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Winning design #23 by ohi, Website Design for Medical records Barcode company Contest
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designed by ohi

Project description

Need a simple site design for a medical records IT barcode company. The site is healthcare focused around a patient and doctor experience. The site needs to tracks, Doctor and Patient. About us page with an are for text and company marketing. Looking for a simple page that can link to the standard things such as FB and twitter. The theme should be modern and innovative using the Microsoft Barcode as the focus as medical records transformation from paper to digital. Current site is just a scrape template, logo is also up for design contest as well.

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  • figured out what is blind, its going to cost more. but your design is very good
  • #2 i really like the concept but sill don't know what blind is? i'm new to this site sorry
  • ohi
    About #2 ok send earlier, but please blind the contest. regards, ohi
  • ohi
    Tony, If you blind contest I upload my work :) thank you, ohi
  • Hi, thanks for your feedback. Yes, the images is a "rip off" but it's only for place-holder purpose. well, the main reason is i'm not quite sure what should be in it. perhaps you could describe it more. Questions : 1. Do you need any specific color-scheme for the design ? 2. What should be on the design ? (ex. menu list, specific sentences, specific button, specific section/area, etc.) 3. What's your company do / purpose of the website ? is it selling services or products ? or else ?? for the Blind-Contest, perhaps you should read the "Knowledgebase" section or just visit this link :
  • Not sure what a Blind Contest is?
  • looking for it to be more medical and doctor focused, some of the images are direct off the MS tag website. The site should have 2 tracks, for doctors and for patients
  • My design #1 , simple design concept. All the content's text is for demo purpose only. not quite sure what should be in it. Let me know what you are thinking about the design and the Logo. Thx.
  • ohi
    Dear CH, Can you blind contest ? thank you, ohi
  • ohi
    About #8 I use another font. About #9 Another font and background colour.
  • still like the #2 best. it looks better with out the boxes around the words
  • ohi
    About #6 Hi, now is stand out more ? regards, ohi
  • I like the 2nd one the best but maybe make the words on both side of the iphone stand out more?
  • ohi
    It's contest just for design. But later, one-on-one I can coding for you. Can you what I can fix in my deisgn ? wchic of menu you like more. May be you have some idea. regards, ohi
  • ohi, do you do coding as well?
  • ohi
    I dont know it cost more, sorry :) but may be worth, no one will copy the ideas of others. There will be more creative work.
  • ohi
    hey, I sent you the files, check them. regards, ohi
  • ohi
    Thanks for choosing my design. I am an average coder. I have friends/coders who are willing to do on my behalf. But this in ONE-ON-ONE more: But this in One-on-one
  • OHI now i need a coder, do you code as well?
  • Hello, my entry #47 Design is made to promote your Apps in first place with 3 main bulletpoint (text will be changed by your demands) Afterwards, if i understood correctly there must be 2 gateways (maybe with logins ?) for parients and doctors - this is in blue area. Blue area can be used for all other content in subpages by extending it. Kind regards, FullHeads visuals