Need a clean & cutting edge design for rebranding website

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Winning design #25 by jjyepez, Website Design for Need a clean & cutting edge design for rebranding website Contest
Gold Medal


  • Dear CH, Can you provide us with the new logo?. It should be transparent (png file), or in PDF/EPS/AI format. Thank you.
  • Nice contest I'm in :)
  • Here's a download of photos to use when referencing the product:
  • Dear CH, I've changed the height of the Jquery slider, so now it has a better proportions. Thank you
  • Dear CH, Pleas have a look at this concept. It's clean, corporate and easy to navigate. The contest itself could be arranged differently depending on your needs. The product menu could be enhanced with more industry-specific keywords. If you need something to change let me know. You have an option to mark the entries for revisions. Thank you.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Design #4 is my first idea for your website design. I have used a very simple layout and color palette in order to achieve a clean and modern look. If you would like more details in the soil or perhaps a lighter color scheme, please feel free to ask. I would be more than happy to make changes to this design. Thank you for your time! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • No offense taken and and just show you know, I did not use Template Monster. Your original brief was so bland and ambiguous that I decided to keep it simple, in the hopes that you would give more direction or constructive criticism, instead of being insulted. Ultimately, had your most recent comments been included in the original brief, I would have gone in a different direction, as what you wanted would have been more lucid. Good instructions from the start is very important and every good "business owner" knows that. Good luck with your project. Be prosperous and wishing you love.
  • NOTICE TO DESIGNERS: The contest is ONLY for a layered graphic design. I suggest CMS designs it's just something to keep in mind when designing.. Do not let this limit your ability. The budget for this design is ALL FOR DESIGN NO PROGRAMMING. I hope this would entice more designers to come my way.
  • Here's another sample where they use texture, but in a subtle way: No offense to the previous designer who submitted artwork, but I need something that's going to have to surpass
  • Take a look at the sites of i realize they're more colorful than corporate, but try to take it the extra step for visual aesthetics.. this seems like a step back compared to
  • Take a look at the sites of i realize they're more colorful than corporate, but try to take it the extra step for visual aesthetics.. this seems like a step back compared to
  • Good evening CH, Can I participate in Yours contest, but I do ONLY web design in photoshop? I don't do programing things. Regards, Vilma
  • Hello CH, Following up on your brief, I have created designs 1-3 using Joomla which the CMS that I think is the most versatile and scalable. The designs templates can be installed on a Joomla. 1.5x or a 1.6.0 framework. Additionally I have an user maintenance manual for 1.5x which I will include if my design(s) is selected.
  • I like the approach because i'm a firm believer of breaking the confines of a web grid... but i'm not sure how the other pages would look with various content.
  • About #22 I am proposing you an horizontal layout. I don´t know how inovative you want to be but just in case you do, here is something quite different yet clean. Sequoia
  • thank you for the effort on the photo gallery, but it isn't necessary at this time.
  • i like the green but maybe in #19 and #16 you use a dark brown color, or something warmer
  • This seems a bit too simple and muted. Try to add a background color for texture.. enhance some depth in the icons/graphics as well.
  • Dear technisoil, The photo of people and watercan belongs to but I will purchase it at no extra cost if the design is picked. It is low resolution right now but it will look cleaner when I buy the photo. I´m glad this is filling your expectations.