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Winning design #72 by Rajmahato, Website Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Rajmahato

Project description

MondoBox is Realtime, fantasy eSports.  Think League of Legends, Apex, Fortnight, DOTA2, PUBG, etc.  

Watch your favorite streamers through our Twitch feed, guess what they'll do next, and win cash prizes!  Leaderboards are updated in realtime with winners every day and a grand prize winner every month.  And it costs NOTHING!

MondoBox is a spectator engagement platform through which you can watch your favorite streamers and win real money.  See

MondoBox is a single page website/app with an integrated Twitch feed and some dialog boxes.

I am looking for:
design concepts
font library - names of all fonts used
color palette - RGB values for all colors
button styles
frame design
Output is expected in "programmer-ready" layered PSD files.

Some competitors are:

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  • Sure mike i will come to you with the changes.

  • What changes can i make? #70
  • @mike35, my design is ready - do you have any plan to make the contest blind?
  • The first line - the user's place needs to be above the fold. #59
  • The first line - the user's place needs to be above the fold. #59
  • I want the height of this entire component smaller so (2) and (3) is above the fold. #59
  • updated match history block similar to 64 ......kindly advice on the same.
    best regards #69. this layout is easier to focus and follow....if u do a blink test it is not confusing or overwhelming with contrast. separations are clear. tables are easier to index. colors are subtle. blocks are well defined.
  • @mike35 what can you say about this design?
  • the off lives state cannot be this bright of a color. #67
  • I want to see this match history color coding / background on #67. #64
  • About #56, @ThemesClouds


    please check the design and let me know your thought

  • Hello,

    I updated the design. Please check and give me feedback and rating.

    Regards #68
  • with 47 style font #66
  • modified predictions here #65
  • font similar to #47 #64
  • with font similar to #47 #63
  • with futuristic font #61
  • with regular font (recommended due to UX considerations) #60
  • Dear @mike35,

    could you please make the contest blind - this way designers don't copy each other ideas and you get different design concepts

    you can contact DesignContest team to help on 'making a contest blind'

  • Can you change the background? #47