Real Estate Referal Agency Requires Complete Website Redisgn

Xclusive did a great job and gave us what we were looking for. This was our second go around with Design Contest and we just want to say you guys are the best. Thank you Design Contest.

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Winning design #65 by BrunoQuaresma, Website Design for Real Estate Referal Agency Requires Complete Website Redisgn Contest
Gold Medal

designed by BrunoQuaresma

Project description

Our website will be one that is easy to use and navigate. It needs to have a profesional real estate look but not so much that it looks too pretentious. We also do not want the site to look like that of a Real Estate Agent's home listing page. We want designers to have freedom in their design so we do not want to have to many limitations on what we want in a design. So as we see designs come in, we will start to get a feel for what we are looking for specifically and will make comments on modifications as we go. our current sites are: (this is the site we are re-designing) (one of our other sites) our comeptitors sites are: The re-design should be different from all of the above. The title bar should have links to the Home page, Find Me An Agent, About Us, Advice Page, Full Services There are Three Prominent links that we need on the Main Page that will direct our customers to our Questionnaires "I am Buying A Home" "I am Selling A Home" and "I am Buying and Selling a home" Other links on the home page should send people to "How To Find Your Own Agent" "Real Estate News" "Promotions" and our Social Media Feeds (maybe a socail media bar) Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Linked In etc. Lastly at the bottom of the page there should be links to terms of us, Privacy policy, and Agent Sign Up.

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  • I can't wait to see all the designs. This is exciting for us.
  • Forms are a very useful part of the site. This is one of our main sources of information from our clients. Please refer to the forms on for a detailed form. I am unsure of what you mean by a slider though?
  • do you need a slider , forms anything in peticular?
  • I will sumbit my design tonight .................................
  • Dear CH I prepared a unique design for you. I am open to any suggestions.
  • Dear CH Any sugestion is good,any layout problems ,color,pictures,etc you say it and i will design Thank you
  • Dear CH, As I said bellow the image in the slider could be changed. So you or your content manager will be able to change these slider images in the future according to your taste, unless you want us design them too. #2 is the same design without real estate agency logos. The cartoon figure could also be changed if you don't like it. Anything else you want me to change? Also please elaborate the Brief. Your existing website doesn't have info about what countries you serve, contact information, where the main office is located, etc. Please mark designs for revisions if you want me to make these changes and rate the entries so I know whether I am going the right direction or not. Thank you.
  • We are currently not licensed to use Realtor or Realtor related material at this time, nor do we want real estate agency logos on our site. North America, not just the U.S. The red tacks bug me a little too. I don't like the cartoon figure either.
  • ivascu, the buttons are for the clients. They select (the client) the button that best describes what they are wanting to do, buy, sell, or both.
  • i am confused about a thing: the three butons I am buying a home,selling,buying&selling who do "I" refer to ? "I" the client or "I" the company(
  • Dear CH, Please check out my concept. This design/layout will fit perfectly to the popular CMS engines like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. The image in the center is a jQuery slider - with fully searchable and selectable text (for SEO purposes). So this is a design of the web template, all other pages will be derivative from this one. Keep in mind that image in the slider is shown for the preview purposes. It could be changed in the future by you or your content manger, using stock images, etc. YOU NEED TO CHECK IT OUT IN A FULL VIEW IN ORDER TO APPRECIATE THE DETAILS! (Click on the image) Thank you.
  • Hi CH, I did a mockup #30, glad to hear your concerns. Thanks,
  • Hi afmarketing, updated versions in original size #28 and #29. Thanks.
  • Hi I did the #27 comments and suggestions are welcome. Thank you! E
  • Brighten it up a bit.
  • Your greens are a bit on the dull side.
  • Very nice. Can I get you to move "find your own agent" to the bottom. I will try to get you more suggestions soon. It has been a little busy around here lately.
  • Can you put a green house graphic on the continent or add some larger graphics of homes somewhere. Maybe some photos of some homes with blue sky and green grass. It's a very clean look. We would like a quick contact area where we can get back to our clients so they don't have to fill out our detailed form. The North America graphic should have the "now serving" text on it. Try a version with our opening text (upper left) on our current home page where you have the promonent text on your home page.
  • Hi afmarketing, I did the #18 as you asked in your project post that you need a bit colorful design, if you need the clean looking design I can submit my new entry, please provide feedback on my design so I can make it more likeable for you. Need to know your thoughts about my design. Thanks. Best Regards, Xclusive
  • Dear CH, this is my updated entry, your suggestion will be appreciated because I just want to know that is this going in right direction or not?? Thanks