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I would like to have created a new design for my webshop It is a webshop that is selling gear to Danish soldiers at home, and abroad. I would like to new design to be structured in the same way as the old one, so that it is not going to require a total new website to be build, but more a change of the original. The Danish army are about the change their uniforms from having the special danish M/84 ( color, to be using the more international multicam ( This is something that I would like to have shown on the new design, but i dont want it to be all over the page. Perhaps just in the header or something. Also i would like to have created a email design that goes with the website design. The email design should be used to order confirmation mails, new newsletter subscriber, newsletter and so on. So it should be a design that can be used for multi-purposes.

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  • Please blind the contest. It will help a lot. If you have LOGO, will be good to hang it, and pictures of your equipment, etc.
  • Dear CH! two more things I want to know that; first "do you have any logo or not", if have then please upload it because your both references has a specific logo to and it also help to think a clean design. Second is "Which language(English/Danish) you prefer to new website? Thank you
  • Hi I am going to use the same template for all my emails then. So it is important that the design is something that would fit all my outgoing emails from my store. Perhaps I need to make a special design for the newsletter since there is a big different on what kind of design is appropriate for a large newsletter and what is appropriate for a small order confirmation mail. I have here found a screenshot of the standard magento order confirmation mail (except the google earth picture. That is not in the standard order confirmation mail)
  • Hi CH, do you need one single template for all type of email or the template should also different or it should be customized.
  • That is correct. A redesign of the websign, and a email template that fits the website design....
  • hello CH, just want to make sure you are looking for a website redesign and an email template ?
  • Hi, i have Submit my 1st entry in your contest, please check out my entry #5 and let me know about your thoughts. Thanks Salman Khan
  • My design at #4. I design it to match the "Futuristic" feel. Thank you
  • Dear Contest Holder Hi! there, thank you for waiting, I have submitted a new concept, 3-d and glossy look for your new website. Where the previous software can implement easily. Well give me your feedback for my design #3, your consideration and feedback will help me to understand more about your wanting for your new website. Your suggestion help me to improve my designs to get more favor from your side. Have a nice day. Thanks Regards Desktop Designs
  • #2 Hi, I've just uploaded my first entry. Ideas: "multicam" background, danish colors, danish flag at the header, minimalistic & clear layout. Hope you like it! Please leave feedback. Regards, winters
  • What Colors do you like for your website? And what are the main contents/elements or sections,that you want on the design? Regards.
  • Blind contest prevent uninspired people stealing other people's ideas. Most good designers do not want to compete when the competition is not Blind.
  • The site should be in Danish as it is at the moment. The only logo i have, is the one you see on the site. I would like to have created another logo at some point, but for me the most important thing is that the design of the website works. (sells, and is easy for the user to understand). I have some pictures on another computer that i will try and upload at some point. At the moment i have some problems with my internet connection on that computer.. CreArt, why do you say it would help you alot with a blind contest?
  • Undoubtedly the blind contest is good but it favors only core designers, some time an exclusive design create by some novice but he want more concepts and new thinking. and a blind contest also can take the opportunity from Contest Holder to get good designs. It is my opinion only because I can work for blind contest also.
  • Hi ContestHolder, I have submitted my designs,entries #17 , #18 , #19 ... Please review my designs and rate them,Please let me know If you want any change! All my designs are modern and professional, with military touch,using images you provided and images from website! Looking for feedback! Regards, Umair Aslam
  • Dear Contest Holder, I have submitted next version of my design #3, now it is #12, here I have changed the previous design as per your instruction, so please give your feedback and also suggestion for next move. And If you suggest me for new template than I also ready for that. Thank you Best Regards Desktop Designs
  • Dear CH! Thank you very much for your kind consideration, I will really improve my working on basis of your comments. Also thanks for upload some good pictures to use. I promise to remove the menu from top and other placement that your don't liked. Thank you. Have a nice day Regards Desktop Designs
  • Hi, Thanks for feedback and rating point. my bad for not asking if you need any specific color-scheme.. :) Thanks.
  • Hello Birkelund, Sorry to have waited a little longer, but I wanted to work on detailed design. Please give me feedback on my design # 9 100% military, strong, modern and clean design. This design is all you need, to your customers prefer. The design is completely done with the needs of your target group. It has excellent navigation, viewed, containing all the necessary information and for its stabile structure is easily adaptable to possible changes and additions in the future. Do you have any suggestions?
  • Hello everybody. Thanks for your entires. I have finally uploaded some pictures i have that you could use. Please remember, if you find a picture yourself, you need to have the proper rigths to use it. I will be asking for documentation of this when i find a winner. Then some comments to the entris 1. This is fare from what i have been looking for. I dont like alle the different colors you have choosen and the design seems a bit messy. I would like to keep it clean. But you almost the only one who have the multicam pattern to be on the site as i requested. 2. You have also used multicam as i requested. I dont like to menus that is just a red square. The design is way to simple ald old looking. It looks like a design from the beginning of the web, rather than a futureistic design. You have a bit of military pictures in the header, wich is good, but i overall dont like the way to simple design. 3. Great idea with the big header picture that both works as a header picture but also as a background on the both site of the page. It looks good. I think i would need to change the picture thoug, but that could be done. I am not happy with the menu in the top. Dont know exactly what is wrong with it. The background is wrong, and the text is not perfect either. And the same goes for Menus Indkøbskurv,produkter and nyhedsbrev. I dont like the menu top. 4. I really dont like the Lime green site that is all over this design. Also to me it is in no way futuristic. 5 and 6 This looks to much like a standard template. To me, this site could just as well be selling furnitures or stuff like that. No military at all. The design of 5 and 6 are okay both of them (6 better than 5), but none of them is fit a for a military shop. Not multicam, no military pictures or anything like that at all. 6 It is better without the lime green color. Is it kept more simple. 7. This is not what i had in mind. Once again the lime green color is all over the place, and you have changed to much in the structure of the site. 8. This is by far the best design. It is clean, but still has some nice menues. Very good picture for header. I miss a bit more military touch to it, but i think also it is a bit hard to give it a military touch without ruining the nice clean design. I hope you can come up with a good solution for this. I really dont like the facebook button (the blue color) Instead of having all the different parts of the site, as i seperate box, i would like to try and bind the site together by making the 3 menues to the left, and the 2 mainboxes to the left as one box and then find a more simple way of seperating them.