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This project is for a new drupal theme, including the home page and one inner skin. We need something that suggests cloud services without going overboard. We also like the idea of putting 3 clocks on our home page, one for each datacenter with their respective time zones. (San Diego, New York City & London). Probably lower half of home page should have six boxes where we can display some of our most popular services and link them into the product detail pages. Our logo can be found here: I have more sizes available so let me know if you need more. We are looking for a design that is polished and professional - high end. thank you

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  • Madad: It should probably be a .zip so we can install it into drupal.
  • Dear Contest Holder, what is the kind of file you should receive of the Contest Winner?
  • Dear CH, I see that you don't have any design proposals so far. I think it is so because most of designers here are willing to provide clients with design services only (just a structured Photoshop files), without coding, programming and template development. Thank you
  • Hi CH, Can you please provide the .png version for your logo (without background)also provide the 6 products pictures is you can which you want to display in the lower part of your home page design. Thanks. Best Regards, Xclusive
  • Hi CH, I have submitted one more design and I will provide you the drupal theme. I have already won a contest for drupal name "Jetas" and I provided theme. Thanks. Best Regards, Xclusive
  • Hi CH, Thanks for your feedback. Yes I am able to get those clocks working while creating the drupal theme. I will provide you the new design style ASAP with using other colors not only silver look. Thanks. Best Regards, Xclusive
  • Hi xclusive, thank you for your submissions. comments so far: clocks: are you able to get those working? that idea is for working clocks, not just a pretty picture. (I don't want everyone thinking clocks are a requirement, but they are a popular idea floating here and one that will likely get more positive response from our staff who are voting on the winning design.) all in all, not sure the silver color works. both are not bad designs but I think we can do better. I can't put my finger on the specifics unfortunately. have been staring at it for the past 2 days and it just does not seem to scream that it's the site of a reliable and professional online service provider. I can tell you got skills so maybe try something else. thank you
  • Hi CH, I have submitted #3 in a bit different colors. I am using light colors for background in all my designs because it looks professional and clean. Best Regards, Xclusive.
  • Hi CH, I have submitted #4 with updates as you asked and #5 with icons in content area its another variation. Yes, the text on the home page that reads "offsite backup" or "vps for online traders", is font and editable. For AM and PM with analog clocks, I don t think it will work. Yes,the menu can be customized in the theme, you can add drop down menu in that without any problem, nothing will be hard coded. I will submit the inside page design ASAP. Thanks. Best Regards, Xclusive
  • #3: the text on the home page that reads "offsite backup" or "vps for online traders", is that a graph or a font we can edit? reason I'm asking is the sections are not named as they should be, but if it's a font then no big deal... can the clocks have AM and PM? Like a watch where it has the date (on an analog watch), only "AM" or "PM" can we take those pictures out of the six boxes and use text instead? we can type up a short snipit and [read more] to get into the section maybe (I am not sure if we want to do this, just options) can the menu be customized in the theme? i.e. adding more is no problem or are these hard coded to images? I would like to see how an inside page might look colors are better we have a "live help" on our site now. it's a live chat link that goes away when no operators are available. where would that go? thank you
  • ps: I should add the graphic in a new revision should somehow resemble a cloud, or at least a cloud theme, etc..
  • #5 is ok, also noted the inner page #6. We were checking out your portfolio and like what you did for webstormz #39 in your portfolio. can we see a new revision please somewhere along those lines? this is not to throw out #5, but just another option for us to consider. thank you
  • Hi CH, I have submitted #6 as the inner page for "Special Offers". Thanks. Best Regards, Xclusive
  • Hello again, I need more time for submiting for your contest in professional way, don't want to upload design that i'm not satified by my self, so if you feel you need something else then you have now, I could upload my entry after extention of contest, however if you do have what you are after, then good luck in your bussines, maybe some other time you need something.. Best regards, FullHeads visuals
  • Hi Barry, I have submitted #12 with more professional and clean look for your company, I did not use any cloud for whole background but still its looking a cloud theme design. Thanks. Best Regards, Xclusive
  • Barry, Sorry that it took us so long to respond to this contest but we just found it today. Designs #9, #10, and #11 are our first concepts for your website redesign. We wanted to keep the design simple and clean so that viewers can easily navigate the website. The color scheme plays into the idea of cloud services and gives the website a very open aesthetic. We also wanted to organize the services in a way that would not look too busy so we kept with clean summaries and small icons to give more visual appeal. Our biggest concern for this redesign was integrating a module for your clocks. Thankfully, we were able to find an easy to use code that would allow you to add/change clocks as you wish. In addition to that, when you click on a specific clock it gives more information on that city. For instance, if you were to click on the "San Diego" clock, it would give you the latitude, longitude, map, as well as information on specific time changes (such as daylight savings time). If you would like to see any revisions to our current concepts, please don't hesitate to ask! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Barry, Sorry that we have not uploaded a concept so far, but we just found this contest. We will upload a design ASAP. Hope to work with you further! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • #8 another variation of navigation. Best Regards, Xclusive
  • Hello, I will submit my entry, think i know what would suit for your companies representation. i will do submition within those 20 hours. Best regards, FullHeads visuals
  • Hi CH, I have submitted the updated design #7 with new top theme and navigation style. Thanks. Best Regards, Xclusive