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Winning design #12 by rockabilly.romania, Website Design for easE-Business Contest
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designed by rockabilly.romania

Project description


I am starting up an Online Marketing Consulting Agency and for my company I need a complete website. My company is standing for quality, creativity and innovation and this should also be reflected in my website. After all my website is my most important business card and need to reflect all the values that I stand for and promise to my customers.

I have included many documents (so that you have enough information) and one is the Sitemap in my attachments and here you see the website and in the pages below a short description of the page(s). I also included some example of websites (or just parts of them) that I like. 

In general my idea is to create a design where my visitors are experiencing the 'online world' and they want to go on a journey with me after visiting my website. I like creative things but in a subtle way as I want to keep professional. This is my idea but I'm open for suggestions from your side because sometimes an idea doesn't work when it gets designed so I encourage you to show me other options as well. 

Looking forward to see your designs!

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    • About #12, @rockabilly.romania


      I like the base of your design and I would like to make my design with you. I will pick you as my winner but I need to see what you can do better. This is my feedback what I have already now:

      1. The home page I do not like at all. The homepage should be a page that catches your eyes and shows a bit more creativity (now its just a picture). It will explain what I'm selling and will show my three unique selling points (1. Personal consultant, 2. 12 Months consulting and 3. Proactive consulting). The videoclip should be on the homepage.

      2. Membership will be changed in product. We are selling just one product. The product is a twelve months consulting package. In thee twelve months the customer gets a dedicated consultant that consultant in all areas of online marketing. We will consult reactively and proactively.

      3. Services: please look in the briefing which services we offer and include all of them in the design. Also make something happend when somebody is selectief or scrolling over are particular service so that its not to boring.

      4. Company: this looks ok but very standard. See if you can improve it a bit but in general its not bad and looks fine. Just implement the three things that are visible in the sitemap

      5. FAQ: I decided to leave this one out so you can delete it.

      6. Contact: Please see the attached contact from from the brief. I would like if the contact form looks like an envelope with a letter inside and when somebody clicks on send then it will be a closed envelope that is being sent.

      In general I like the color combination and the professional look. I just would like to see some small creatieve stuff (which is not standard like any other page) and then its perfect. The orange color should be used for the call to action place but I see that in general you got that.

      Would also be nice to look at the picture as they are also quite standard and the picture above SERVICES and CONTACT are not fitting in with the rest.

      I hope you are willing to finish this design with me and I'm looking forward to see what improvements you can make because now you have a bit more time.

      Hopefully talk to you soon!

      Best regards,


    • @goranimo It would be great if you can visit the profiles and see the creativity on old designs, so you understand if the designers are capable of reaching your expectations. If you trust by a comment, you may end up with a bad website. Good Luck.

    • @goranimo Hello Goran. I'm glad that you gave me the opportunity to prove my skills. I lso thank you for your feedback. This will help me a lot providing the design you are looking for. It will take me up to 3 days as I have to modify all the pages, but I'll use the extra time to go through your brief and adjust every page as per your comments. But, first of all, I'll send you tomorrow the homepage with all changes you asked.
      Have a nice day and talk to you soon!

  • About #12, @rockabilly.romania - I can do better. I was in a hurry because I found the project very late. So, let me know if you need changes or something more graphical (infographics). Thank you!
  • Hello @goranimo, First of all I would like to thank you for the amazing contest. I tired honestly to give you the best design. If you consider extending the contest, also consider increasing budget of the project. You mentioned you need 7 pages in total but you didn't mention how many pages you need from this contest. I know $500 for 7 pages isn't possible with professional designers. If this contest is for home page and you wanna work with the winning designer for the rest of the pages, it's fine. Being straightforward will help both the designer and the contest holder. If you like my design and want to go with me, I assure you complete satisfaction from my part. I am available almost any time of the day and night. I would also like to tell you that I am a designer, developer and SEO expert. I can design and make your website live and rank it in google. Really looking forward for a great collaboration. I once again thank you for the amazing contest.
    Iffu, 9to5designers.
  • Little change to the services section. #10
  • About #9, @world_maker update design as per feedback
  • Hello Ch,
    I hope you fine. Thank you for your time & feedback for my design.
    I have submitted the revised design as per your feedback. So please check the design and lets me share your valuable feedback on the same.

    Thanks #8
  • Hello, this is the design I came up with, for your website. Let me know if you need any changes to it. If you like the design, we can work on it to make it the desired design. I can also provide you developing services. A detailed review will help.
    Best regards,
    Iffu, 9to5designers. #7
  • Hello) please look at the page design. have tried to fulfill your requirements. write, glad of feedback) #6
  • About #1, @world_maker u can put ur video on the slider section in the top
    • About #4, @world_maker

      Hi world_maker,

      Thank you for the design.

      I like what you did to the menu as this is something different but the design to me resambles more to an investment company or a holiday company. I need a professional site werd you can see things that are related to online marketing. Als there a barely any orange (call to action) button/picture or things like that.

      I hope this feedback helps.



  • Hello Goranimo,
    Please take a look of home page design as per your requirement. So please check the design and share your valuable feedback on the same. I am waiting for your quick response.

    Thanks #5
    • About #5, @Laxrav

      Hi Laxrav,

      Thank you for your design.

      I looked through it and I find everything very standard/basic. It look ok but I am looking for something very good and also a bit more creative.

      Just keep in kind that the orange color is used to draw attention on that ( so call to action buttons, or important text) and therefore I would not use it as a background color.

      I hope this helps you a bit.



  • same as u can put ur video on the slider section #3
  • dear ch,

    can you blind this contest, avoid cheating, thanks.