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Sales people are drawn to pretty shiny objects and wads of cash. Lets start by making a pretty shiny object to showcase the company, hint at the technologies, and provide a building block for future expansion. Currently there is no customer facing website due to the exclusivity of the OEM'd products, however a new product targeting home and small business applications will require a customer website that can expand as the products are developed and released.

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  • Products similar in concept may be found at http://www.buffalotech.com
  • Hi, it is a sample new concept. photo clean layout.
  • hi thanks for liking my design. i have upload couple of designs with new concepts. please check and provide feedback. also can you elaborate more of these comment: I would like to see a bit more depth to the bounding boxes far top and far bottom (whether it be faux relief or bevel or what have you) regards N.
  • The direction may be just fine, but I would have to see some more of the center panel to determine if it is worth investigating more. Of course, I am not sure what exactly that center panel might contain; surprise me!
  • I really want to like the blue, but in this case it might not be as striking as the red. See my comments on the red mockup for more details.
  • After seeing the bright blue next to the red, I am leaning towards the red. I would like to see a bit more depth to the bounding boxes far top and far bottom (whether it be faux relief or bevel or what have you), but in general this is good. Perhaps we can push the depth of the graphics in the center panel as well with more than just the simple "matrix" effect. But, very good submission,
  • hi another design with minor color variation and the background in the contact us form. please check and provide feedback. regards N.
  • hi i have upload a design with the clean elegant and cool look, hope you like it please provide feedback on it if you require any kind of changes. regards N.
  • Well, lets start with this: We are essentially technology consultants. To describe the graphics desired, I would lean them towards "cool" than "elegant". "Clean", and since initially there is not a huge amount of content, it will end up being "not cluttered" by default I guess. Initially I was going to provide product shots for showcase purposes, but that will have to wait due to the nature of the products. Stock "hi tech" images are fine as long as they are in line with the buzzwords. I would initially suggest blues, greys, and silver -- however the logo is red so I guess the color palette is entirely open. The logo should be posted in the brief, but if there is a problem accessing it I will post a TIFF as well for mock purposes. I would suggest the initial navigation tree contain "press", "consulting", "products", "support", or the like. If keywords are needed or useful, here they are again: network appliance, embedded linux, virtualized network storage, and cloud storage gateways. I would have to use the term "competitor" lightly for the following links. The reason I say that is because my organization is very small with much more limited offerings, but it deals with the same technology in similar products. None of these sites blow me away, but the content/product and/or services provided are similar: http://www.netapp.com http://www.buffalotech.com http://www.embeddedarm.com http://www.aaeonsystems.com http://www.advantech.com/products/index/embedded-computer/default.aspx
  • hi any design suggestion you have? and also can you provide the competitors links just for idea. regards N.
  • Motosix, How do you like this one? Original graphics for you. This redrock guy could be a mascot :)
  • Forgive me, but what does the "look and feel" have to do with the actual content? A catchy design looks the same whether or not you have latin placeholder text or the real thing (especially at 600pxls wide), and whether or not we are a telco or a chip manufacturer or a manufacturer of wedding cakes, most people gleen over the info so quickly they only absorb what it looks like, not what is being said. I would be happy to provide a laundry list of services, but it will simply be more detailed explanations of what is in the brief. Understanding embedded linux will not make a graphic layout more appealing, and will actually miss our target audience (those who DON'T understand embedded linux). Consumer (and OEM) products that solve specific functions in small hand held devices. Actual instantiations of this: * A handheld network attached ID scanner used at nightclubs for "VIP" access (and targetted advertising) * An "iTunes" server that is the size of a deck of playing cards but, again, doesn't have internal storage. * Services like embedding network services on everyday objects (eg: getting an email when your coffee is ready or the toaster oven is about to burn the house down) Although I doubt it, does the above help inform the design more? I like everything everyone has posted so far and I encourage everyone to submit clean usable designs as far outside the normal presentation boundaries as you feel comfortable. We may steer them back towards more obvious solutions, but we may not...
  • Dear motosix, I'm just saying that in your case, more detailed brief with more clearly stated services, products and even text would be beneficial to the product quality we strive to deliver. Otherwise, you will see the "standard" designs...
  • Nice and clean!
  • Same comments apply to this submission.
  • Instead of server farms, couldthis one be reworked with more micro-scale components? RRS will never be in the server farm market, although the services may be provided to those providers. Nice layout otherwise!
  • I understand and agree. Part of my job is also to push you guys to provide a broad range of ideas for my organization to choose from. While I understand the compensation is limited, the broader range of mockups allows everyone (you and I) to hone in on the direction through an iterative approach. As you have probably experienced, many people can say "I like" or "I don't like", but we need to react to something. Hence why design contests and multiple mockups work well. The wider the variety of submissions, the more apt the client will be to getting something they really want. So, don't take me asking for some more mockups as saying "we don't like your current one". Instead, I am asking for more mockups because we really like your current one, although we might like your next one even more!
  • Dear motosix, Well, my mock-up design does not require significant amount of text. It would be great if you could elaborate on all services you provide to customers. You showed some examples and your competitors and said that you provide the same range of services. So, I assume you will be able to describe at least several areas of your expertise in your tech field. Moreover, it's not mandatory to use all this text as shown. It would be sufficient to leave a Jquery slider and some keyword-powered welcome message...And of course if you consider this project to be a long term goal, this will be a good start in terms of your web-identity. Thank you.
  • Hi Eximus - The balance of your submission is great. I would love to see a few more concepts if you are able to. How about one that is less reliant on large amounts of content (eg: text). For a company my size, there will not be long lists of products or press releases, even though that is the long term goal. Did that make sense?
  • Dear motosix, Do you want me to present a totally new concept or you just need some tweaks for the one I submitted? Thank you.