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looking for a modern elegant design for our website


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  • Dear CH,

    Another entry with different header please provide me the feedback

    CKS #15
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Please check my design and let me know the feedback so that i can work on the changes

    CKS #14
  • This is the slide no 3 of the opening Carousel. Every slide is connected with some theme of the Web page and provide one or multiple links to the detailed page for those who want to found out more details about it. #13
  • This is the slide no 2 of the opening Carousel. #12
  • Hello. This just represents Carousel slider part of the main page, actually slide no 1. For more details of my design, I will ask you if you could make this contest longer for few days so I could finish and represent some ideas I have with rest of the page.
    Thank you. #11
  • Please give me your valuable feedback #6
  • Let me know any changes would you like. #3
  • Can You Please consider marking this contest guaranteed to expect more professional designs ? thanks
  • Dear @fawzinino

    could you please make the contest blind, this way designers don't copy each other ideas and you get different design proposals

    you can contact, design contest team on making contest blind