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Winning design #34 by Anzee, Website Design for HARRIS LIMO Contest
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designed by Anzee

Project description

Looking for an overhaul design with integration to our WORDPRESS website.

Our current website is harrislimo.com

Please bid for design and wordpress integration.

I need to design to look luxurious, corporate, and easy to navigate.

Mainly looking for a change in the banner and the theme / color. I need the logo on the top left hand side, and the phone number and email on the top right hand side right above the navigation bar.

On the right side of the banner I need 3 tabs:

1: Fleet
2: Reserve Now
3: Testimonials ( I need a slideshow of testimonials).

I also need an overhaul of the "reservation" page that's easy to navigate.

We have a new logo that is red, white, silver and black; these colors should be the theme of the website.

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  • Dear CH, do you have full view photo of each vehicles? It will be very good if each of them were in the same angle of photo shoot-angle. Im going to put at the blank side of the banner... please refer to input #1 thank you.
  • I have uploaded 2 different versions of the logo.
  • The design is top priority. If you can do the coding for the reservation page that's a bonus, if not that's ok.
  • i can work on the design but i think for coding of wordpress, don't it should be in wordpress section? btw, i will work on the design 1st.
  • @Anzee: yes, he needs design and coding for reservation page...^^
  • Hi CH, Do you need design and also coding? Thank you. Anzee.
  • please, can u save sample.eps file at lower version?, cause i used illustrator CS3 and can not opened...T_T
  • design. coding for the reservation page
  • You need just the design or the coding ? .....................
  • -I don't like the red block behind the banner. Please organize the whole banner into one piece. -I don't want people to click to view teatimonials. Have it take up most of that space with the acuatl text of the testimonials. Below it place a red tab. The one you had earlier. But instead of reserve now change it to "Get A Quote". Please don't double the skyline. It doesn't look real. Please find some stock pics of nice black limos and place the big "H" logo on the license plate, with a red black background.
  • I really like that. I like how the testimonials are placed. Please make "Get A Quote" into a tab that's red with yellow text so it stands out. 2. I don't like the mercedes limo you have there. Can you find a black stretch limo with dark windows and place the red H logo on the license plate. Title it "Charlotte's #1 Chauffeured Transportation" 3. Can you also have a another picture in the slideshow that has a "HYBRID" sign and/or the globe and says: "Proudly Serving Our Clients and the Environment". I want it to have an Eco-Friendly Feel
  • Dear CH, I have updated my design (#14 with x1366 width ) and (#11 for smaller width view) and some changes has been made. I recommend you to view the design from your browser by dragging the design, into your web browser. you will have have the best view of the design, how it looks like. 1 more thing, please let me know, if there anything i should modify...and let me know bout the reservation page.. do u need us to construct the programming of reservation system or just the UI design (example - css, jquery, html) Thank you. Anzee.
  • Dear CH, my new entry (#10) with updated revisions.Hope you like... regards
  • This is better. A few changes: 1. Make the design wide screen. 2. Make the logo bigger on the left hand side. 3. Remove the picture in the testimonial and write the title "TESTIMONIALS:" I need it to be obvious. 4. Please place a stock picture in the banner. I don't want to advertise certain limos in there. I will place a few stock pics of all the limos lined up. 3
  • I do like this. A few changes: 1. Can you find a different picture of the charlotte skyline, I do like the night effect. 2. I need a shade of red that's slightly brighter. 3. Remove "Our Fleet" and "Call For Reservation" Take up most of that space with a "Testimonial" box. Our testimonials are not that long. Below that place a short tab that says "Get A Quote" which should take up 20% of that space. I don't want the testimonial box to be below the banner.
  • Dear CH, Changes has been made, please refer to input #5. At the moment, i still dont have suitable picture of vehicles to put on the banner...It will be very good if you have those vehicle photos without texts infront of it since i wont be able to remove the text, unless it is in psd+layer format. Let me know if there anything you want me to change/re-edit. Thank you CH. Anzee.
  • I don't like the pink background at the top. You can make that silver or white. I can barely see "Charlotte's #1 Limousine Service." -I don't like how the pink background cuts off halfway through the picture, it makes it seem disorganized. -I need the "Reserve Now", "Fleet", & "Testiomonials" to be at the right of the picture. With the testimonial taking up the bottom half. -Above the navigation bar on the right hand side I need it to be the same height as the logo. It needs to be more organized!
  • Unfortunately I do not have those photos. I like where you are headed with this design. I need the navigation bar to be below the logo. On the top right side, above the navigation bar, I need a "Call Us Today!" sign, then below it I need a phone number in large font. At the center I would like it to say "Charlotte's #1 Limo Service" with a background of the Charlotte skyline. Please see: http://riderose.com/ At the right side of the banner I need a box that says "Reserve Now" and below that I need a "Testimonial" box with slides of quotes from past clients. I don't like what you did below the banner with the vehicles. Keep the diagram of the 8 vehicles on the current website.
  • dear CH, i have updated the design as you requested with my modification - #31 and #32 . thanks
  • Beautiful! - can you please remove the piece of paper on the windshield of the buses? - below the banner where it shows the 8 vehicles, can you arrange them in this order: 1: Town Car 2: 6 Passenger Limo 3: 10 Passenger Limo (white one) 4: 15 Passenger Hummer 5: 16 Passanger Chrysler 6: 14 Passenger MiniBus (White Van) 7: 20 & 28 Passanger Limi Bus (black bus) 8: 50 & 58 Passanger Charter Bus (place the large silver bus) -Please try to make that part attractive. Great Job!