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Winning design #12 by csschimp, Website Design for Eastern Michigan University Contest
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designed by csschimp

Project description

Looking to create a website for a loyalty rewards program similar to (but better of course!) than this one:


Our program is called Eagle Rewards and provides students the opportunity to win prizes ranging from free food/beverages from local businesses up to 12 credit hours worth of free tuition.  

Back end functionality is important in terms of us being able to easily update a student leader board as well as images of prizes, sponsors etc.  We may potentially add additional leader boards for other subgroups like fraternities and sororities, individual class rosters, dorm housing communities etc.  Additionally, there may be a future need to incorporate an API to auto-populate point totals from the vendor that provides the rewards check-in mobile app.

Responsive design is a must as our demographic is obviously college students who primarily use mobile devices.  

We don't currently have a logo or branding imagery for this program so creative ideas in that regard are also appreciated.  Branding ideas don't have to be relegated to current EMU imagery, but here's the link to that info for consideration:


Thanks in advance for your time and consideration of this project.

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  • We use a third party mobile app to track points. How difficult would it be to use an API or some automated way to populate this list from another database? #12
    • @jwill206 can you please let me know the API and then i can check its compatibility with wordpress and then we can move ahead

    • @csschimp We are getting ready to shut the office down for the upcoming holiday over the weekend. I'll work on getting the information to you as soon as I can next week. Thanks very much and have a nice weekend!

    • @jwill206 ok thanks same to you have a nice weekend

    • @jwill206 ok thanks same to you have a nice weekend

  • Thank you for the submission. Design is good but we're looking for something a bit cleaner and more in the color scheme used by our university. #4
    • About #4, @jwill206 Thanks for your reply. I guess I thought you are using the blue? Usually, there is enough time to revise the designs before the contest runs out if feedback is provided...
      Anyway, no worries though.

      Hope you'll find your perfect design.

  • Hi, my name is Jan and this is my suggestion for your new website. As you can see this is only the part of the complete design. Unfortunately I have spotted your contest too late and hadn't enough time to finish the work. In case you like the idea I am ready to finish the design in no time. #14
  • Possibility that the number of prizes may change over time. Will we have the ability to change the number of "prize boxes" here and potentially resize the ones we use based on how many there are? For example, make them smaller to fit more in or larger if there are fewer prizes? Thank you for the prompt replies, it's appreciated! #12
    • About #12, @jwill206 honestly speaking not thought about this yet that how to display two boxes or 4 boxes because i thought there will be atleast 4 prices but can come up with some solution. before that I need to know how much your admin will be having the understanding of the wordpress Is he know about custom post or using custom text because at the end of the day he will be the person who will be editing or publishing the post or pages

    • @csschimp This is a minor issue. I asked more to get an idea about how much customization might be possible down the road. Of course, we can always have you make changes later on and have you charge us separately if necessary. I would be the main person administrating the site. I've managed several WordPress sites in the past, but they are templates that I purchase from ThemeForest etc., so the programming side of my experience is limited. I'm pretty technically capable, so not many concerns there.

    • @jwill206 Thanks for quick reply it will simple admin based only and don't worry there will nothing that you will need to do the programming

  • We may also want to do the same for each users activity. For example - If a student clicks here, would they put their name and password in to access another page that would show all their contest activity? Their activity information could also be pulled by an API or other means as well. Hope that makes sense. #12
  • @csschimp Your designs are always beautiful! :)
    Now, I might lose this contest. :( #12
    • @nawaltariq313 Thanks that you like my design . winning and loosing in not my hands it's in gods hand you will also win :)

  • About #12, @csschimp This is the latest tweet widget that fetch latest tweets i believe that the this plugin in working in wordpress if not what we can do is with the php we can add the file that will fetch latest tweets
  • This is an integrated Twitter widget? Does this pull random tweets from our Twitter account or do we change settings of the widget in the WP dashboard to tell it what to populate here? #12
  • I assume this is a slider that we can change the images for in the dashboard? #12
    • About #12, @jwill206 Yes this is the slider we can change the images yes this is the desing that will be converted into wordpress

  • Very nice design. Is this a WordPress format? #12
  • Dear Contest Holder,

    Thanks for rating my design and let me know the changes you feel in the design so that i can submit my next design

    CSS Chimp
  • Thank you for the submission. The design we're looking for is specific to a loyalty rewards program . This appears to be a more comprehensive overview of a university in general. #3
  • We're looking for a fully developed site along with logo designs. #2
  • We're looking for a fully developed site along with logo designs. #1
  • Dear Contest Holder,

    Another version of the design with different color Please provide me the feedback for my design

    CSS Chimp #13
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Please Provide me the feedback for my design and let me know the changes in the design. this is the 100% responsive design and will work on all the devices.

    CSS Chimp #12
  • Hi, wuld u kindly consider extending this contest
  • Same design with minor modifications. I hope you'd like it.

    Regards #11
  • 100% responsive #10
  • Hi,

    Looking forward to your feedback. I hope you'd like it.

    Regards #9