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Winning design #12 by GoldenZ, Website Design for Ebay Listing Design Contest
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designed by GoldenZ

Project description

We require an eBay listing to be designed, this is promoting one product on the page, this design needs to heavily promote the product and make our product stand out as the best solution. Please find attached details of all that we require.

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  • Hello MD1, Things I have done on entry #2
  • Increased the font size for the title 40%
  • Separated each Box with a space
  • Changed the title Background color into grident colors
  • Changed the Header Banner
  • I didn't want to totally make something different in the design, so I've changed a little bit of the main design, Hope it make sense. Let me know if you have any ideas, Questions. Regards, -Amr
  • md1
    Hi Goldenz I'm glad you saw this project, we would like to use same concept but different layout, fonts colours etc.
  • Hello Md1, Entry #1 Based on the Latest Design for your preview contest, If you don't want same layout let me know, I also Uploaded the entry without the logo (forgot to include it), I'll Next Revision. Regards, -Amr
  • Hello again md1 :) Would you like to use the same layout? or same concept but different layout ex(Fonts, Colors, etc..). Kindly Advise, Thanks, -Amr
  • Hello CH, Could you please make this contest blind? Thank you kindly, janedoe
  • Hello CH, Could you please make this contest blind? Thank you kindly, janedoe
  • Good evening CH, Here is design #3. Do not hesitate to say if you need any changes. Have a nice day! Vilma
  • md1
    Header needs proper logo not just text, header needs improving as a whole Why choose us, too much info here, would prefer to be more like the example we provided The text beginning “ Noisy suspension” needs to stand out more and be above the cause section The background of the page we don’t think looks very nice The complete kit section, the text of whats included we don’t like the boxes used Full instructions included needs to stand out more . The bullet pointe below this we don’t like the images next to the bullet points we prefer ico images like in the design example we provided. The bottom info boxes we would prefer vector images here like used in the design example
    • Hi, thanks for feedback I will change and upload new revision.

  • md1
    The banner and logo need more work, please don’t use the vector of the car showing the suspension, you could use the vehicles that this item will fit, or reference that this is for air suspension and that it is a fix or repair product. The text “Noisy suspension? Is your vehicles air suspension rising slowly or perhaps failing to rise at all?” This all needs to be same size and stand out, it needs to be above “the cause” box not in it. You could use the question mark icon here like what is used later in the listing. To draw attention to this title. The bullet points with the icons look out of line Remove large question mark icon from above the text, “will this repair my vehicles suspension)” make the question mark smaller and less prominent. Some of the vehile images do not match up to the model. Instead of current image where it says “other vehicles using the same wabco ompressor” use this image: The bottom three boxes could perhaps be jazzed up a bit? On another design entry there is an arrow from the text “luckily we have a solution” to the solution box, we like the look of this.
  • Hello md1, I have made the requested revisions on entry #5 , Let me know if you have any questions. -Amr
  • I'm preparing your revisions and will upload it in a few min. Regards, -Amr
  • md1
    This looks good but we would need some changes: The logo needs to be a logo rather than just text also the header looks a bit messy, some of the cars in the header are not covered by this product also. The text beginning “Noisy suspension…” needs to stand out more as this is the main issue and be above the cause box It would look better if the boxes join as before rather than having gaps between them The swirl background of the boxes isn’t suited to this product The images of our products need to retain white background In the complete kit box the reds used here are too harsh. Full instructions included would look better in the dotted box as before Will this repair my vehicles suspension? This needs to be boxes in and less prominent, there is also text missing from this part from the brief. The models affected section is too large, like the look of the way some other entrees have done this section Under other vehicles use the vector image of the compressor not faded out here. The bottom three info boxes need changing as they have BMW colours.
  • Good morning, Design #4 is with some corrections. Regards, Vilma
  • md1
    It would be nice to have a background to the boxes like in the previous bmw design (a swirl pattern was used), a light grey design like in the bottom three info boxes would look good. The top banner still looks too fussy, I think we should remove the car image and have a smaller banner with just the logo telephone number and email address. The logo needs work it needs to represent the product so perhaps a referece to air suspension, also text in the logo needs to look custom. The text “Noisey suspension” and “Is you vehicles suspension rising slowly or perhaps failing to rise at all?” both needs to stand out so perhaps both in red with a question mark next to both lines of text, or one large question mark with the two lines in the same size colour and font underneath. This sections also shouldn't be boxed in with the "cause section" they should be seperate, perhaps have in red box. The red used for the back ground of the titles is too strong, perhaps change to a more neutral colour. The titles from” fix your suspension for good” onwards have two colours used in the title box, the title boxes above this use just one colour these should have two colours too. In terms of the affected vehicles the incorrect vehicle images are: Audi Allroad- the model affected looks like this: http://gallery.hartmannwheels.com/v/AudiFitment/HRS6_-_172_HC/BobbyB_Audi_allroad_172HC_18.jpg.html BMW X5 the model affected looks like this: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:BMW_X5_3.0d_%28E53%29_front.JPG Audi A8 the model affected looks like this: http://www.auto-data.info/Audi/A8-%28D3,4E%29/3.0-i-V6-%28220-Hp%29/ Audi Q7 the model affected looks like this: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:2007_Audi_Q7_3.0_TDI_quattro_01.jpg Discovery 2 the model affected looks like this: http://www.carpages.co.uk/land_rover/land_rover_discovery_review_part_1_02_08_04.asp Land rover range rover l322 the model affected looks like this: http://firm-guide.com/company/land-rover/cars/2002-range-rover-l322/range-rover-l322-picture-1/
  • Good morning, Here is design #8 with changes on bottom blocks and header.
  • Design #7 with changes on your last comments. But I don't understand the bottom comment with vector images? The logo word compressor is made from nuts and bolts. and word repair - like 3d.
  • Kindly Review Concept #6 I have made your requested revisions. Note: I Don't know which model of the cars doesn't match, little help would be appreciate it. Regards, -Amr
  • md1
    Looking good thank you just a few small things: Please remove the car from the top banner image, also box in the “noisey suspension …” text as shown. Make the text stand out more, perhaps make it black colour, this text needs to grab customers attention Change logo text and email addresses to air suspension repair rather than compressor repair. Some reference to air suspension in logo: couple of examples: http://www.drdatto.com/new-boss-logo.jpg http://www.mild2wild.com/1276_AirRideLogo_07_4c.jpg Logo once revised also needs revising in info box at bottom of listing.
  • md1
    This is looking good thank you, just a few more things. We really need a logo at the top of the page which ties in the text compressor repair with air suspenion, if you could give me some logos to choose from that would be good. Complete kit, will this repair my vehciles suspension, are you driving an affected vehile, and the info boxes at the bottom the red colour of these titles is too harsh could you use another colour. In the models affected section the images I provided last time were for reference so that you could identify what they look like, we would like them all with a white background like before, if you are getting the white images from one place let me know the link and I can find the correct models for you.
  • About #12 I have made the icons and trimmed the header. I also Finalized the Design and the PSD is ready to go. Best Regards, -Amr