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Winning design #109 by juma, Website Design for GoodAgile's homepage needs a facelift! Contest
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designed by juma

Project description

GoodAgile is Asia's leading agile training and coaching company. We want your help upgrading our home page. We'd like you to take our existing logo and color-scheme, and give us a fresh new look!

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  • About #11 Dear CH, In this version I changed color of footer and socials. On the footer i changed navigation too. Let me know what can i change. Regards, enkor
  • About #10 Dear CH, What you think about this new proposal ? I changed navigation at top, search and somewhere i added some light. I changed color stroke of any box too and i added 9 numbers . Let me know what can i change. Regards, enkor
  • Hi CH, Submitted #8, with changes you wanted. Regards, Milos
  • Still way too red and dark grey for my tastes.
  • I'd like to see a more prominent logo, and a slightly less prominent "simplicity is..." Also, would be nice to see a numbered list for the 9 reasons, versus checks
  • I like it.
  • ohi
    About #5 thank you for feedback about my first sumbmittion Now logo is bigger and "Simlicity is.." is smaller and just light grey regards, ohi
  • I don't like the predominance of dark grey and red -- it gives it a slightly foreboding feel -- I prefer lighter, with more white space.
  • I like the overall color and cleanliness, but unfortunately it doesn't quite stack up against entry #1
  • I like the clean, modern look, and the balance of grey vs white vs red. I'd like the logo to be more prominent, and the "Simplicity is..." to be less prominent, or at least consume less vertical space. I like the treatment of the upcoming classes and the nav items.
  • I like the clean design, but I think the lack of visual boundaries between the spaces on the page make it hard to visually navigate.
  • CH i'm participating in your contest and i'll submit my designs after 48 Hours :( Thanks & Regards
  • About #2 Dear Ch, I hope u like it, If you want any remarks let me know, i can change anything if you want :) Regards, enkor
  • ohi
    About #1 Hope you like it. It's first version so we can change anything you want ;) regards, ohi
  • Hi CH, My 1st design. please tell me what type of changes you want in this design. thank you. Regards,LittileMaster
  • Hi CH, new entries #22 #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30 #31 #32 Pls. let me know if you want to combine certain elements or if you want me to customize any element ex. colors, fonts, shadows, border, within the designs. Many Thanks
  • Hi CH, my submition #19 and #20 #20 is variation without content-background.
  • Hi, please check my submission #48 and let me know if you want revisions. Thank you
  • #47 Hi gamarketing, Feedback appreciated. Best Regards, Xclusive
  • Hi CH, Please check my submission #45 and #46 and let me know if you want revisions. Thanks