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Winning design #58 by ClaunchDesign, Website Design for Professional and Exciting Website for A Cappella Group! Contest
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designed by ClaunchDesign

Project description

This contest is for web design only. We will be coding the design to become a WordPress theme.

This contest will be judged on the home page design and we may ask to see another page.

However, prize money will be released after all the pages have been delivered below:
1. Home
2. History and Alumni - Some creative way of showing off our story and history
3. Business - Including our tour plans, contact information, and testimonials so our clients can do business with us.
4. Members Page - Some creative way of displaying our members
5. Rush Page - With all our content for the rush season
6. A blank full-page template that can be customized and used for many other pages.
7. A blank page template with sidebar that can be used as a blog.

Overall: First and foremost, the website needs to be professional, sharp, and classy. We want an updated look that communicates our serious side to attract potential clients. However, we’re also a quirky college a cappella group, so including a few stylistic quirks could be great. Color scheme should involve black, white, and baby blue, perhaps with red and yellow as accents. (?) symbol from our logo should be used in corners of pages for branding. Another symbol should be the red converse shoes that we have one member wearing in concerts. We want to separate ourselves from every other college a cappella group.

What we want for our homepage:
1. Our logo prominently featured
2. Exciting and professional look
3. Use of group photos
4. A place for a quick recent news blurb
5. A place to have email signups
6. A place to show our next concert
7. Social Media Integration of both Facebook and Twitter
8. Menu with these pages: History, Members, Media, Business, Outreach, Winkipedia, Store, Rush

Design contest sites that we like:
- #19 from

Websites that we like:
- The professional look of this site, but not all on one page:
- The clean lines of this site:
- We want some highlights and quirks like this site:
- Full use of screen like this:

Please visit this website to download our sample media package:

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  • I really like this! For the top bar, I'd love to have less or no white. For the text boxes, I'd like to see something a little more creative and elegant. We'd like to have our tweets visible, and I think the whole bottom bar can be better utilized, also incorporating our crest. Obviously, we'd have the background rotating photos.
  • Dear ch, this is my design,i know there are many amendments to be made in this design.Please point out the merits and demerits in this design
  • #9 #17 hi CH please check this designs...i hope you like it....thank you
  • Dear CH, this is my first entry. looking forward for feedback. thank you!
  • Dear Contest Holder, Design #15 is a very clean, professional, and unique website concept. I wanted to take into account all of the aspects you requested in your brief, while maintaining the same qualities of the websites you mentioned as well. The layout is very unique and has an interactive style that is cutting edge. Your logo is the main focus of the page, being centered between the black and white backgrounds. The photos are integrated into the design, but I decided to give them a black and white effect so that they do not overwhelm the page. For the menu bar I decided to use a red question mark as the page indicator. The main fonts are playful but easy to read and the sub fonts are san-serif so that they are easy to read as well. Please let me know if you would like to see any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Feedback is appreciated on #14 and #13. Thank's!
  • Hello CH, About #12 I have posted two designs since the first was a mistake. Hope you like! Thank's
  • dear ch #9 check this layout....
  • I will post mine tonight
  • That's my entry. :)
  • #5
  • feedback please #3 thanks ;)
  • by the way my work is the #4 (for twitter or cellphone link)
  • Dear Ch, here's my new proposal!! I changed the background color to fit with the originals colors of the logo, thats why the background is now a freshy grey! I used another font, a handwrite one! hope you like it!! Changed just a little bit the twitter box fit and shades! a new fresh and cool concert tab!! and as i see you really liked the ripped effect so I keep it for the content too! hope you like it!! and a new paper texture added to the cohesive area of ABOUT, NES AND CONCERTS!! ah! and i changed the menu ^^ waiting for feedback thanks!!
  • of course dear ch i'll make the changes!! thanks for your feedback!!
  • Fantastic work! Thank you! Keep: - Texturing effects throughout - Featured photo with ripped effects - Store photo with ripped effect - Twitter box - Concert listings, but make more exciting. Change: - We'd like a little more creative organizational concept. A little less blocky and more cohesive. - We'd like the logo to remain in the original colors. - A more exciting font. - A more exciting way of doing the footer. - The top bar needs to have the pages listed in the brief.
  • Keep: - Bottom bar - Polaroid photo effect Change: - Overall, we'd like more creativity, color, and excitement. - Greater use of photos - Possibly not a white background - The shoes are an interesting idea, but maybe we could try a graphic version of them as opposed to the realistic attempt. - A different font, especially on the top bar
  • Hi dear CH, heres my design #2, I worked using your information and the references that you put as cool designs, hope you like it, simple and elegant. Any possible change just tell me! thanks!!
  • I think this has potential! Can you find a way of incorporating all the elements so that they seamlessly blend together on the background? I'd like to see less borders and shading.
  • This is looking really great! For the footer, can you take out the pages and include the email sign up feature? Can you also include our crest image and give the Twitter and Facebook links the numbers associated with them so it will show how many people like us and are following us? Can you also add a "Book the Spizzwinks(?)" link in yellow underneath the white text of upcoming concerts? Also, for marketing our new t-shirt and CD, could you come up with some small way of being able to share them on our homepage?