Live futures trading room for members only needs a creative, bold and professional design

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Winning design #169 by Vinayjain, Website Design for Live futures trading room for members only needs a creative, bold and professional design Contest
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designed by Vinayjain

Project description

First let us say we have many web businesses and spin off revenue streams from this website which are in the works so if this goes well there will be more design business in the next 6 - 12 months and ongoing. We are not 100% sure what we want but have some ideas. The home page should have our company name, logo and tag line prominently displayed top center, our logo is dark green with black text. There should be a navigation bar running across the top under our logo or from top to bottom on the left side, not sure which way we want, the navigation bar should be with tabs for ....HOME, ABOUT US, CHARITY, PERFORMANCE, FREE TRIAL, JOIN, MEMBERS and FAQ's. On the left of our logo should be our contact phone and email and on the right of it should be members log in with username and password. Under the navigation bar if it is centered or to the right of it if it is running top to bottom should be a large grid trading chart with shades of dark green background with volume bars running along the bottom and a price line running from lower left to upper right, we want this image to be large, maybe one third of the page and bold and graphically enhanced with different shades and highlights and effects. Underneath that a link to see a pre-recorded video from last weeks trade room, a link to start a free trial and our daily performance number and under that a prominent section in bullet point format that says who we are and then who we are not, at the bottom a disclaimer section about SEC rules and the risks associated with trading of course members would have their username and password to access the paid area of the website which would give them access to the trade room to log into daily like with a "go to webinar" type of service. Another member's area would have pre-recorded videos using camptasia or something similar with content being about helping traders succeed through a variety of topics, we envision maybe 50 videos all around 15 minutes long. We need that page laid out in simple format. We have included a very rough mock up of what we have visions of...with that said you are designers, we want the simple mock up enhanced and made very professional which it is not right now, just a reference, don't get stuck on this exact lay out but play with it and re-arrange and play with colors, etc, our logo in green, black grey and white...

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