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Project description

We are looking for someone to help us redesign the look and feel of our website and the logo associated with the website. The URL is great, the website needs some updating.
We want to leave the ideas up to your imagination. All that we ask for is that you use the colors green and yellow (the shade of those colors is completely up to your imagination and design. They do not need to reflect current shades on the or website).
The logo should match your creative concept.

A few elements that we will need to have on the homepage design would include
- a Dynamic Search Functionality
- a display of our Featured Hotels (the number displayed and size is up to you)
- navigational toolbars
- Social Media Integration

In addition to the Home Page redesign we would also like to have a design of a Header and Footer that we could use when displaying our search results, contact us pages, etc. throughout the rest of the website so that it maintains consistency with the look and feel.
Designs and concepts should be made with a hotel traveler/user in mind. We are looking forward to your innovative and creative designs!!!

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  • Hello CH. I was just making sure I submit the right things. Is this contest just for the logo? Because your description had more information about what you wanted out of your website. Again I just want to make sure I show the right designs. Thanks for your time. I Look forward to submitting!!!
  • Hello travelmedia you have all you ask , hope you like it
  • Dear CH, Should we design only the home page design or the whole coded site???
  • To reply to some of the questions, we are looking for someone to design a travel website and a new logo or variation of our existing logo that would flow well with their design of the home page. Hope this helps
  • Here is just sample template. U like it. i soon design banner & logo. #11 logo not ok. #21 new logo or variation, homepage no problem. if U like my sample works, i can try. Sorry for my English, because it is not strong. Thanks.
  • DESIGNERS! Please read Any designers that do not follow the rules and guidelines pertaining to writing comments will receive infractions
  • I am in, will have my job within 2 days. Thanks for your patience.
  • Hi, I have prepared 7 innovate versions for You. Of course every changes are possible and available. Well, that's all for now.
  • P.S. About the logo i am willing to perform some additional changes. #39
  • ohi
    Hi, select the version that you like most. I am available for all following requests or changes. regards :)
  • Hello I present my vision of the site, i hope that i have integrated all the functions required. Of course the images i used are stock images and i used it only as an example. Missing all the text at the bottom that i have not had time to put, space can be devoted to advertising or texts on the activities. Of course all parts of the files are in vector and high-definition. I am available for all following requests or changes. Best regards.
  • I sended .zip file to you. If you have any suggestions I am open on propositions. Thats all for now Regards
  • Hi, I prepare winning zip file and I will send it to you in 24 hours. Regards