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Winning design #55 by juliehaydar, Website Design for Institutional Brokerage Firm needs new interactive website. Contest
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designed by juliehaydar

Project description

We would like to improve our website. Please keep in mind that certain colors (the blues) and the logo can not change. Our CEO would like our website to look more interesting and maybe help us get more business. We are pretty open to ideas.

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  • Dear Mook, Here is my concept for your site, very clean, corporate yet visually appealing for all the viewers and modern. I have split the menu into 2. 1 being the corporate menu, and the other being the product / service menu. Hope you like the concept. everything can be amended to suit your needs. Regards
  • i think we need a little more time to look at your design and also get other comments. thanks
  • i think we need a little more time to look at your design and also get other comments. thanks
  • Thank you very much for your comment, is there anything i can do to improve what i already have?
  • Other websites you could look at that may help... thanks
  • Even though we appreciate the boat theme it tends to make us look very old and not progressive. I am not sure we really want to use a boat theme. thanks
  • we would like to see what other designs come in but this is a good start. thanks
  • This really does not improve on our current website and does not give off the image we are trying to sell to our clients
  • This is really not what we are looking for.
  • It will take us a few days before we comment.
  • If you look at our current website you will see the number of pages
  • for o2design...i am not sure which one we use...photoshop or firework. i will check
  • Sorry for the bad quality logo of yours which I have on my design.
  • Dear CH, Please identify how many pages you need to be designed and what pages. Thank you
  • Dear Mook, Revised Version with icons to represent sections. These can also be changed as per your needs. Hope you like it
  • Little question, Do you make your websites in photoshop or in firework?
  • i agree with posspoint and eximius. This is about concepts and not coding..
  • I agree with eximius, everything should be clear at first! consultation is the first with your webmaster to reached an agreement that clearly. so we can work according to your rules.
  • Dear CH, You said "If you look at our current website you will see the number of pages". But there are tens of them. As far as I understand this is only a design contest. So, designers will provide you with Photoshop/Fireworks files. No programming, no coding. So we need to know how many pages you will need to pick up the winner and to finalize the deal. Please let us know how many pages should be designed within the limits of this contest. Usually we do Home page and inner content page. Everything else is derivative of these two. Your webmaster should be able to develop everything else based on these several mock-ups. Please clarify this info, before we begin. Thank you
  • Greeting mook, This is my first Concept, I used the Blue color that Match your Logo, with the white clean color to make the layout fresh and not boring, I also Focused on the News Since its the most Important part the tells the Audience whats the progress if your Co. and decorate the News Article with a left Icon that Describe The news Source (Company Logo)so its User friendly. Let me know if I'm in the right direction. Thanks, -GZ