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Amazing job! Very satisfied! 1 of the entries on my contest was a modified 'free' template that someone did - so beware!

$950 paid

2 custom designs

2pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #2 by imkcreative, Website Design for PC Gaming League Contest
Gold Medal

designed by imkcreative

Project description

Our key focus is on a sleek modern design, Web 3.0. Efficiency is key, a user should get where they want to be within 3 clicks. We’re not looking to match our competitors, we’re looking to surpass them on every front, this includes initial visual impact, ease of use, features, speed & reliability. The league will support multiple video games, all PC based (for now). Each game IGL supports should be graphically represented on the main page as a secondary visual focal point. These images will act as links to sub-pages for these games. Within each game, there will be multiple divisions, or tiers, as well as different competition types (such as ladders, tournaments, and so forth). Our primary focal point is to be our clean-cut simple social feeds, which will encourage page clicks. “No clutter” must be the middle name of this website design. Simple, futuristic and intuitive, whilst providing highly-sought after features and maintaining an easy to view, no-bloat experience. In short, we seek to be completely different from our competitors, whose websites are too full and simply offer too much information (thereby confusing the user). We want to keep a clean, sleek design, while making sure that the website elements shown at any given time are done so with User Experience in mind. Detailed Description: http://dev.playigl.com/Design%20Request%20REV2.doc

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  • This looks more along the lines of a game review site. We're a league, like http://www.mlssoccer.com/ or www.nhl.com Site is a bit busier than we would like, its definitely a great effort, but in a different direction than what we're looking for. There's too much to change to list, we do appreciate your effort!
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