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Once again my experience with designContest has meet every need and fulfilled my expectations. The work with the designer Zsombor Toldi has been very sufficient and a very positive experience all the way to the finish line. Thanks for that. I recommend him to others. See you again in the future

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Winning design #58 by winters, Website Design for HD-Support ApS Contest
Gold Medal

designed by winters

Project description

A very simple and professional looking website consisting of only HOME/ABOUT US and linking to a product specific website HD-eKJ and yet another- Winlog(Green(ish) theme is desired) Look at the logo for HD-eKJ to get an inpresion of color theme etc. It has to be viewable on all devices and fast. look at the existing website "www.hd-support.dk" to get an impression of our company.(warning-this is a very old website!!, may be directly harmful to your eyes!!!)

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  • Hi CH, I have submitted my initial concepts #2 , #3 and #5 , #6 ... Please review them and let me know your thoughts! Looking for feedback from you! Regards.
  • #4 Hi, I've just uploaded my first entry in this contest. Please provide some feedback. Regards, winters
  • Hey CH, Can you make this contest blind please? Regards.
  • Hi iNoesis, I have had a look at your design proposal. All the social elements needs to go. No facebook-twitter etc. The language is okay- Only Danish and English though. Even more simple would be good. we do not have a lot of products, so....
  • Hi UmairAslam23 Unfortunately I do not have such a installation package! But you are more than welcome to create one with the logo :-)
  • Hi Ch, Can you provide some screenshot of your software? Or the screenshot of installation package? So we can put it on the new design to focus on the product! Regards.
  • Hi CH, I have uploaded my design for the home page. Kindly check my entry #1 and give me your valuable feedback on the design. I designed this with the base of your logo. your feedback will be very useful to give you the best design. Kind Regards,
  • Hello tikasia, I just uploaded some more files you can have a look at. Screenshots of the software you mean or? it is a journal system so it is not very colorful or inspiring, but maybe you have another perspective?
  • Hi CH, i just started to make project for you but it would be helpfull if you could upload some vectore file of your logo or at least some png, also some screanshots of these apps.
  • I would like a re-design of www.hd-support.dk
  • Hi CH Will you please provide me some of reference web url.
  • @Winter ,, I could not find images for that specific topic and didn't have much time, so just used those images as place holder, I had no intention to copy the idea or whatever!
  • Hello Everyone, So far thanks a lot for all your creative input. I clearly see that there has been some "bad vibes" among some of you, which is not in any way the goal of this contest. Competition is good, but please keep it fair all the way. I will see to make it a blind contest ASAP. I will be rating soon.
  • Dear UmairAslam23, I've just read the last comments and checked the two entries. I'm sure, that you did not copy the two images because of (how to say..) unkindness. Moreover, you asked the Contest Holder for make this contest blind. But your answer to Umashankar was not fair, not by a long way... "I was unable to find some images" - You can't think that seriously. You should have admitted it, as a mistake, and fixed it with a new upload. Anyway, I wish you good luck in this contest. This message is an advice for the future, not a provocation. winters
  • @Umashankar, I used those as I was unable to find some images,so I used them just as placeholders to show contest holder that images could be post there! And you are talking about creativity, then why don't you participate and show us your creativity,if that's the matter!
  • Hi UmairAslam23, This is creativity competition, Try to design with your own creativity, From post #1 (inoesis), that collecting data and protecting data images, you cut and pasted in your post #5.. In future, this type of actions will affect your creativity.. by Umashankar
  • Hi! You can hear your comments on my work (#8)? P.S I agree with UmairAslam23 (contest blind)
  • Hi CH, My 1st design in your contest. Please rate my entry #7 & let me know the required changes you want in this design. Awaiting for your kind comments. Thank you. Regards/Nibir
  • Hi CH, I submitted # 23 if you need any change to make it perfect feel free to ask anytime. Best Regards, Xclusive.
  • Hi iNoesis, your #21 is quite good I must say.