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Winning design #19 by glaxon, Website Design for - Kids Product redesign Contest
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designed by glaxon

Project description

We are looking for a redesign using one of the 3dcart templates but it has to look clean and show off the technical application of our product in a simple way, but not too simple.  our demographic is 24-37 yr old female. Must be a responsive site to work on mobile that is majority of where our traffic comes from. The purple in our logo is the color we are known by. We have been featured on alot of news stations and also are in alot of big box retailers

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  • About #19, @glaxon How can I send you some photos to add?
    • @steven3 Please send me photos my email Id:-

    • About #19, @steven3

      If you are willing to select me as the winner of this contest, I will correct all the corrections you want and you only need to release the price amount after this

    • @glaxon Great, sorry We didn't understand selecting the winner until now. I will email you some of the graphics today.

  • I like this text too. I would like it to stay there while the photos slide underneath. #19
  • I like the Shop now button. I would remove the price and "forward facing" option. #19
  • About #19, @glaxon do you think that 3d cart will have issues implementing this we are worried about their update and things working together
    • About #19, @steven3 There will not be any issues while implementing in this design. we can provide a mockup if u think they are worried

  • We will have to get you some more pics but i like the idea #19
    • About #19, @steven3 Send me images when ready

  • I like the box with the logo pretty cool this will have to say free delivery. and have the call to action drop in to the rear facing buy page #19
    • About #19, @steven3 I will work on it

  • like to have it flip between something like this and also our gov recommend saying and also about our product being safety tested by cpsia #19
    • About #19, @steven3 I will work on it

  • we don't really like the graphics we have for the forward facing, rear and third row seat let me email you a pic graphic that we are thinking about using and get your thoughts on it #19
    • About #19, @steven3 Alright.Just send me the images when ready.

  • can we choose what is displayed here? #19
    • About #19, @steven3 yes you can

  • Would like to have some of our Facebook data here like on our current site. Our Facebook reviews something #19
    • About #19, @steven3 yes it's fine

  • About #19, @glaxon I like where you are going with this one.... did you use one of the templates?
    • About #19, @steven3 no this is my own design

  • Love the graphic pretty cool #19
  • Dear steven,
    Greetings for the day!
    this is what I recommend for Noggle Nation, this layout is clean, professional and responsive (for mobile devices) and can be easily integrated with 3dcart.
    Font used in the layout is Google font, it can be easily integrated while coding
    please let me know what do you think about this layout and if you would like to see any changes.
    Thanks & Regards,
  • The important thing is to make this mobile-friendly, since i followed up a bootstrap guide for this template it' gonna be responsive for mobile and any other devices. #14
  • Another Clean professional concept, added some hover effects, will add some gif animations to make this pop out,

    easy to develop for 3dcart, and 100% Mobile friendly,

    will submit the mobile version shortly #13
  • Hi, Check this design and I'd love to hear your opinion .
  • Hello Sir,

    I modify the design, Please give me your valuable feedback then I will create my best , Please give my design rating.

    Thanks in advance. #11
  • Hello. In the header image i added some hand drawn items. They represent future success of the child, while he have safe childhood. And your product making that happen. If you like my work and choose to work with me, with your feedback i can modify design until you are completely satisfied. I used stock images and if you chose my work for wining i will buy them for you and submit complete work. I designed shop and most of the site by this template you suggested
    Best regards #10
  • please check this. Thanks #6
  • Hello Sir,

    The middle area I changed the design, Kindly rating my design and give me your valuable feedback.

    Thanks in advance. #5