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Winning design #31 by nil, Website Design for PolariX Global Contest
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designed by nil

Project description

Looking for design for Stock/Forex Broker

Would need to to facelift following theme:

The logo is uploaded.

The broker will offer trading with shares/commodities and bonds.

Will use MT4 (metatrader 4) trading platform.

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  • About #14, Yes, that was it. Sorry. Thanks :) @CreativeVibe
    • @WWMJan you're most welcome :) please finalize contest so we can move forward.

    • @WWMJan hi can you extend the contest time? I have the design ready now but was little late to submit. Only a day or two extension would be enough!

    • @WWMJan hi can you extend the contest time? I have the design ready now but was little late to submit. Only a day or two extension would be enough!

  • Homepage, designed according to the latest 2019 trends #29
  • Dear contest holder.

    This is my second proposal for your design. Please let me know what you think, so we can work on the final refinement.

    Regards #24
  • HI

    This is an initial design concept for the homepage. Very simple, clean, organized and modern. This concept is a rough idea of the general style of your comments I can make changes and add functionality until we get a perfect design.
    The design speaks for itself. It consists of different horizontal sections that allow us to add, delete, edit these sections and their content as you see fit the possibilities are endless.

    Awaiting for your kind comments.


    Regards/Abdougraphic #22

  • Hello! Here is my work for the competition. Unfortunately, you provided little information and in the process of design I had to rely on competitors, because I don't know much about trading.
    I hope to get more information and create a site that will be better than the competition!
    The page was built as follows:
    1) On the first screen, the user can understand what you are offering.
    2) On the second screen, the user will understand what software you are using. This will interest not only users who are not familiar with the topic of trading, but also experienced traders.
    3) The screen with the algorithm. So users will be able to understand how to start trade on your platform.
    4) Benefits are placed on screen 4 so that the user understands that working with Polarix Global is reliable.
    5) On the fifth screen is the registration form. And so, having familiarized yourself with your offer, software, having learned how to start and having familiarized with the guarantees, it can safely register!
    All screens follow a logical sequence! #21
  • sir please guaranteed this contest
  • Hello,
    Did you do any changes to this design? There was one design from I we quite liked, but can't find it now.

    Thanks a lot
  • What changes can i make? #16
  • Hello,
    My name is Adam, I'm a graphic and web designer, however I'm very new to this platform.
    This is what I propose for your design. It's sleek, modern, professional yet it has a friendly feeling. I followed your instructions from the brief and overall I'm happy about the outcome. The fonts and icons don't have any strings attached, they are free to use plus the entire design can be made responsive very easily.
    You can see very prominent calls to action. The main goal is to convert site visitors into paying customers, therefore I allowed myself to introduce a powerful, striking colour to the design
    Please let me know what you like and dislikes about it, I'm happy to refine it based on your needs ( colour scheme, layout, images, etc. ) and I can start working on the interior page.
    I'm happy to work with you on this project until you're happy, even after the contest is finished.

    Kind Regards,
    Adam. #15
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Do you have by any chance an existing website where we could get some text content from?
    Thank you.
  • Hi CH,

    Image banner and footer revised in this design.

    Any changes please let me know.

    Reg/WebStar #8
  • Hi CH,

    My 1st design in your contest.

    I have used stock person photo in the Image banner.

    Please rate my design and tell me for required changes.
    So that your expectation can be met.

    Awaiting for your kind comments.


    Regards/WebStar #7
  • Hi, there! My name is Dan.
    I decided to submit my idea for your design.
    I used the elements you currently have while updating them a bit, aswell as adding my own copy/text (Keep in my it can be changed, especially in the "Disclaimer Section" because I have no expertise in the Financial Field). I made the style according to the sliders, going for the minimalistic, modern, clean design, to convey a certain trust, ease and comfort for your users, especially since your are dealing with money, risk, investments etc. I decided to stick to your original colorway/colors which are used in the logo, based on that I was able to make this design, we could go for something more colorful if you would like, but usually more color means luring the user's focus left and right, instead of on the content and what the page is trying to say.

    Let me know what you feel about the design, anything can be changed & altered. Looking forward to your feedback.
    Regards #5
  • Please say if you want some changes ;) #3
  • Hello,
    My name is Ermias and here is my initial design proposal. In the first section of the page, the offers are shown in a slide show with the corresponding message of the offer. In the second section Metatrade4 for all platforms will be displayed as a slide show again. #1