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Project description

We need to have a new web site that is based off our current logo. The new site should be a bit edgier and show show off the fact that we are a cutting edge creative production company. Our clients are creative directors, creative professionals, agencies, cable tv stations/tv networks, marketers. We need a site that can act as a calling card that really shows our creative abilities and that at heart we are creative company that makes video content. Edit Beach refers to the concept of video editing on a beach. While not practically it defines our mentality; that we are a laid back company that generates creative editorial content but in a laid back setting. Visual design elements can incorporate the beach, waves, water, sun, beach house. But we are staying away from surf boards at the moment although not completely opposed to them as long as they are not a big visual element.





About us

Contact page


Must have elevator pitch that describes what we do in a few sentences (to be provided).
Can have flash elements but can not be all flash.
Copy with stills

Copy with stills

Copy with stills

Copy with stills

Edit suites:
paragraph describing our edit suites and Pictures of edit suites.

copy describing each camera Panasonic AF 100, Panasonic HPX 170 and stills for each

This should be a page that has video window on the left and perhaps a playlist on the right of different videos to view. it should NOT autoplay. This should be designed with the idea that we would use video player however not youtube.


This can be a photo gallery , try to use something that could take advantage of an existing coded photo gallery but open to ideas. I just want this to be easy to administer.

About us

Blurb about company, a long with short bio of owner (expansion designed to add additional profiles in the future).

contact us

should have address phone # email (email should not be in text rather image)
should have a map of area and a picture of building

All pages must be designed to receive payment.

Read full brief


  • Eximius- I have yet to hire a coder so I am not sure of the exact delivery specs however I believe that a PSD should be fine. It should be noted that I will need all pages designed as part of the fee. So yes this is a web design job. Looking forward to seeing your entry! thanks
  • I'd like to keep the references more beach centric and try to avoid the surfboards a bit especially if they are going to take up more real estate on bottom of home page. I would think more waves, water, sand, sun, beach house. I like the clean navigation so I think we are heading in the right direction so love to see more!
  • ..sorry for #1, i choose bad file :)..
  • Dear Contest Holder, We all need to double check that you need a ONLY a web design (Photoshop files, WITHOUT xhtml/css slicing job (it requires coding). If it is just a web design job, you'll get PSD files with the pages you've requested but you won't get the individual pieces of images for the xhtml/css coding (a.k.a slicing) It is very important for us. These things should be clearly stated in the Brief before we begin. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, Here is a bit different concept. This design could be easily adapted to opensource content management template systems such as joomla, drupal, wordpress, etc.. Thank you.
  • Pls let me know how did u like my design ?
  • Dear CH, I made it with PSD File as You want. Please Feedback, Thank You.. :)
  • #7 I have included here home & contact us page. If my design selected I will edit it as you like. 100% vector based. Design according to your brief. You can reedit it as you like.
  • #7 I have included here home & contact us page. If my design selected I will edit it as you like.
  • hello C H, i make another design, because i think, that now i know, what u need, and what u want.. :) Thank you for your feedback
  • Dear CH, Some extra details were added. Mock-up has an original artwork. No clipart used! Vector illustration (AI file) will be provided additionally to PSD file. Please, give us your feedback. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, Please check out my entry. If you like the way it's done, I will proceed polishing & adding the details to the illustration. Keep in mind that this is made as a "template" for your website, which means that you'll have the same image on every page and only the text content will be different. So basically you'll get only one design from me within this entry. Let me know your what you think. Thank you.
  • Yes, I am working on it.
  • I'd love to see a revision - I like where you are going but feel that I need to see another version on this. maybe more content on the homepage besides the box
  • hi- I love this site. Love to see what the interior pages will look like
  • Hi eximius how you got the logo of this project as i couldn't find it in project brief .i would be grateful if you assist me in this
  • Dear CH, I'd like to hear smth from you before I proceed with other pages. You have disappeared for a long time. Please confirm whether you are still interested in this contest. Thank you.
  • thank ch my browser was creating trouble for me now its fine i have done my work sorry for inconvient
  • The file to download is located right under the brief in the section that says files uploaded for contest, click the blue link there and you will download the logo
  • Rooni- The logo is in the project brief and also posted as an example in the contest.