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Winning design #80 by sunny2007paswan, Website Design for EKVITA Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sunny2007paswan

Project description


This is our first experience with Design Contest so we are learning its rules.  


To reward best designs submitted, we also intend buying silver and possibly bronze medal winning designs via one-on-one negotiation. 


Dear Designers,


One week has now passed and we have received a number of very good entries – thank you all very much!


We made significant progress and it seems we know what exactly we want now.  I will try to explain it below. 


We would like to alternate dark and light sections (pages) on the first 4-5 pages to stress transition from one page to another.  Towards the end of the site, this alternating between dark and light colours becomes less critical since most people do not go that far unless they really want to reach that particular section (for instance when they want to find contact details or something like that). 


Based on this understanding, we would like to see something like this (priority pages are highlighted in bold and underlined):


1)     Main Page – dark background (word cloud, some neutral images, moving in slide show)

2)     About Us – light background (brief text followed by icons Legal 500, Chambers & Partner etc in total about 5 or 6 icons)

3)     Practice Areas – dark background (each practice areas differentiated with colours and in this sequence: Legal Advisory, Tax & Finance, Compliance Solutions, Management Consulting, Training & Development. We want to see some vivid colours here)

4)     Projects Involved – light background (listing projects in some nice and attractive manner)

5)     What clients say? – probably dark background but not critical

6)     Why choose us? – probably light background but not critical

7)     News and events – probably dark background but not critical

8)     Contacts page – probably light background but not critical. 4 address locations (4 countries) to show here


Please kindly note that we will have the website in 3 languages so kindly ask you to show the language icon at the top (higher creativity gets higher scores of course).


No need to show Our Consultants, Our Team etc page – we decided to omit that section altogether. 

Although some designs are really good, we haven't yet decided.  We will also be doing voting in our own team, so feel free to propose your options.  


Thanking you all in advance.  


We are a consulting company engaged in legal, tax, finance and management consulting services.  The main idea of the website is thus to show our strengths, areas of practice (e.g. Compliance Solutions, Finance & Accounting, Legal Advisory, Management Consulting etc). 

Our current site is www.ekvita.com but the idea is to change it completely.  

We would probably want to stick to our green color in the design one way or another but this is not critical - we will consider other colors schemes too. 

One idea we have in mind is to use word-clouds on the main page where words are combined into clouds with phrases reflecting our areas of practice.  We can share some samples to use.  

We also want to have moving images (maybe word-cloud will just be one of those images) on the main page.  For instance, one moving image will be "Practical Solutions" another one will be "excellence is bot a goal - it part of our daily routine" etc. THIS PAGE WILL BE INSTRUMENTAL IS OUR SELECTION DECISION

We will need a page dedicated to Projects where we will list our completed and ongoing projects.  It is critical to avoid mere listing in the form of a text.  We expect designers to come up with good ideas.  THIS PAGE WILL BE INSTRUMENTAL IS OUR SELECTION DECISION. 

Another important page will be dedicated to news and announcements which will often have documents attached.  We expect designers to propose best way for sorting and presenting this page as well as for archiving documents on the site.  

We are not particularly advanced in IT overall, so please kindly take that into account while proposing your solutions including CMS.  One main question we have in mind how we will eventually incorporate the selected design over our hostings etc.  We have no clue, so some advice would be required.  

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