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Project description

We are a new company looking to launch high quality food and personal care products made out of Manuka Honey.

The brand is "Manukaii" -its fresh, modern and targeted towards millennials. 

Our brand is all about purity and simplicity of our ingredients which are carefully selected e.g. Manuka Honey, Oats, Turmeric, Moringa, Fresh Fruits and handcrafted in to products like "Manuka Honey + Superfoods" and "Manuka Honey Skin Care" Products  - The attachment shows some packaging types for this brand.

What I need for the brand is a really KICK ASS WEBSITE that is simple yet looks premium (I want you to deliver logo, website and pack concepts)

1) 2-3 Logo concepts (try to leverage either "honey bee / honey comb" route or go the route of "honey farm with New Zealand Mountains in the background"
2) Facebook assets (Cover, 2-3 Posts)
3) Concepts for pack designs (look at attachment for examples of products) Superfoods Packs, Skin Care Packs and Supplements. 
4) Website
--Our Story
--Where to Buy

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  • HI

    This is an initial design concept for the homepage. Very simple, clean, organized and modern. This concept is a rough idea of the general style of your comments I can make changes and add functionality until we get a perfect design.
    The design speaks for itself. It consists of different horizontal sections that allow us to add, delete, edit these sections and their content as you see fit the possibilities are endless.
    i will add a product page later

    Awaiting for your kind comments.


    Regards #111
  • dear @imran_yousuf

    logo #107
    food products #108
    skin care product #109
    homepage website #110

    single page
    about #113
    blog #114
    product #115
  • About #105, I'm ready to make logo and labels for other tasks. Showing to you a vision of the site. This is a unique non-template design.
  • Mock up design for brand with all pages #104
  • Index Page options #103
  • Inner Page - About Us Page #102
  • Inner Page - Product Page #101
  • Inner Page - Product Details Page #100
  • Inner Page - Our Story Page #99
  • Inner Page - Blog Page #98
  • Inner Page - Blog Details Page #97
  • Inner Page - Contact Us #96
  • Facebok page #95
  • Facebok page #94
  • Facebok page #93
  • Logo Mockup #92
  • Logo Design for manukaii #91
  • Blog Details Page #86
  • Blog Page #85
  • Product page #84