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Using was a great experience. It was quick, we got plenty of design proposals, and the real difficulty proved to be choosing the one we wanted. Recommended for everyone. Though i guess the other designers might be just as cooperative, we must mention that Hanami has gone far beyond what anyone could demand from him, and delivered a great finish product after the contest was closed. Thank you!

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Winning design #74 by Hanami, Website Design for Norwegian phone directory Contest
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designed by Hanami

Project description

Design contest for new 1890 is a Norwegian phone directory provider. is our online web directory for person and business phone listings. We are redesigning our website and need proposals for new design. Keywords: - Simplistic - Give the feeling of fast/snappy and lightweight - Phone directory - BUT think more search engine than directory. (like altavista or the old google?) A demo of the new site, showing MOST of the elements, is accessible on Main competition in Norway is,,, Elements on the page that need a place in the design are: - Logo (The logo will be used as is) - Searchbox - - +as-you-type-suggestions - - +”did-you-mean”-suggestions - - allert/status-field when a search is submitted - paginated result set - - result for persons, businesses and profiled businesses must be distinguished with icons and/or colors - - person results: - - - Name - - - Address - - - action-links - - - phones (+icons for cell, fax and landline) - - business results - - - Names (1 to 3) - - - Addresses (1 or 2) - - - action-links - - - phones (+icons for cell, fax and landline) - - - e-mail-link (profiled businesses only) - - - web-site-link (profiled businesses only) - - - expandable field with more info (“foretaksinfo”) and link to a landing page - - landing page / profile page for businesses with the info from (“foretaksinfo”) and room for more verbose presentation of the business - menu with further information about the site and our company and static pages for that information - Advertising banners of varying size and colors - Navigators for navigating / narrowing the search result - Classic clickable phone directory for navigating your way into the directory and for search engine indexing of the site. Colors: Colors should be light and probably a lot of white. The design must match the orange color of the 1890 Logo (yes, I am sorry), but need not use that color extensively.

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  • ohi
    Can you upload 'sample.eps' in other format ? like .png .jpg .psd
  • ohi: You can find the logo in another format in the demo site at Please look there also for the elements to design. It has most of the functionality we need, and most of the elements that need designing.
  • Thank you for your contribution, it looks fine as such, but what we need is mainly the "find a person" page you are hinting at only. The whole site turns around the search and result.
  • ohi
    so not search, but search results page :) I got it.
  • It's a start. Certainly. I like the way you are going for a very clean lightweight impression. What I need to se is the search result page. Se the example search at where you will se the elements that need to be in the design. Is that clearer?
  • ohi
    I'm sorry, but I do not know what exactly is to be on the page :) If you accept this design, I'll do different things that you'll want.
  • Salman: I looked at you profile page, and noticed you have made this earlier: I suppose that design would have more potential if you could adapt it to our demo, than the front page you submitted in this contest. Hoping to see another contribution from you.
  • Hello easyconnect! Thank you for your quick response and feedback. I will get on it tomorrow first thing when i get back to the studio! I will submit the proposals i had mentioned before and then possibly try a more "rounded"-approach as well for you. All the best.
  • Yeah, i wish we could do without the banners, but that is not an option at this point. I like that you submitted this though. Also: feel free to move the banners around in the design, top, right and bottom is not our only option.
  • I like where you are going. I am looking forward to se a search-result page, as this will be the key feature of our site. I think I like the 3D-ish effect you are making. Your design is very sharp and edgy. I kind of like that, but wonder if a more rounded design would be friendlier? Also i would like the orange from the logo to be toned down a little.
  • Hello easyconnect! I have uploaded a few proposals (#2 & #3) Here i give you a brief explanation of the featuress: - #2 you´ll see the Layout&Design idea for the homepage. Featuring a nice big prominent search bar as well as further navigation Tabs. All according to your demo. I have also included some colorful patterns to give you an impression how banner advertisement will influence the design. The Design is scalable for multiple screen formats but is optimized for 1280x1024 and easily adoptable to mobile formats. - #3 You´ll see the same Layout&Design but without the banner ads. Looking forward to your feedback. I hope you enjoy the design! (Tomorrow i will upload further screens with Search-Process, Search-Result and Result-Detailpage.)
  • To all contributors: Make sure you type a search in the input field. It seems a lot of the people looking at the demo site are not making a search, and are just looking at the static pages. Our main interest is to get a good design for the search and result-page, so make sure you see this page. See for example:
  • Thank you. I think this is an improvement. If you also address the other points in the list, this might work.
  • Dear CH thanks for your reply, what u think now ? in my opinion its much better, i hope you like it : ) if you want any change let me know. Sincerely, Patryk
  • Hello easyconnect. I will make the indications clearer and design a featured business example and then you could guide me on the items you need to be more colorful, based on the updated design. Regarding the delivery: I will deliver a quality working result with HTML/CSS and possibly Javascript if/where needed. Well, you or your team will have to implement/modify it to fit your current code. As of now, it is a photoshop design, but I have no problem coding it.
  • GENERAL to all contestants: We would like you to indicate how you will be able to deliver the design should you win the contest. Will you deliver HTML/CSS and javascripts, designelements separately, a single graphic/image with the design? Have you developed the design in HTML/CSS/JS, to check if is possible to implement, or is it only a photo-shopped design suggestion? An implemented design will be preferred on otherwise equal terms, but all contributions will be considered regardless.
  • Hi, Hanami, and thank you for your entries. I can see that you have noticed several of the comments we have given earlier. We like the cleanliness and very light impression your designs give, and also the tightness that gives the room to the content, and not the design. - We would like to see a version with a touch more of color on it. Perhaps a very faint background on the navigation-field. Maybe a toned down version of the orange bar from #13? It should obviously not be to much as it need to balance the very clean expression. The blue underlined buttons works surprisingly well with the orange logo, but that might be ruined by an orange bar? - The listings could have a bit clearer indication of that is a person and what is a business. - We need to see an example of how a featured business would be indicated.
  • Hi, enkor, thank you for your entry. I like the very lightweight approach you are taking here, and we kind of like your idea of using brown with the orange. Some pointers as to where this need to go: - The orange is to dominating. It need to be toned down at leas as much as entry #10 for example. Probably even more. - The bar at the top should also be tightened up so it does not take as much space, - and perhaps you could move the logo to the left in the search bar. It takes to much space and seems to lonely at the top there :-) - Tone down the brown for the navigators to a much paler color. The buttons might work with this color just a little more toned down, I am not sure. Need to see it with the others toned down. - It generally need some tightening. It must be able to show a lot of listings and the design should not take to much space from the browser window. Listings: - phone numbers should be below each other, some listings have very many. - We need to have an indication by color or icons of the three different listing types: person, business, featured business - also need an example for the expanded view "foretaksinfo"
  • I think this one is the one of your three contributions we want to take further We like the ribbon on the featured listings and think this idea might be the best way to take this. The tabs with count for person and business at the top is also good for the user to filter the search to only one of them if desired. Could you do a version where a company has two names displayed. Some companies has a display name and a sub name like this one: Could you do a version where you tone the green down to a very faint color. At least for the navigators on the left and at the bottom. The ribbon and button might have a tone like this one perhaps? Maybe also the orange bar could be toned down even more than this?
  • Dear CH What u think about my suggestion? I can change anything if you want : ) Sincerely, Patryk