at my feedback for entry #3 you will get a grasp of what I need
  • entry #3 I like your design but somethings need to be changed around such as: 1- The banner is too big make it a slider instead. 2- sign up / login/password(sign in) area. 3- green/whitesh use your creativity while at it. 4- remove visa/mastercard 5- replace home / contact / new movies / latest movies with ( home / return policy / contact us ) 6- remove facebook and keep twitter. 7- information / movies / rss feeds i will replace them with special offers / delivery times , they won't be clickable they will only contain text underneath. 8- catagory buttons won't have sub-catagories.
  • If you want to change just free feel and say
  • entry #2 this contest is about a website design, not a logo
  • entry #1 this contest is about a website design, not a logo
  • Designers! Please read the rules about commenting in contests http://www.designcontest.com/help/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/Vie w/46/6/rules-for-commenting-in-a-contest-page If i see comments just pointing to your entry, asking for feedback or any other non conforming message, you will receive an infraction for not following the designcontest rules and you will lose you commenting privilege in this contest
  • #14 the final touch
  • ok its starting to look neat, now the final touches should be 1: replace sign up with the word sign in 2: the botton scroll bar shouldn't be showing. 3: newsletter should have a space for email entry 4: the text Follow Us should be Follow us without the caps on the U. 5: Register should be clickable. those minor changes and we're set.