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Winning design #47 by web2feel, Website Design for Innovative Health Insurance Brokerage firm updating website Contest
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designed by web2feel

Project description

We have someone who is doing the setup of our website. However, we just redesigned our logo and would like a clean look and feel for our website as well. Though we are an insurance brokerage firm (typically a very conservative field when it comes to websites) we would prefer to have a simple, web 2.0/health wellness feel to the site. We would like the emphasis to be on the following elements: 1. We would like to have the social media buttons (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn) up top. 2. Tabs: About Us, Client Login, Upcoming Events, Media, Contact Us 3. We also want the following represented: Video - large, first thing basically that you see after the logo header Boxes? with with following text/links: 1. Small Business Insurance 2. Wellness 3. Products/Partners 4. Education links to: , Individual Insurance, Library, Resources, Wellness, News & Events, Newsletter Signup Here are some websites that we like for concept:

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  • ohi
    Dear CH, Can you add .psd, .png or .jpg logo ? What colors can I use? regards :)
  • we really like the bottom portion of this and the way you have laid this out. The other entry has provide a very good mockup of the type of site that we are looking for.
  • I actually love everything about what you have done in this first design! Can you make a few small tweaks as follows: 1) put a 4th social media button that would act as a "newsletter signup" button on top rather than small link on bottom. 2) Remove the wellness link on the bottom since we have it as one of the 4 main boxes 3) call to action button would like to be "set appointment" 5) add health reform as a link on bottom. otherwise, I love it and will think overnight about this and any other revisions we would like to see.
  • Clean modern look hope you like it , if you need any change let me know Thanks Alex
  • About #28 Hello CH, I have updated the design as per your suggestion. Please review it and let me know your feedback.
  • can you remove text in buttons in middle and do logo only with name can you remove text between video and bottom text? can you remove bottom text on website?
  • can you show a simple/new concept based on as an alternate? set appointment, connect and the same buttons you have: small business insurance, wellness, partners, learn.
  • can someone show a sketch of a very simple design similar to:
  • can you remove the swoop. under set appointment put newsletter signup remove the text below the bottom buttons and just have the buttons not sure what exactly, but the buttons are square on top and rounded on bottom and like to see consistent. can you do a couple color schemes and change the buttons?
  • how about removing all text from the bottom buttons and just have the logos with the title text below "small business insurance" - same for all 4. lighter colors or same as logo with - colors are too pale. remove health and wellness and put Health. Insurance. Simplified. removed text below that and just put a set appointment button.
  • less is better. the overall look/feel and interface should be as simple, clean and easy to navigate. emphasis on connecting and learning.
  • interesting concept. can you do the following: 1) move the video section to the left and get rid of books 2) get rid of clock 3) on right of video screen put 3 buttons: set appt get newsletter connect (with your social buttons below conntect instead of text you have on top - just put "Health. Insurance. Simplified. 4) make the bottom flow like some of the others that we have rated higher. it seems like the top was well done but that the bottom was thrown together. it's much small and has less "depth".
  • 1) can you make the top buttons a little smaller 2) can you center the copyright text on bottom and remove the bottom logo? 3) can you make the color on the "upcoming events" tab same as the blue on the bottom of the logo as well as the ribbon you added on bottom that has the lower page buttons (individual insurance, library, etc...)
  • i like it. can you do the following: 1) rather than clients on right - make that news (we can do a twitter feed) 2) remove media tab from top 3) rather than "we make your dreams come true" - let's put "What other's are saying" - we can put flowing client testimonials in the text below. 4) remove stonemeadow logo on bottom and only leave on top 5) center the buttons on bottom including the @2012 stone meadow... 6) some kind of barrier between the colors in the middle and bottom - like in #14 here in the contest
  • I like the concept. can you remove the welcome to stone meadow benefits on bottom right. try a different color as the top background is too intense.
  • ohi
    Dear CH, Please rate my design and let me know your feedback. regards ohi
  • One more design by me. Please, take a look at #12 also. We can combine elements and styles from both of them, depending on what you like. Thanks.
  • #11 yet a third mock up with added newsletter social network icon, a set appointment button, and added health reform on the lower menu bar. and the colors are lightened up even more, especially the grey areas.
  • #9 There you go! Please let me know if I should change anything else to fit your preferences!
  • Saturn5, in the text next to the video on top. Lighter shad of colors. I like it overall.