Little River Seafood

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Winning design #9 by coastalqp, Website Design for Little River Seafood Contest
Gold Medal

designed by coastalqp

Project description

They want their website updated and modernized and to look similar to the Harbor Seafood site below, please view for reference.

I have a Little River Seafood logo and photo assets available and will upload shortly (currently 6pm EST - 5/8/15). 

I also have new text from them which differs from their current site above. 

PDFs of their Sales Sheets will also need to be linked to their site on their products page.

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  • Ok, the time has finally come!

    I want to apologize for the delay to those who worked so hard to submit their designs in a timely manner. I do appreciate your submittals. Due to the client's unforeseen personal health issues, the project went into eternal limbo. I am sorry for that. But he is back and ready to wrap this up.

    His preference for design is #1 first, #9 second, and #15 third.

    All entrants, if you like, are welcome to refine your designs as well. He did say he really liked them all and that you all did a great job on your designs.

    His input is as follows:

    1. Please follow the original index breakdown provided in the brief for the titles and pages and I think most if not all of you followed that breakdown so we should be good there.

    2. All photo references to crabs must be of the blue crab types only (Callinectes Sapidus, or Portunus Pelagicus, or Portunus Haanii). They do not sell other types of crab meat so you cannot use pictures of other types of crabs.

    3. Provided below in a dropbox link is some of their images. Once a design is chosen some of these assets will need to be included on the individual pages when the site goes into the next phase of design. (Chosen designer and client will negotiate an additional charge to complete the page designs. Programming the site can be negotiated as well if designer is interested in that part of the project.)

    4. New stock images are acceptable if pictures are of blue crab types only (Callinectes Sapidus, or Portunus Pelagicus, or Portunus Haanii).

    5. Please also refer back to the Harbor Seafood site for how pages will open and close.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks again for the great designs!

    I am looking forward to the design updates that will be submitted.

    Bob Parrish
    • @bobbyparrish Are you only looking for the current design updates or are you looking for more entries?

    • @Designer_Web - Hello, the contest is open to all designers. Feel free to submit a design. Please read the Brief and the project update with recent comments from the client. Thank you.

    • @bobbyparrish I will work on it. Thank you.

    • @bobbyparrish Working on your website design. Will update with design soon.

    • @bobbyparrish Please check my all entries #25 #26 #27

  • I am working on your project and will submit my design soon. I request you to wait till the end of the contest before you decide the winner. If you like my design, I can offer you coding services. Thank you.
  • Hello CH,

    Here is my design for your website. Please rate and give feedback so that I can improve my design.

    Also, let me know if you need and change on the design.

    Thank you!
    Bibin #24
  • Hello CH,

    Here is a screen demo of my design for your website. Please rate and give feedback so I can improve my design. Currently working on rest pages. Will update with full design later.

    Thank you
    Bibin #23
  • About #21, @iNoesis
    Dear CH,

    I have uploaded my updated design. (#21) and #22 is the static menu view. so please look at my designs and give me your valuable feedback.

    Kind Regards.
  • Hello CH,

    I love to work on your design. Will update with design in upcoming days.

    Thank you!
  • Hello everyone. Your submissions all look very nice and I appreciate your efforts. I am in contact with the client and preparing them to review your submissions. As soon as I hear their preferences I will let everyone know. Thank you all for you're wonderful work. They do have an extensive photo collection so they will want to incorporate their photos, and possibly make use of some of the chosen stock photos you have decided to use, into the chosen design(s) for their further review.
    • @bobbyparrish Hi, I would like to request you to extend the contest so the designers who were unable to design for you at the time can get a change to showcase their talent. Thank you.

    • @Designer_Web - The contest deadline has been extended.

  • Message from client to all designers, this contest will open back up and complete but will take a little bit more time. Client has had to be away for personal reasons. Thank you
  • Hi there bobbyparrish,

    I wanted to let you know that your contest has now been expired for 40 days Our policy is , after 30 days of no action from or activity from you, the contest is considered abandoned. We have now gone past the 30 days. Your contest is void of any refunds.

    You can either extend your contest to bring in more designers or choose a winner in your contest. If you choose a winner you will have 7 more days to work with the winning designer on any changes you may need or want.

    If we do not hear back from you within the next 48 hrs your contest will be considered abandoned . The prize money will then be split with the highest rated designers in this contest

    Please contact us to let us know how to proceed with your contest
    my email is

    Thank you
  • i will fihish this design how you want) cheers! #15
  • Hi CH,
    Image banner revised in this design.
    Any changes please let me know.


    Regards/WebStar #13
  • Here's my 2nd design. Let me know if you'd like anything added, changed, or adjusted. :) #10
  • Hello bobbyparrish, I have attached my initial concept for littleriver and I welcome your feedback or suggestions as I am very flexible. My design focused on blending a classic feel with modern elements, I look forward to your feedback. Thank you. #9
  • Here's my inner page concept. #8
  • Hi CH,

    I just checked the uploaded images and it looks like pixelated. You can also view in this link

  •'s the fixed header and sample hover for the images just like again for the reference site.

    Thanks! #7
  • Hi CH,

    Here's my concept for the home page like the reference site.
    Please let me know if there's any changes.

    anahaw #6
  • About #5, @iNoesis
    Dear CH,
    I have uploaded my first draft design. Please look at my design and give me your feedback. your feedback will be helpful to improve the design.
    Kind Regards,
  • Hello!

    This is my first design concept. Let me know if there's anything you'd like added, changed, or adjusted. :)

    - Matthew #4
  • Hi CH,
    I have submitted my 1st design in your contest. Please rate my design & feel free to let me know the required changes you want in this design. So that your expectation can be met.
    Awaiting for your kind comments.
    Best Regards/WebStar #1