Live futures trading room for members only needs a creative, bold and professional design

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designed by Vinayjain

Project description

First let us say we have many web businesses and spin off revenue streams from this website which are in the works so if this goes well there will be more design business in the next 6 - 12 months and ongoing. We are not 100% sure what we want but have some ideas. The home page should have our company name, logo and tag line prominently displayed top center, our logo is dark green with black text. There should be a navigation bar running across the top under our logo or from top to bottom on the left side, not sure which way we want, the navigation bar should be with tabs for ....HOME, ABOUT US, CHARITY, PERFORMANCE, FREE TRIAL, JOIN, MEMBERS and FAQ's. On the left of our logo should be our contact phone and email and on the right of it should be members log in with username and password. Under the navigation bar if it is centered or to the right of it if it is running top to bottom should be a large grid trading chart with shades of dark green background with volume bars running along the bottom and a price line running from lower left to upper right, we want this image to be large, maybe one third of the page and bold and graphically enhanced with different shades and highlights and effects. Underneath that a link to see a pre-recorded video from last weeks trade room, a link to start a free trial and our daily performance number and under that a prominent section in bullet point format that says who we are and then who we are not, at the bottom a disclaimer section about SEC rules and the risks associated with trading of course members would have their username and password to access the paid area of the website which would give them access to the trade room to log into daily like with a "go to webinar" type of service. Another member's area would have pre-recorded videos using camptasia or something similar with content being about helping traders succeed through a variety of topics, we envision maybe 50 videos all around 15 minutes long. We need that page laid out in simple format. We have included a very rough mock up of what we have visions of...with that said you are designers, we want the simple mock up enhanced and made very professional which it is not right now, just a reference, don't get stuck on this exact lay out but play with it and re-arrange and play with colors, etc, our logo in green, black grey and white...

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  • Thanks for your professional feedback on my concept, I will do your revision. Kindly Advice, Thanks in Advance
  • the globe look is great and especially the cropped bold look, yet we need to have something though that says we are related to trading, some sort of graphic or chart and person sitting at a trading computer or something which quickly gets the message across we are a professional trade room which is the focus of the website and what we do, secondary is that fact that we are a company that has clients from all around the world, not sure how to tie the two together, but primary element must be trading, also we want the word home not image of a house in navigation bar...thanks!
  • We have decided to re - do our current logo and have started a logo contest as well as this web design contest. We feel the old logo will limit the web designs. In terms of this web design we are ok with the layout and would like to see some alternatives also, but do not like the color scheme and definitely want to see something different for the image, for us umbrellas says insurance and not a live trade room. We also would like the background to show our clients come from all over the world so maybe something global, map of the world or something that says we have clients from around the world. We are OK with stock charts for images but did not want that to be the only graphic images we had to choose from.
  • Designers: This is psd graphics only, no coding required for this contest.
  • designers we have re-written our desired layout in more detail and refined what we want...please take a look at that and read the brief again as it is now updated and should be more clear...thanks
  • Greeting grid0000, I have Changed the background to be more darker, and changed the picture banner for chart and related of Trades. Let me know if you like the new enhancement. Feedback is greatly appreciated :) Regards.
  • one thing we know we want is a darker simple background no images...just really dark blue, green, teal, grey or black, thus the white home page will pop and the focus will not be on any subtle background images...we really hope to get more submissions!!! Our logo is going to be green black and white if that helps.
  • Aki please see my post to Golden Z and make some more submissions with the changes I noted if you would like...thanks
  • Golden Z to answer your questions...There are only 3 submissions so far so it is too early to rate submissions. Your lay out is fine, but we would like to see some other layout options. We also would like to see some other color options, black, teal, greens, grays, etc. The image window needs to show an image of trading charts or a person sitting at a computer look at a monitor with trading charts, that must be the first message, that we are a trading website. The whole global customer thing, while valid, is not as important to the message we want to portray which is we are a trading website with a live trade room for members, That is the most important message to get across. We do like a modern feel to website, two tone photoshop type graphic enhancements, drop shadows, metallic feel if that makes sense, but simple and clean and easy on the eye...hope that helps, and we hope the entries start pouring in, we only have 3 entries and were hoping for many more, although we have a few days before the contest ends..thanks
  • better, thanks...lets go with black background, not dark green, simplify the chart, no globe, just with volume bars at the bottom and price bars rising across screen, add light colors vertical and horizontal lines in grid overlay of chart, change navigation tabs color, red is not what we want, i was thinking some sort of grey, silver or charcoal with shadow effect and please give us many options and designs, move things around, create something visually interesting to the eye, you have everything we want in there now it is time to deisgn the space and give us options and make it "cool", not saying what you have does not work but we want to see many different options, also lets run one with navigation bar running top to bottom and moving stuff to right of it, one website we like a lot and mentioned before was the web contest from the home improvement store listed 5th down, we like design #4 and #21, can you see what we are talking about something very attractive and designed in a beautiful way but using our investing stuff in the design, hope that helps
  • background color should be very dark, either pure black or charcoal grey and very dark green, more dark than in design #6
  • goldenZ please see our new mock and make some new submissions thanks
  • better thanks, please try some green themes and we want a chart more similar to what I showed in the mock up, of course not that rough but more of a chart and less of a hand touch a computer screen, feel free to be creative with overlays, photo shop effects etc, be creative! thanks
  • DESIGNERS - please re-read the brief and see a simple mock up of the home page we are looking for, I stress this is simple and not professional, we just quickly laid out something very rough, but it should help get you going in the direction we want, we want to see it enhanced and with effects and lots of design options based on this mock up...please submitt new ideas based on my example I uploaded...thanks!!!
  • Dear Grid0000, Can you make this contest blind? with this kind of contest others can't see other entries, and the outputs will be more original, and also with blind contest, designers will submit their entries early, unlike in open contest, most often they submit it late, to avoid their works being imitated. Thank You for your great contest. I will revise #34 asap. Danitz
  • Contest was extended...
  • please do one with white background everywhere and black text
  • i dont see any changes from #23? what am I missing? thanks
  • Hello CH have submitted revised preview #35, Let me know if any changes require regards Ria