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Solid Approach. The value bet for prize amount was a bit of an uncertainty at first, and we also felt as though the blind contest is more compatible with higher prize amounts. Once we opened submissions up for everyone to see, we felt people understood the direction we wanted to move in and were able to find a designer to work with. I would recommend this service again, and will absolutely be using it in the future.

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Winning design #22 by finestroke, Website Design for Kicka** Party Vibe Website Contest
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designed by finestroke

Project description

Imagine it.... Party Atmosphere: Beach parties, Bonfires, backyard barbecues, tailgating (concerts/sporting events), tropical vacations, spring break, 4th of July picnics, pool parties. Company: Drinkin Hats Domain: Possible Slogans to use (Do NOT use more than 1) - "It is time", "If the vibe is right, the time is right", "A party is only as strong as its weakest vibe" Our company takes the metaphor, "Where's your drinking hat?!" and uniquely blends it with fashionable headgear. This is NOT a novelty drinking hat with the stupid cans on the side of the helmet and a straw.... We're looking for an engaging, sleek, user friendly website encapsulating the fun vibes associated with all of the situations listed above. We're creating a lifestyle brand. Target Market: 18 to 35 years old Design Requirements (3 Pages): • SHOPIFY! - This website will be designed as a layered .psd file to create a custom Shopify website. No coding is necessary, although it must be ready to be coded by someone who is familiar with the Liquid platform. • Be creative with colors, icons, fonts, title presentation. This will create the blueprint for the rest of the site • Page 1: The Home Page should be simple and clean. Can you blend cool/badass/fun? • Page 2: The "Shop" Page with subcategories to narrow the search. "Flat Brims", "Snap Backs", "Cowboy", "Trucker", "Buckets", "Fashion". We like the direction of the "Shop" page on • Page 3: Sub-page of Shop - Description of Individual Items: Description, cost, title, Add to cart (Shopify = E-commerce). Once again, • Custom and cool designed Tabs: "Home", "Shop", "Blog", "About", "Shopping Cart".... Get as creative as you want. Also include Footer Links... "Contact Us", "FAQ", "Privacy" • Link to social media: Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, flickr, etc. Inspiration: • We like the direction of these websites, maybe a combination of grayscale and color.

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  • I think i have a mistake on the name and I can only upload 3 designs so Can you please rate me or give me feedbacks?
  • Hey Tathor, My apologies, for some reason it seems as though the Zip file didn't upload properly last night. In it should be an .ai pack with our logo, of which colors can be tailored to your preference, as well as a brief sample of a portion of what we have to offer with png's and jpeg's to get a feel for what we represent. It is not a blind contest. We have reserved through melbourneIT but will be transferring our domain and all operations to Shopify.
  • Do you have a logo ? what is the hosting name ? it´s a blind contest? Thanks
  • Hey Contest Holder, I want to know what contents or elements you want on the homepage! Waiting for reply! Regards.
  • Tathor.... I may have thrown you off there with the hiccup while uploading the files. Overall, not a bad first effort and there's elements we like. We don't feel it really resembles the feel of a fashion apparel company, however. Maintaining the clean look is important, but the initial response from a viewer should be "wow, these guys are cool". Altier.... the only reason we're opting for the layered .psd files is because that's the direction we were guided in for coding the design to Shopify
  • what about designing the whole website for you in a vector format it will be more useful you can control it as you like make any thing bigger or smaller it is just an advice "i can design it in any format "
  • Hey Contest Holder, Thanks for you reply, One more thing,what type of image you want to use as background? Regards.
  • Umair: The design aspects as far as style, topography, airspace, effects, etc. are open for input and creativity. The sample websites we provided are two examples of directions we would like to go in that seem as though they fit a "clean and cool" look. CON Collective is too dark for us, and Lonesome George isn't quite vibrant enough.... but the presentation of material is preferable. As far as content.... we require the header tabs and footlinks provided ("Home, Shop, Blog", etc), shopping cart, social media links. The customization of buttons, icons, backgrounds, borders, and photos is really the creative essence of what we need this contest for. Finestroke: Great start. We'll provide input shortly
  • Dear CH, Pls check my Home Page design entry #2. I hope you like it. Your feedback is much appreciated. Best Regards, Finestroke
  • About #3 Dear CH, Its my first proposal, only header at this time without logo. What you think about it ? Do you like this style ? Hope you like it. Tell me next what must be on the center of layout, what i should add there. Regards, enkor
  • Hi CH, I have submitted my two design(entry 7 & 8) in your contest. please rate these design & feel free to let me know the required changes you want in this design. Awaiting for your kind comments. Thanks. Best Regards/WebStar
  • Overall, we very much like this direction. The elements we were looking for are all there, the layout is clean, and the theme seems to flow with the vibe we're looking for. On the flipside, it might be a bit too dark still, and it seems as though there's a little bit of an x-factor missing that would really take it above and beyond to the next level. Overall, as it stands right now it is definitely a possibility, and could be a winner with some adjustments/enhancements.
  • Hazzaps, 100% it's ok to use stock photography for the design. Thanks for the heads up!
  • Hi CH, would it be okay to use stock photography that is watermarked in the design? for background purposes. if chosen I will pay it to have the watermark removed out of the prize money.
  • Enkor, The theme portrayed doesn't really feel like it fits what we were looking for. Can you re-reference LonesomeGeorge ( and get a look at the sleek and fashionable look we're looking for? Take that layout, and transform it into something that is brighter and has a nice party feel and that'll be a great start we can build on.
  • Ohi, The theme portrayed doesn't really feel like it fits what we were looking for. Can you re-reference LonesomeGeorge ( and get a look at the sleek and fashionable look we're looking for? Take that layout, and transform it into something that is brighter and has a nice party feel and that'll be a great start we can build on.
  • Webstar.... Definite good things: We like the social media buttons and we like the photo. To improve: The layout has a little too much of a template feel that we want to stray away from. Check back to LonesomeGeorge ( as a way to gauge our direction we're looking to go in. We like the layout, but we want it to have the party feel rather than a camping feel. Lastly, a bit too much on the blue hue. The color scheme should represent sleek, modern, fashionable, but still have a party feel.
  • finestroke..... we went through and if you want to try some of these recommendations, it may help get us over the top. First, what about making the header bar pop a little more? Secondly, we think the background picture might be what isn't quite working. We need something a little more alive that helps engage people. We need people to land on our homepage and be like, "Holy shit, Haha these dudes are awesome" Third, the social media buttons might work better if they're depicted in color to help contrast the darkness. You can maintain your grunge theme with some of the social media icon packs if you want to check these out: ( ( Four, please incorporate our logo as well. Cheers.
  • ohi
    Hello, Can you write something about my entry ? thank you regards, ohi
  • Hi CH, Thanks for rating my design.I have submitted 3 entries, following your kind comments. Please rate my Entry 10-12 & tell me if you need any changes. Awaiting for your kind comment. Thanks. Best Regards/WebStar