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Project description

Kacirmasak.Com is a daily opportunity site.

Kacirmasak.Com will be designed in e-commerce site style. We want color and useful designs.

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  • Designing it especially for you using real text and items, so it will be more useful and will be easy to adopt new design :) will submit my design soon!
    • @rooney10057 Also take a look at the 5 icons i designed for you :-)

  • Hello CH,

    Please review my design and let me know your feedback.

    This all text are dummy just a place holder.

    Thanks, #30
  • I can design more pages for you. Hope you will feedback. #27
  • Kacirmasak Website

    * Key Features:

    - E-Commerce Style
    - Promotions/Discounts
    - Brands Categories
    - Various Payments Methods
    - And Much More

    I can code this for you as well. #26
  • Hope you will feedback. I can design more pages for you. #25
  • Included all the features found on your site, designed for your site especially, you can ask me to turn my design to full width, Hope you like it, Thanks! #11
  • Designed especially for you, included all feature found on your site! Its colorful, and helpful :) Hope you like it :) #10
  • restaurant site #9
  • Design in Progress... Will submit soon...
  • Dear contest holder, i have amazing designs for you but before i submit please make this contest blind so another designer can't copy it. using blind mode you will get different ideas from all designer.
    • @CreativeVibe You are right. Should be blind.

    • @kubilay please make it blind.

  • Merhaba Yarışmayı yeni gördüm. Katılmak isterim. Süreyi uzatabilmeniz mümkün mü? 3-4 gün daha.
  • This is an example(I designed).Give me YOUR BRIEF . #3
  • Are you looking for just design or a complete website build? Look forward to hearing form you
  • Dear @fydeveloper1,

    can you please make the contest blind. This way you get unique design concepts and designer don't copy each other ideas

    Thanks & Regards,
  • Hello,
    Is the current website your own, and you're wanting a redesign? Or is the domain not yet yours and you're just wanting an entirely new look?
  • Hello, we will soon offer the design of your Ecomerce, we will use the colors that fit the design of your logo and upload the image of the design, if you want to make any changes do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Hi Sir, could you please provide more details? do you have an existing logo? What would you like to sell on the internet? Thanks

    attached image is example only.
  • Your current website isn't loading...
  • Please give more details in briefbrief.
  • @fydeveloper1
    Can you give more details in the brief, please)