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Winning design #38 by micloster2, Website Design for Mixcder Contest
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designed by micloster2

Project description

Mixcder is a brand only focuses on wireless audio products like bluetooth headphones including sports style, fashion style and business style, wireless speakers. You may check website I like such as www.ianker.com www.withings.com http://www.meelec.com/. The design I like most is someone who can combine these three websites. Additionally, I need website have functions like newsletter, forum.

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  • Hello @david8

    my draft proposal with Mixcder actual products.
    (a guy in a photo - if you would like i can put one of your headphones on him as well)
    i understand you would like to maktet groups as sport, personal, business, would do that as well..

    This is a start. only draft vesion, So what i am offering here is my services to design full website.
    That said , if you would like i am willing to finaslize this on next stage.

    Take a look at my portfolio, see what i am doing and what results you can expect -

    Let me know what you think. thanks.

    Kind regards,
  • hello, will update in time remained.
  • Dear Contest Holder,

    Please provide me the feedback for this design and let me know the changes in the design so that i can work on them and submit redraft

    CSS Chimp #33
  • Dear Contest Holder,

    Please Check my desing and let me know the changes #32
  • Hi, my name is Vitaly.I'he been designer
    for about 2 years now and this is what I suggest for your website.

    It's modern,professional and clean.
    Let me know what you think.

    Vitaly #31
    • @MikRoZzz I think it's the best one >:) Cheers

  • Hi contest holder,

    do you have a existing logo or we have to design a new one for you

    • @SAMANTAK The logo is attached if your read the brief :). I made some logo's just for fine, it's very good excersise.

  • I'll build a Wordpress template tomorrow. Good night, folks! #29
  • Simple logo, goes good along with printing any faxes/documents. Low detailed and simple. Pure. #28
  • Wireless? Here you go! Two wireless bar over a C! #27
  • Remember the bluetooth logo? Well - replace the bluetooth logo with a C! Represents your products very well, as you offer wireless headsets etc. #26
  • Hello, this is my design for your website. Any feedback is appreciated. #18
  • Hello,
    This is my work for your website. Let me know what do you think about it and where do i stand in your contest.
    Thank you
  • mixcder logo #15
  • please check my all designs
    #12 , #13 ,#14
  • logo #14
  • LOGO #13
  • mixcder_Logo #12
  • Hello,
    This is my work for your website.

    The design is Responsive and highly customizable from the layouts to the color scheme etc.

    Letme know what do you think and where do i stand in your contest.

    P.S click on "FULL SIZE" at middle top of the page for Clear view of the design

    Thank you #7
  • dear contest holder, this is my designs, thank you. #6
  • Hi contest holder, can u pls tell us what is your product?
    • @AssistUI wireless headphones like Bluetooth Sports Headhpone, Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones, and Bluetooth speaker( wateproof), Sound Bar.

    • @AssistUI We only design and provide the wireless audio products for the market, great quality at affordable price. Over-ear, in-ear, on-ear headphone will be desined for different people, those who like fashion, those who are businessmen, those who are gym-guy. They need different looks and functions for sound transfer. For example, businessmen who fly or take trips a lot may prefer over-ear headphone with noise cancelling function.

    • @david8 thank you for your reply. I have designed and uploaded the first draft, some feedback will be appreciated.