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Project description

We are a exterior soft washing company/ Pressure washing company

Commercial & Residential 

We do House Washing/Roof Washing/Surface Cleaning/Multi Unit Washing/Fleet Washing/Dumpster Pad Cleaning/Trash Bin Cleaning/Rust Removal

I want people to be able to click on what they are interested in. After they click on what they are interested in. I want them to be able to enter there First Name/Last Name/Email/Address/Phone Number/How they heard about us.

We want to be able to connect our Facebook page. 

An about us section

We are experienced Soft Washing Specialists who enjoy seeing our customers faces when they come outside and check out their house saying WOWW! "My house looks like the first day I bought it." Here at Powell's Professional Services we take great pride in restoring, protecting and maintaining your biggest asset aside from your family. We also use Eco-Friendly  detergents that will NOT harm your plants or animals. Family Owned

Service area Section:

Lafayette IN. West Lafayette IN. Delphi IN. Frankfort IN. Zionsville IN. Whitestown IN. Lebanon IN. Noblesville IN. Kokomo IN.

A button for people to click if they have any questions

Place to leave reviews

Any Suggestions you may have are much appreciated too

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