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Project description

Develop a Drupal template/theme that fits our industry and is easy to maintain. Although our prime business at this point in time is around the QlikView product we will be sellling additional products and servies (all ERP and BI related). This means the menu structures must be simple. We like the Qlikview site for look and feel and navigation. Our colors will be similar. We'll publish our logo shortly

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  • Feedback to improve my design. Thanks.
  • Need the logo file (.eps). dark light color background. so i could not edit logo file. here i used sample logo. feedback plz, improve my templete. thanks CH.
  • Hi CH, Question re: Green. The green in the logo is #69b000. The green in your brief is #00a650. Do you really want 2 different shades of green? Or have you decided to go with the logo green? Thanks for any direction here.
  • transparent and full logo have been uploaded
  • Dear CH , Glad to hear any proposal or questions about my work.
  • Dear CH , Any suggestion for my designs so i upload correct designs as i have very low credits to upload. thank you!
  • All: We are waiting on our designer to provide the logo with transparency. As soon as we get it we will upload it.
  • Everyone: 1. The use of green should be subtle. if you'd visited qlikview.com, you'll notice that the use of green is very minimal. 2. The background should be light in colour. definitely not black. 3. The key is simple, lightweight and easy to read. 4. Undesirable site: http://www.time.com/time/ in my view is too cluttered 5. Another example site: spiceworks.com (less clutter preferred). notice the use of orange. Probir: 1. the menu item seems out of place. eg highlighted "Home" feels like it's on its own ... not part of the theme 2. search bar not aligned 3. please lighten the theme (colour)
  • Please upload a copy of your logo with transparency.
  • The Plain White Business Version .(Green Shaded)
  • This is the home page with all neccesary items if you remind anything please explore here . to CH.
  • Clean - Clear - Professional Look ,I have worked on each pixel . Rating Appreciated. Thank you !
  • Thanks Plander Sir !
  • It is right? soon i upload new templete. Thanks.
  • using content from Qlikview is fine as our content will be similar.
  • Plain Version. I hope you like it.
  • Lots of written article is needed to make original web page , can i use the same from QlikView.com Thank you !
  • Hey CH, Thanks for the comments. Rather than use my last two comps to conform to your comments re: #13 - I think it would be better to get a bit more direction. You said "(either through adding background color / separator)". There is a separator between the bottom of the web content and the footer. Would you rather see a different background color on the footer instead? Next re: Fonts - We can use whatever font we want now-a-days. I'm using Myriad Pro. If the users browser is old and doesn't support font importing the font would default to Arial or Helvetica or whatever font we define as a fallback. That said, would you rather see the comp with old school web safe fonts like Arial? Thanks for any direction ;)
  • #13: i like the menu. is it possible to make the header or footer more distinctive so that visitors can identify content of the web easily (either through adding background color / separator). what fonts are you using for the web? try changing to a more commonly used font. #12, #11: too dark, please remove dyflex solutions from background of footer. #9: like the overall look. footer is simple and nice. I'm wondering if the placement of the search function is a practical one, especially if the web content is long. users would have to scroll all the way to the end of the web just to search. try using dyflex's logo and tweak the menu to suit, if required. GENERAL: try using a magnifying glass for the search bar instead of the word "SEARCH". it gives a cleaner look. In most cases, it provide more real estate for more menu items (if search is located left/right of menu)
  • Again revised with plain business theme. Please reply and suggest Mr. Plander, because i am on high risk and low credits. Thanks !