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FurnitureLines wants to create a simple website that contains the basic information (included in the ready company profile) and furniture catalogues (will be sent to the approved designer). The website will be updated regularly (each 3 month),so we are looking for a designer who can understand what we are looking for and apply it to this project and any future projects. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

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  • Dear Abdullah,

    I wish that you liked my entry. If so, I am ready to make it a fully responsive mobile and tablet version.
    As well as make the Arabic version.

    And I am always available for any required changes in the design.

    السلام عليكم,
    اتمنى ان يكون قد اعجبك تصميمي. وانا مستعد لعمل نسخة متوافقة مع اجهزة الموبايل والتابلت. بالإضافة لعمل تصميم متوافق مع اللغة العربية.

    سأكون دائما جاهزا لأي تعديلات مطلوبة في المستقبل القريب او البعيد.
    شكرا لوقتك.
  • Assalamu'alaikum Sir Abdullah, Hope my design meet your expectation. #55

  • 100% quality and satisfaction in my work is guaranteed.
  • Hi,

    Image banner revised in this design.

    It was a wonderful experience working in your contest.

    Hope to work with you in the near future,

    Thanks again.

    Regards/WebStar #53
  • Hello,
    This is my second entry; I made a blue overlay color on catalog pictures to make them more flowing into the design, I oversized the map at the bottom, and I changed some icons to make them more consistent with the design.
    I hope you like it! I am waiting for your feedback.

    Thank you. #52
  • Hi CH,

    Design revised.

    I have created a new section"Our Clients" in this design.
    Hope you like this changes.


    Regards/WebStar #51

  • 100% quality and satisfaction in my work is guaranteed.

  • 100% quality and satisfaction in my work is guaranteed.

  • 100% quality and satisfaction in my work is guaranteed.

  • 100% quality and satisfaction in my work is guaranteed.
  • Hi, uploading one more variation with suttle changes....please review...........products images would need to be replaced by your images #44
  • Hi CH,

    Here's an all-white version of my design, would love to hear your feedback and comments.

    Cheers #42
  • please review #41
  • Hi Abdullah2,

    Please check my design and let me know your comment or feedback on my design.

    If need any changes please let me know.

    Thank You,
    WOW_Design #39
  • Hey there!

    Thank you, Abdullah, for giving me this opportunity to build your website design. It was so fun and exciting to know about your company.

    This is my entry. I focused on making a story-telling page; it starts by giving information about the company and ends by schedule an appointment.
    I also focused on client need; you can see that firstly on the header, emphasizing that FurnitureLines will be a good impact on their company, secondly, talking about the flexibility and customization option, and lastly focusing on the presented FurnitureLines as a client-based company which appear in the features section.
    I made the contact form to be fun to use, which engage clients to submit their details.

    It is made from scratch, to ensure the consistency and the uniqueness. And that what I advice you to choose, you should not select pre-made templates that make your website looks like another million websites.

    I am available for any minor or major modification, on the short and long term.
    Once you like it, I will design the mobile version and the Arabic version (My native language).

    Thanks. #38
  • tell me if you like to change some thing #37
  • hi unable to upload designs...please check
    • @manojkg2000 Me too. I have tried a few more times. Still, I can not submit my designs. Is there any problem?

    • @TanveerApon
      there seems to be as i tried multiple devices and also a vpn...
      this is happening to all contests as well

    • @manojkg2000 The problem is solved

  • Please check it, more modern and minimal than previous version. #29
  • Hi Abdullah

    I have submitted my first design in your website contest.

    It's simple, minimal, responsive, easy to use, easy to find everything, user friendly.

    I hope you will like it and please tell me for any type of modifications.

    I am waiting for your valuable feedback.

    Thanks #26
  • Hi,

    I am trying to create a design as per your pdf. Please check. I hope you will like this design.

    Manasi #25