Very nice overall, it was fun to communicate with designer all over the world. One minor change: As you state in your EULA (if I remember correctly), the money back garanty is voided if I don't respond to at least 80% of submissions. This is a good idea, to motivate the contest holder to participate actively in the creation of his personal design. In my opinion however, some designer abuse this rule by submitting a lot of very similar entries (only a picture changed or similar). I still think those 80% are a good value, but i would like to mark entries as very similar, so those may be excluded from this rule, and I may not need to post multiple times the same comment. I'm pretty sure this would also helpt the deigners to "categorize" their submissions.

$595 paid

49 custom designs

11pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #44 by WebStar, Website Design for Froburger Contest
Gold Medal

designed by WebStar

Project description

The society called "Froburger" is part of an old tradition at the universities: students engage themselves in student societies, which help them to make connections not only with students of their own subject, but with experts in every field possible. They organise multiple events per year, and also meet themselves weekly or even more often. As they grow older, finish their studies and start working, they keep in touch with new active students, and former colleagues through this society. With their membership contribution, they even help support the active students.

This webpage should help attract young students, so they may also be part of this tradition, but also should be easy to use and appealing for older generations.

Our old website:

Important Points: 
 - Please design the Start Page of the Website.
 - Be aware, that your design should contain an navigation bar somewhere
 - Use this text on the Frontpage:

Nice to have:
- One should be able to adapt the Design of the Frontpage to other pages, and mabye even derieve it to design printable Documents.

A group of those students will discuss all suggestions on 1. of June. Expect detailed feedback on the next day.
On a second meeting, the 8 of June, we will reevaluate all entries, and decide a winner.

About froburger (in German):
Die akademische Verbindung Froburger vereinigt aktive und ehemalige farbentragende Studierende der Universität Basel und der Fachhochschule NW. Als Sektion des Schweizerischen Studentenvereins (Schw.St.V)  pflegen wir die Freundschaft über alle Generationen hinweg und bemühen uns um christliche Werte. Wir Frauen und Männer pflegen alte studentische Traditionen angepasst an die Lebensweise des 21. Jahrhunderts und engagieren uns in Studium, Beruf, Familie und Öffentlichkeit. Unser Wahlspruch lautet: „Mit starkem Willen den rechten Weg“ oder „voluntate forti viam rectam“.

About Froburger (translated):
The academic alliance Froburger unites active and former Student of the University of Basel and the Fachhochschule NW. As a member of the Swiss Students Society we maintain friendship over all generations and keep up christian values.
We women and men maintain old traditions of students, adapted to the 21st century and engage in studies, work, family and public. Our motto is: "With a strong will the right way" or "voluntate forti viam rectam".

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  • Hello.

    I read the brief again and since the website is for students engaging in student societies so i cameup with this design which is fun and interesting.

    All the layouts can b easily replaced with other shapes etc.

    Designers can still Adjust/Customize their work even after time run out.

    Always view the designs in Full size.

    Letme know what do you think

    Changezi #47
  • Hi CH,
    Design revised.
    Content area in white background. Any remarks please let me know.


    Regards/WebStar #44
  • Hi CH,
    Design revised as per your kind direction.
    Any more changes please let me know.

    Awaiting for your kind comments.


    Regards/WebStar #43
  • Could you replace the content area with the design for the content you used #27? Also we don't need a Register button top-left #2
  • About #2, @WebStar
    Hello WebStar
    Congratulations, two of your design propositions are in our final selection. Now we want to take the best from each one. I'll make comments directly to the image.
  • Hi CH,
    Design revised.
    Any changes please let me know.


    Regards/WebStar #42
  • sir check my design

    thank you

  • Hi CH,
    Design revised.
    Any remarks please let me know.


    Regards/WebStar #39
  • Hi CH,
    Design revised.
    Any changes please let me know.


    Regards/WebStar #38
  • Updated ! #30
  • About #29, @Changezi
    A new apprach, which I do like, however, I have some changereqests:
    - the sign in is not so important, please place it somewhere less central
    - there won't be a sign up
    - we won't be able to use a professional photo as used by you, please replace it with an unedited picture (no cut out background), to see if the design still works
  • Hello,
    This is my work for your website.

    This design is Highly customizable from the layouts to the colors etc.

    This design is Responsive which means it will Auto adjust itself on all the Devices which includes Pc desktop , Mobile and tablet.

    Letme know what do you think and where do i stand in your contest.

    thank you. #29
  • Hi CH,
    Color scheme revised in this design.
    Any changes please let me know.


    Regards/WebStar #27
  • Hi CH,
    My new design in your contest.
    Please rate this design and tell me if you need any changes.


    Regards/WebStar #26
  • Please let me know if you require any additional materials or links on the homepage. I think this site shows a youthfulness that will attract younger people, but still maintains the easy navigation and layout. I look forward to hearing back. #20
  • Updated. #19
  • Hi CH,
    Design revised.
    Any changes please let me know.


    Regards/WebStar #18
  • Hi CH,
    Design revised as per your kind comments.
    Any remarks please let me know.


    Regards/WebStar #17
  • About #12, @jack4047
    clear and colorfull design, I really like it!
    • About #12, @florianalexandermoser thanks so much for rating my design, kindly let me know where u need further ammendments

  • This was our second place in out meeting today.
    Could you change the navigation so it may be easier to read?
    Increase the fontsize or similar.
    Also, you can remove the Register link, and shorten "Kontakt & Impressum" down to "Kontakt" #10