I would like to say that this website has done me proud in 2 competitions so far. I have had a logo designed which is absolutely fabulous and through the website deigner contest I have been put in tough with one of the nicest, most professional, talented designers that anyone would want o have working with their company. I will not hesitate to use designcontest again and would highly recommend it to anyone.

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Winning design #64 by FullHeads, Website Design for EASY BIKE TRANSPORT requires INSPIRATIONAL website Contest
Gold Medal

designed by FullHeads

Project description

Our Aims : I decided to set up Easy Bike Transport for people just like me. We have very busy lives and work and train extremely hard for 12 months of the year. I want to have my bike transported intact and be able to pick it up with everything in the same place that I know I left it. We have enough to worry about in the race.

What we Do: We will pick up your bike and a luggage bag from a predetermined bike shop (depending on where you live, we will let you know which shop we could pick up from) and we will deliver your bike safely and securely to the Expo at the Ironman race. We do not have any limits on weight. After the race we will collect your bike from you and bring it back to the bike shop. You only need to remove the pedals. The bag needs to be dropped off in the morning following race day. It can also be dropped the previous night if you have an early flight, we endeavour to do whatever is easiest for you. That’s the whole aim of this company.

• You do not need to take your bike apart and reassemble it twice over.
• Your bike measurements will not be touched.
• Nothing will be tampered with or moved.
• You don’t need to drag a huge box through the airport or wait for it to come out at some unknown part of the airport where they stick excess baggage.
• You can pick up your bike from us at the Expo ready to ride.
• You can arrange for your bike service with the shop at the same time for convenience
• We also take your luggage bag and we have no weight/size restrictions
• After the race you can offload your bike without any effort knowing it’s on it’s way home.
• The next morning you can drop off your luggage bag and we will bring it home too.

The Pages on the site are named as:
Races we cover
Bike shops
Pick up/ drop off times
After the race
Luggage bags
(All information for these pages will be forwarded, the website is not interactive)

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  • Hello lindablakely, I've made a couple of minor changes in your logo -sorry for that- but it felt a little bit busy to me. I've also changed the "what we do" text to the nutshell version (with the option to view the whole info). The "Why use" section is supposed to be a slider, where each reason comes one by one. Thanks.
  • We need the home page to be very attention grabbing. Maybe the colours should match the logo? Athletes bikes tend to be red and black mainly but we are open to any colours really. The other pages would need to tie in with the design. There is only some information to go on each page. The website is quite simple and not interactive but obviously we need athletes to see the website and want to book us to take their bikes. Trust would be a big issue for them.
  • The logo has been attached now properly. The information is that which is to be included in the hiome page. This is what we do in a nutshell. We transport athletes bikes from the UK to Ironman races in Europe.
  • some more detailed brief needed, do you have logo or need to be created, ...the file you attached is "sample.js", this is html attribute file , did you really wanted attach this ? Looking foreward for more information about website stucture, thanks Best regards, FyllHeads visuals
  • The brief doesn't really clarify what you want. Do you want a design for all of those pages? or I'm just putting that on the menu ?
  • @GIOVDESIGNS Yeah I realize the logo is no longer there for download, and sharing links is not allowed, for the meantime just try extracting the logo from existing designs.
  • @Danitz Thanks for the fast reply... I don't see it there i just see a picture but the logo still not their could you give me a exact links thanks very appreciated. GIOVDESIGNS
  • @GIOVDESIGNS at the design brief under "Files uploaded for the contest"
  • Hi! where can I get the Original logo...???? I just submitted two design without logo on it the one are white web page and the last is black web page design. Thanks, Giovs
  • Like the concept of the arrows.
  • Really like this design also. Very attractive page.
  • Really dynamic design. Very attractive.
  • Hello Linda, I use some comments below and summorise it. I believe, that you could see some of your wants. By the way, area "WHY US" could be change, when you push F5 (or maybe rotator), and show new advantage of you future consumer choise =) Thank you for this opportunity!
  • Hello Linda, I no longer see the logo attached to the design brief. Is there any way to get that back? Thank you!
  • Thanks Linda, Unfortunately, only half of the loaded design. This is my first contest, so 640x480px rules are not quite right. I try to load the entire design. Lifety
  • Eye catching. prominent logo. Mice pics and use of space.
  • Axl
    Hello, Is the logo still attached? I just see the photo, but the logo? Thanks!
  • About #7 You can easily change the background picture with one click, the problem with the picture you sent me, is that it is 500x331 so it wont fit in the 1920x1080 in which the design is scaled yet. You have to ask the website, if they may got this picture in a larger size OR you/me find another. __________ My first idea, was to have a single background picture for each navi-button you click. Please tell me what you think about this idea.
  • Is it possible to use this pic to see what it would look like? I'm not sure how to do this or even if it's possible. http://www.mylaps.com/index.php/us_eng/Websites/articles/mylaps_official_timing_partner_of_ironman_triathlon
  • We really Like this design. It's action packed and exciting to look at. We would change the background picture though to an ironman race picture.