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We would like to have a website to design for our flexible packaging product, for example stand up pouches, rollstock films and coffee bags.

This website has  a part of ecommerce online shop..this is just a part of our website, not main part.

If you interest, contact me.

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  • Hi,

    If you wish some alteration, please let me know.

    Thanks #21
  • Hi! This is the first page. Please comment and review, I am ready to make any changes in the design. #15
  • HI

    This is an initial design concept for the homepage. Very simple, clean, organized and modern. This concept is a rough idea of the general style of your comments I can make changes and add functionality until we get a perfect design.
    The design speaks for itself. It consists of different horizontal sections that allow us to add, delete, edit these sections and their content as you see fit the possibilities are endless.

    Awaiting for your kind comments.


    Regards/Abdougraphic #14
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  • overall, i make focus on simple layout and design to make clean and elegan website with modern look.. #12
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  • SAMPLE WEB PAGE DESIGN. Contact me if you like the style. #5
  • Hello My Seo website has 20 pages to design and a link online website which have 30 products.

    Our main concerns are 20 pages, those pages need to very good looking and good for search. I like blue color and I am not sure about styles.

    We are a trade company who buy food packaging()stand up bags and rollstocks for food and non food to pack), and sell to european and american company. My website need to looks like very professional in this line and let customer know we have good quality and price.

    What's other information you need?
    • Hello @candy1168

      Please some competitors websites. and your actual website if it is up..
      Also your logo would be a good reference for style and colours..

    • @candy1168 Can you show photos of your products?

  • Hello Contest Holder,

    Thanks for your Contest
  • Hi!
    Can you provide more information?
  • Good Evening Candy1168!
    Can you make that contest guaranteed? Is it possible to have more info about your site?
  • Hi!
    Can you provide more information? Your wishes to the design (color, style, etc. - all what you want). Do you have a logo? What content should be placed on the main page? Can you show the sites you like (links to them)?
  • good evening mr.Candy1168
    I have two requests
    First you can make that contest guaranteed
    Second, is it possible to have more information about the site and your vision so that I can come up with the appropriate design?